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(32 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ATSAMA5D36A-CN Microprocessors - MPU BGAGREENEXT IND Microchip Technology 6,380 Add to BOM
ATSAMA5D36A-CUR ARM® Cortex®-A5 Microprocessor IC SAMA5D3 1 Core, 32-Bit 536MHz 324-LFBGA (15x15) Microchip Technology 8,097 Add to BOM
LCMXO3LF-2100C-5BG324C Lattice LCMXO3LF-2100C-5BG324C Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,706 Add to BOM
AM3357ZCZD72 MPU for Microprocessors Texas Instruments 8,014 Add to BOM
AM3354ZCZD72 ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessor Unit Texas Instruments 7,557 Add to BOM
AM3358ZCZD72 - Suitable for industrial applications Texas Instruments 5,222 Add to BOM
AM3354ZCZ80 Efficient and reliable processor for IoT device Texas Instruments 5,784 Add to BOM
5CEBA4U15C7N 49000 Cells FPGA Cyclone V E Family 28nm Technology Intel 5,647 Add to BOM
10M16SCU324C8G Integrated circuit with 203 input/output connections in 381CABGA package Intel 8,307 Add to BOM
10M16SAU324I7G Only OEMs and CMs will have access to product 10M16SAU324I7G - brokers need not submit requests Intel 8,946 Add to BOM
10M16DAU324C8G Surface-mounted integrated circuit package Intel 6,739 Add to BOM
5CEBA2U15C8N This FPGA is environmentally friendly, meeting RoHS standards set in 2014 Intel 7,656 Add to BOM
10M16DCU324I7G With its compact size and high reliability Intel 7,996 Add to BOM
10M08SAU324I7G IC FPGA with 246 I/O in a 324UBGA package Intel 5,770 Add to BOM
10M08DCU324C8G 10M08DCU324C8G FPGA Model Intel 5,093 Add to BOM
10M08DAU324C8G 50V C0G/NP0 0603 ceramic capacitor 3.3pF Intel 8,464 Add to BOM
10M04DCU324C8G FPGA MAX 10 Family with 4000 Cells Intel 8,047 Add to BOM
10M04DAU324C8G Robust and reliable programmable IC for data-intensive systems Intel 8,863 Add to BOM
10M08DAU324I7G 10M08DAU324I7G 8000 500 UBGA-324 FPGA ROHS Intel 6,217 Add to BOM
10M02DCU324C8G A high-density, non-volatile FPGA solution featuring I/O pins and a compact BGA package Intel 9,948 Add to BOM
R9A06G033NGBG#AC0 Next-generation microprocessor with advanced ARM architecture and high-speed interface capabilitie Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,632 Add to BOM
10M16DAU324I6G Revolutionary processing power for next-gen design Intel 7,374 Add to BOM
10M16DCU324I6G Flexible, compact logic core for diverse industrial control application Intel 9,376 Add to BOM
AM3358BZCZD30 Advanced single-core microcontroller featuring ARM Cortex-Atechnolog Texas Instruments 9,226 Add to BOM
AM3357ZCZD27 Low-power processing for battery-powered devices and wearabl Texas Instruments 5,669 Add to BOM
AM3359BZCZD80 Ideal for use in robotics, automotive, medical devices, and mor Texas Instruments 6,566 Add to BOM
AM3358BZCZ30 Advanced -bit processor for efficient and reliable computi Texas Instruments 6,995 Add to BOM
LH7A404N0F000B1A This ARMbased microcontroller offers a unique combination of speed, flexibility, and reliability for a wide range of application SHARP/Socle Technology 9,203 Add to BOM
AM3356BZCZD80 Advanced processor for industrial control, automotive, and IoT systems Texas Instruments 9,848 Add to BOM
10M08SCU324I7G Programmable hardware acceleration for high-speed data processing Intel 5,993 Add to BOM
10M08SAU324C8G Programmable logic device - FPGA Intel 5,465 Add to BOM
LH7A404N0F092B3,55 ARM9® BlueStreak ; LH7A Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Single-Core 266MHz ROMless 324-LFBGA (17x17) NXP USA Inc. 5,550 Add to BOM