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(31 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
XEF232-1024-FB374-C40 XCore XEF Microcontroller featuring 32 cores and a processing speed of 4000MIPS XMOS 7,550 Add to BOM
XEF232-1024-FB374-C40A Advanced MCU solution for high-reliability embedded systems and IoT device XMOS 7,888 Add to BOM
XEF232-1024-FB374-I40A Compact FBGA-package provides efficient power management for IoT devices and embedded system XMOS 9,246 Add to BOM
XLF232-1024-FB374-I40A Powerful and compact MCU for fast and accurate decision-making in a wide range of scenarios XMOS 6,189 Add to BOM
XUF232-512-FB374-I40A Compact FBGA package ideal for space-constrained designs XMOS 9,268 Add to BOM
XLF232-512-FB374-I40A Advanced Microcontroller for High-Speed Application XMOS 8,281 Add to BOM
XUF232-512-FB374-C40A Reliable and Secure MCU for Medical Devices and Equipme XMOS 6,117 Add to BOM
XLF224-1024-FB374-I40A Compact Microcontroller Unit for High-Performance Applications XMOS 5,311 Add to BOM
XLF224-1024-FB374-C40A Low-voltage operation ensures reliable performance and power management XMOS 9,113 Add to BOM
XE232-1024-FB374-C40 4000 MIPS 32-Core 32-Bit XMOS 8,957 Add to BOM
XLF224-1024-FB374-C40 High-performance XCore microcontroller with exceptional processing capabilities and advanced memory features XMOS 9,115 Add to BOM
XLF224-1024-FB374-I40 -bit processor with cores and MIPS speed XMOS 9,575 Add to BOM
XUF224-1024-FB374-C40 Ideal for applications requiring rapid development, prototyping, and deployment of complex algorithms and data processing tasks XMOS 6,198 Add to BOM
XU224-1024-FB374-C40 374FBGA package MCU with 32-bit ROMless functionality XMOS 7,110 Add to BOM
XL224-1024-FB374-C40 Advanced system-on-chip for efficient processi XMOS 6,807 Add to BOM
XUF232-1024-FB374-I40 High-performance microcontroller for complex applications requiring exceptional processing power and large memory capacity XMOS 8,462 Add to BOM
XUF232-512-FB374-I40 Compact yet powerful, this microcontroller packs a punch with its -bit architecture and MIPS performanc XMOS 7,925 Add to BOM
XLF224-512-FB374-C40 Advanced microcontroller for complex application XMOS 5,891 Add to BOM
XUF232-512-FB374-C40 Advanced XCore processor with exceptional processing power XMOS 7,794 Add to BOM
XUF224-512-FB374-C40 24-core processor for enhanced computational capabilities XMOS 9,700 Add to BOM
XU232-512-FB374-I40 Advanced logic-based computing solutions for IoT applications and automation XMOS 6,022 Add to BOM
XUF232-1024-FB374-C40 High-performance -bit microcontroller for demanding applications XMOS 7,544 Add to BOM
XU224-512-FB374-I40 High-Performance Microcontrollers for Embedded Systems XMOS 6,955 Add to BOM
XEF232-1024-FB374-I40 Keep the style with the conte XMOS 8,091 Add to BOM
XU232-512-FB374-C40 Unlock new levels of performance and reliability with this innovative processor XMOS 9,152 Add to BOM
XLF232-1024-FB374-I40 Powerful XCore architecture delivers exceptional speed, low latency, and high reliability for a wide range of embedded applications XMOS 7,233 Add to BOM
XUF224-512-FB374-I40 High-performance embedded controller featuring -bit architecture, million instructions per second, and extensive flash memory XMOS 9,214 Add to BOM
XL232-512-FB374-C40 XCore XL Microcontroller IC 32-Bit 24-Core 4000MIPS ROMless 374-FBGA (18x18) XMOS 5,668 Add to BOM
XL232-1024-FB374-I40 XCore XL Microcontroller IC 32-Bit 24-Core 4000MIPS ROMless 374-FBGA (18x18) XMOS 9,550 Add to BOM
XL224-512-FB374-I40 XCore XL Microcontroller IC 32-Bit 24-Core 4000MIPS ROMless 374-FBGA (18x18) XMOS 8,923 Add to BOM
XL224-512-FB374-C40 XCore XL Microcontroller IC 32-Bit 24-Core 4000MIPS ROMless 374-FBGA (18x18) XMOS 6,386 Add to BOM