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(88 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MPC860TZQ50D4 MPC8xx Microprocessor IC MPC8xx 1 Core, 32-Bit 50MHz 357-PBGA (25x25) NXP USA Inc. 7,151 Add to BOM
MPC860TCVR66D4 MPC8xx Microprocessor IC MPC8xx 1 Core, 32-Bit 66MHz 357-PBGA (25x25) NXP USA Inc. 8,892 Add to BOM
MPC862PZQ100B Communications processor MPC862PZQ100B engineered for high-speed data processing in a wide temperature range NXP USA Inc. 6,358 Add to BOM
MPC866TVR133A Quickly available, ship out today! NXP USA Inc. 5,626 Add to BOM
MPC860TVR50D4 Communications Processor with PowerQUICC Architecture, 32 Bit, 50MHz, Operating Temperature Range of 0 to 95C NXP USA Inc. 5,768 Add to BOM
MPC855TCVR50D4 Advanced PowerPC core for enhanced performanc NXP USA Inc. 8,129 Add to BOM
MC68EN360VR25VL MPU ColdFire M683xx Processor RISC 32bit 0.57um 25MHz 357-Pin BGA Tray NXP USA Inc. 8,425 Add to BOM
MC68EN360VR25L 357-Pin BGA Tray Freescale Semiconductor 5,688 Add to BOM
MC68360CVR25L Advanced MCU with QUICC architecture and multiple SCCs NXP USA Inc. 9,627 Add to BOM
MPC860SRZQ50D4 PowerQUICC, 32 Bit Power Architecture, 50MHz, Communications Processor, 0 to 95C NXP USA Inc. 7,897 Add to BOM
MPC860PCZQ66D4 MPC8xx Microprocessor IC MPC8xx 1 Core, 32-Bit 66MHz 357-PBGA (25x25) NXP USA Inc. 5,717 Add to BOM
MPC860DPVR66D4 PowerQUICC, 32 Bit Power Architecture SoC, 66MHz, CPM, ENET, ATM, HDLC, PCMCIA, 0 to 95C NXP USA Inc. 7,922 Add to BOM
MPC866PZP133A MPU PowerQUICC MPC8xx Processor RISC 32bit 0.18um 133MHz 3.3V 357-Pin BGA Tray NXP USA Inc. 6,725 Add to BOM
MPC860PCVR66D4 MPC8xx Microprocessor IC MPC8xx 1 Core, 32-Bit 66MHz 357-PBGA (25x25) NXP USA Inc. 7,946 Add to BOM
MPC885CVR133 IC MPU MPC8XX 133MHZ 357BGA NXP USA Inc. 6,922 Add to BOM
MPC855TZQ50D4-NXP High-performance MCU offering enhanced security features and advanced processing capabilities NXP USA Inc. 6,510 Add to BOM
MPC862TZQ66B MPCZQB is a robust microprocessor ideal for applications requiring low power consumption and high performance NXP USA Inc. 8,897 Add to BOM
MPC860DEVR50D4R2 Advanced -bit microprocessor offering increased performance and power efficiency in small form factor packaging NXP USA Inc. 5,350 Add to BOM
MPC860PZQ66D4R2 This highly integrated microprocessor features a single core, 32-bit architecture, and operates at 66MHz NXP USA Inc. 6,985 Add to BOM
MPC855TCVR50D4R2 Reliable and efficient processing solution suitable for a wide range of industries including industrial automation, automotive, and aerospac NXP USA Inc. 6,378 Add to BOM
MPC857TVR100B Low-power, low-latency processor ideal for embedded systems requiring real-time processing and precision control NXP USA Inc. 6,770 Add to BOM
MPC862TCZQ80B Compact PBGA package with a small footprint of xm NXP USA Inc. 8,892 Add to BOM
MPC860DPCVR50D4 High-performance processor with core, -bit architecture and MHz clock spee NXP USA Inc. 5,863 Add to BOM
MPC857DSLVR66B High-performance microprocessor for demanding application NXP USA Inc. 5,625 Add to BOM
MPC857TCZQ80B Single-core, -bit processor with MHz clock speed for reliable performanc NXP USA Inc. 5,178 Add to BOM
