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(97 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
BCM82381BKFSBG Product description: BCM82381BKFSBG is a serial BGA-324(19x19) Ethernet ICs ROHS Broadcom Limited 7,072 Add to BOM
EP3C25F324I7N Advanced Logic Density for Efficient U Intel 6,136 Add to BOM
EPM2210F324C3 As a programmable logic device with high-density capabilities, this product offers unparalleled design flexibility and reduced board space Intel 7,421 Add to BOM
UPD60510BF1-HN4-M1-A RISC 768KB ROMLess Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,340 Add to BOM
EP3C25F324C6 EP3C25F324C6 24624 1539 FBGA-324 Programmable Logic Device ROHS Intel 9,728 Add to BOM
EP3C40F324I7N With a compact 324FBGA form factor, this FPGA chip offers a balanced combination of processing power and external interfacing options Intel 7,283 Add to BOM
EP3C25F324C8NES With its high density of cells and advanced design, this FPGA is a reliable choice for sophisticated electronic applications Intel 9,707 Add to BOM
EP3C25F324C7N Field Programmable Gate Array EP3C25F324C7N offers flexibility and scalability for a wide range of applications Intel 5,464 Add to BOM
EP1C20F324I7N PBGA324 EP1C20F324I7N: 320MHz Field Programmable Gate Array with 20060-Cell Intel 5,065 Add to BOM
EP1C20F324C7 320.1MHz Clock Speed Intel 9,420 Add to BOM
EP1C12F324C8N Cyclone I FPGA boasting 1206 LABs and 249 IOs for high-performance applications Intel 9,470 Add to BOM
EP4CE30F19A7N Product Description Demo for Development Intel 6,468 Add to BOM
MC-10287F1-HN4-M1-A 16-bit Controllers Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,791 Add to BOM
EPM2210F324I5 CPLD - Complex Programmable Logic Devices CPLD - MAX II 1700 Macro 272 IO Intel 7,490 Add to BOM
89HPES12N3AZGBCG Elevate your workflow by seamlessly connecting multiple devices via PCIe expansion Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,851 Add to BOM
89HPES12N3YCBCG Flexible expansion module for increased PCIe capabiliti Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,971 Add to BOM
89HPES10T4G2ZBBC8 Unparalleled flexibility for GenPCIe expansion need Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,794 Add to BOM
89HPES12T3G2ZBBC8 Upgrade your infrastructure with our cutting-edge -lane PCIe I/O expansion switc Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,206 Add to BOM
89HPES12T3G2ZBBCG8 Maximize your data transfer rate and reliabilit Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,882 Add to BOM
89HPES12T3G2ZABCG Expand Your Capabilities: Upgrade to a -lane GenPCIe I/O Expansion Switch Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,474 Add to BOM
89HPES8T5ZHBCG Boost performance and versatility with our high-speed 5-port expansion solution Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,820 Add to BOM
89HPES12T3G2ZBBC Scalable and flexible connectivity solution for demanding applications requiring high-bandwidth data transmission Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,979 Add to BOM
89HPES12T3G2ZABC Elevate your server's I/O capabilities with this robust, 3-port Gen2 PCIe expansion card Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,104 Add to BOM
89HPES12N3AZCBC Upgrade your PCIe infrastructure with this versatile 3-port expansion switch Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,567 Add to BOM
89HPES10T4G2ZBBCG Gen2 PCIe I/O Expansion Switch with 10 lanes and 4 ports Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,926 Add to BOM
89HPES10T4G2ZBBC Empower your systems with our versatile -lane, port PCIe expansion solution Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,079 Add to BOM
MSR820AJC288-12 Unlock breakthrough performance with advanced acceleration engines for software and hardware systems MoSys, Inc. 6,437 Add to BOM
BCM82380BKFSBG Efficient duplex retimer architecture supports fast data retransmission and reception in nm and /G applications Broadcom Limited 6,369 Add to BOM
EP1C20F324C8NGA Versatile FPGA for efficient and adaptable system-on-chip design Intel 7,524 Add to BOM
R7F7017153ABG-C#HC1 Robust and reliable processor for diverse electronics systems integratio Renesas Electronics 7,072 Add to BOM
R7F7017153ABG-C#BC1 High-performance microcontroller featuring RXGH core and B flash memory for efficient processin Renesas Electronics 7,072 Add to BOM
A3PE3000L-1FGG324I Ultra-low power consumption suitable for battery-powered devices and IoT application Microchip Technology 7,045 Add to BOM
A3PE3000L-FG324I ProASICL Family offers scalable, high-density programmable memo Microchip Technology 5,064 Add to BOM
ZL50116GAG This high-performance Telecom Circuit is designed for reliability and scalability in a variety of application Microchip Technology 7,894 Add to BOM
AX125-2FGG324I Versatile and flexible architecture for real-time processing and contr Microsemi Corporation 6,869 Add to BOM
EP1C12F324C6AA The Cyclone FPGA's 23 Intel 7,349 Add to BOM
AX125-FGG324 Compact and efficient solution for complex digital signal processing application Microsemi Corporation 6,809 Add to BOM
A3PE3000L-FG324 High-speed processing for complex designs with million gate Microchip Technology 7,539 Add to BOM
SPC564A74B4CFAY Robust, reliable, and efficient microcontroller designed for high-reliability embedded systems STMicroelectronics 9,642 Add to BOM
SPC564A80B4CFBY Compact pin BGA package reduces PCB space requirements in various industries STMicroelectronics 8,272 Add to BOM
AX125-FGG324I Advanced logic density and high-speed connectivity Microsemi Corporation 5,541 Add to BOM
SPC564A70B4COBY Powerful and Reliable ERISC Processor Solutio STMicroelectronics 7,772 Add to BOM
ZL50115GAG2 High-performance telecom IC designed for xmm PBGA package Microchip Technology 6,927 Add to BOM
ZL30301GAG High-performance Telecom IC for reliable data transmission and reception Microchip Technology 6,796 Add to BOM
ZL50118GAG High-performance integrated circuit for robust communication system Microchip Technology 7,827 Add to BOM
ZL50115GAG High-speed telecom IC for reliable connectivity Microchip Technology 9,186 Add to BOM
SPC564A70B4CFAY This 2MB Flash MCU boasts a wide operating voltage range of 1.14V-1.32V for reliable performance STMicroelectronics 9,958 Add to BOM
EP20K100EFC324-3 Compact Pin FBGA package for reduced space requirements and improved thermal performance Intel 6,378 Add to BOM
EP20K100FC324-1V Ultra-efficient design and high-speed data transfe Intel 7,760 Add to BOM
EP20K60EFC324-1N This APEX-KE Field Programmable Gate Array is designed for complex digital design projects Intel 5,399 Add to BOM