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(18 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TLP293(TPL,E Optocouplers for reliable isolation and transmission of signal Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 5,714 Add to BOM
ACPL-217-50DE Transistor Output Optocouplers 3000Vrms 50% CTR Broadcom Limited 4,822 Add to BOM
ACPL-217-56AE Compact SOP-package ideal for space-constrained design Broadcom Limited 5,471 Add to BOM
ACPL-214-500E Compact SOIC4 optocoupler with AC input and single transistor output Broadcom Limited 4,185 Add to BOM
ACPL-217-500E High-reliability transistor output isolator with exceptional 37.5kVrms insulation capabilities Broadcom Limited 5,140 Add to BOM
ACPL-217-560E High Voltage Transistor Couplers Broadcom Limited 5,270 Add to BOM
TLP293(BL-TPL,E OPTOISOLATOR 3.75KV TRANS 4-SO Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 6,907 Add to BOM
TLP291(GR,SE Optocoupler device for electrical isolation TOSHIBA CORP 6,168 Add to BOM
TLP292(TPL,E 3.75KV Trans Opto Isolator 6-SO 4 Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 8,653 Add to BOM
ACPL-214-50AE Optocoupler with AC input and 1-channel transistor DC output in a 4-pin SOIC package BROADCOM INC 5,757 Add to BOM
ACPL-214-56AE Precise isolation for industrial automation application BROADCOM INC 9,593 Add to BOM
ACPL-217-56DE Optocouplers with 3000V Isolation Rating BROADCOM INC 9,464 Add to BOM
TLP293(GB-TPL,E Transistor Optocouplers Toshiba 5,473 Add to BOM
TLP291(V4GBTP,SE Optically isolated transistor output for reliable data transfe Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 8,881 Add to BOM
TLP291(BLL-TP,SE The TLP291 is a versatile transistor output optocoupler with a 50mA current rating and 80V voltage capability TOSHIBA CORP 7,480 Add to BOM
TLP290(GB,SE Suitable for industrial applications requiring signal isolation and voltage translation Toshiba 9,892 Add to BOM
TLP290(SE Optocoupler with 3.75KV isolation voltage in SOIC-4 package Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 8,623 Add to BOM
ACPL-217-56CE High-quality ACPL-CE, SSOP-for reliable performance Broadcom Limited 9,565 Add to BOM