MPC860DECVR66D4 Robust and reliable 1-core processor ideal for demanding applications where speed and efficiency are critical NXP USA Inc. 6,354 Add to BOM
MPC860DPVR50D4R2 Compact pin BGA package measures xmm for space-constrained design NXP USA Inc. 5,333 Add to BOM
MPC860DPCVR66D4 High-performance microprocessor for demanding applications NXP USA Inc. 5,012 Add to BOM
MPC860DTVR80D4 Optimized for high-reliability systems requiring minimal power consumption and maximum processing efficienc NXP USA Inc. 7,250 Add to BOM
MPC855TCZQ50D4R2 RISC-based microprocessor with -bit architecture and um process technology NXP USA Inc. 6,978 Add to BOM
MPC857TVR66B Robust and reliable design for industrial control systems Freescale Semiconductor 5,340 Add to BOM
MPC862TCVR66B Powerful -bit processor with fast clock spee NXP USA Inc. 5,704 Add to BOM
MPC859DSLCVR66A Advanced MPCx microprocessor solution for next-generation embedded designs NXP USA Inc. 9,771 Add to BOM
MPC857TCVR66B 0.32um technology Freescale Semiconductor 8,322 Add to BOM
MPC859DSLCVR50A High-performance PBGA-package, ideal for dense integration and reduced power consumptio Freescale Semiconductor 8,774 Add to BOM
MPC857TCZQ66B High-performance microcontroller units for embedded applications featuring advanced processing capabilities and enhanced power management Freescale Semiconductor 8,324 Add to BOM
MPC860PVR66D4R2 Versatile MPCx microprocessor for diverse applications, combining a single-core architecture with a high clock speed of MHz NXP USA Inc. 9,732 Add to BOM
MPC860DPCZQ66D4 Advanced processor core for demanding application NXP USA Inc. 5,155 Add to BOM
MC68EN360VR25LR2 High-speed microprocessor for demanding computing tasks NXP USA Inc. 6,254 Add to BOM
MC68360VR25LR2 Compact yet powerful MPU that excels in reliability, performance, and energy efficienc NXP USA Inc. 6,863 Add to BOM
MC68MH360CVR25L Ideal for real-time applications and automation systems NXP USA Inc. 7,954 Add to BOM
MC68MH360VR25LR2 This M683xx processor boasts exceptional processing power with its 32-bit architecture and 25MHz frequency NXP USA Inc. 6,593 Add to BOM
MC68MH360VR25L Low-power consumption and high-speed performance in one core NXP USA Inc. 5,382 Add to BOM
MC68M360VR25VLR2 Compact 357-PBGA package (25x25) provides reliable performance for demanding environments NXP USA Inc. 8,342 Add to BOM
MC68360ZQ25VLR2 Advanced -bit microprocessor with MHz clock spee NXP USA Inc. 6,055 Add to BOM
MC860DECVR50D4R2 High-performance MPCx microprocessor ideal for demanding application NXP USA Inc. 9,281 Add to BOM
MC68360CVR25LR2 32-bit, 1-core processor operating at 25MHz speed NXP USA Inc. 7,028 Add to BOM
MCE360CZQ25LR2 Advanced -bit architecture with MHz clock speed enables fast data processing and execution of complex instruction NXP USA Inc. 8,031 Add to BOM
KMC68MH360VR25VL Powerful CPU solution for complex systems requiring rapid data processing and storage capacity NXP USA Inc. 8,377 Add to BOM
KMPC885CVR133 -bit processor offers exceptional processing power and reliability NXP USA Inc. 5,419 Add to BOM