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(38 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
EPF10K50VBI356-3 High-performance FPGA for advanced logic applications, featuring 50K gates and 28,800 cells Intel 5,397 Add to BOM
EPF10K100ABI356-2N Programmable, reconfigurable, and flexible - a true logic innovator Altera 5,523 Add to BOM
EPF10K100ABC356-3N High-density reconfigurable processor for demanding real-time system Intel 5,309 Add to BOM
EPF10K130EBC356-1 EPF10K130EBC356-1 is an FPGA from the FLEX 10KE Family with 130K gates and 6656 cells, operating at a speed of 333 Intel 5,577 Add to BOM
EPF10K30ABC356-2 High-speed digital processing solution for complex logic application Altera 5,339 Add to BOM
EPF10K100EBC356-2X Rugged and reliable CPLD/FPGA solution for industrial applications Altera 8,306 Add to BOM
EPF10K50SBC356-1 High-performance embedded processing for complex designs Altera 7,303 Add to BOM
EPF10K100ABI356-3N EPF10K100ABI356-3N is an FPGA from the FLEX 10KA Family with 100K gates and 4992 cells Intel 8,822 Add to BOM
EPF10K30ABI356-3 Advanced programmable logic device ideal for developing sophisticated systems with low power consumption and high reliabilit Altera 7,045 Add to BOM
EPF10K50SBC356-1X Next-generation programmable logic device offering exceptional power efficiency, density, and scalability for modern embedded systems Intel 9,806 Add to BOM
EPF10K30ABC356-1 Compact, high-performance logic solution for various applicatio Altera 5,658 Add to BOM
EPF10K200SBC356-2X Configurable hardware solution for complex system design Altera 6,705 Add to BOM
EPF10K50BC356-4 Flexible and scalable PLD for embedded systems and IoT applications Altera 8,275 Add to BOM
EPF10K50SBC356-3 Experience unparalleled flexibility and scalability with this high-end FPGAs featuring advanced architecture and improved power efficiency Intel 9,880 Add to BOM
EP20K200EBC356-1 Ultra-low power and high-speed processing capabilitie Altera 8,116 Add to BOM
EP20K100BC356-2N High-speed logic solution for demanding application Intel 8,906 Add to BOM
EP20K200BC356-3V With its impressive 277 Kb on-chip RAM and 10 Intel 9,869 Add to BOM
EP20K160EBC356-1 Advanced programmable gate array for high-speed data processin Intel 6,124 Add to BOM
EP20K200EBC356-1N High-performance FPGA for complex logic designs requiring up to gates and Hz frequency Intel 9,700 Add to BOM
EP20K200CB356C7 High-performance computing meets flexibility with this APEX-KC chip Intel 8,152 Add to BOM
EP20K60EBC356-1 Perfectly suited for industries needing customized hardware acceleration, such as data centers, cloud computing, and high-performance computin Intel 5,781 Add to BOM
EP20K100EBI356-2X APEX-20KE IC is a high-performance FPGA for embedded systems development Intel 8,191 Add to BOM
EP20K100EBC356-3 Advanced processing and storage capabilities in a single chi Intel 7,334 Add to BOM
EP20K160EBC356-2X Advanced digital logic solution for a wide range of applications Intel 8,093 Add to BOM
EP20K100EBC356-1X Programmable gate array for optimizing data path and control flow in high-speed design Intel 6,546 Add to BOM
EP20K100EBC356-1 High-performance FPGA for advanced logic application Intel 9,381 Add to BOM
EP20K100BI356-3 Advanced programmable logic solution for data processing Intel 5,226 Add to BOM
EP20K200EBC356-2X High-speed programmable logic solutio Intel 7,168 Add to BOM
EP20K160EBC356-3 High-performance FPGA solution for demanding applicatio Intel 5,927 Add to BOM
EP20K100BC356-3V Programmable logic solution for fast prototyping and deployment Intel 9,851 Add to BOM
EPF10K50EBC356-1X Premium IC solution for modern computing needs, boasting a robust nm process node and extensive memory support Intel 5,528 Add to BOM
EP20K100CB356C9 With bits of programmable memory, this FPGA can handle even the most demanding application Intel 5,824 Add to BOM
EP20K100CB356C8ES A high-performance, field-programmable gate array for versatile electronics applications Intel 7,312 Add to BOM
EP20K100CB356C8 Powerful EP20K100CB356C8 APEX-20K FPGA IC for demanding applications Intel 9,048 Add to BOM
EP20K60EBC356-2X Unlocking the potential of networks and IoT devices with this versatile FPGA offering unparalleled performance and scalability Intel 7,026 Add to BOM
EPF10K130EBC356-2 FLEX-10KE® Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 274 356-LBGA Altera 7,371 Add to BOM
EP20K100BC356-1 FPGA APEX 20K Family 100K Gates 4160 Cells 250MHz 0.22um Technology 2.5V 356-Pin BGA Altera 6,266 Add to BOM
EP20K200EBC356-2 FPGA APEX 20K Family 200K Gates 8320 Cells 205MHz 0.22um Technology 1.8V 356-Pin BGA Altera 9,324 Add to BOM