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(21 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
XC3S1600E-4FGG320I Product XC3S1600E-4FGG320I demo description AMD 6,829 Add to BOM
XC3S1500-4FGG320I With 1.5 million system gates and a low operating voltage of 1.2 volts, FPGA XC3S1500-4FGG320I is a powerful field programmable gate array AMD 9,821 Add to BOM
XC3S400-4FGG320C Versatile field-programmable gate array AMD 9,399 Add to BOM
XC3S1200E-5FGG320C Field programmable gate array with 1200 logic cells AMD 5,077 Add to BOM
XC3S1200E-4FGG320C FPGA XC3S1200E-4FGG320C AMD 6,136 Add to BOM
XC3S400A-4FGG320I Programmable Logic Device XC3S400A-4FGG320I AMD 7,271 Add to BOM
XC3S400-4FGG320I Packaged in PBGA320 format, suitable for various applications AMD 5,356 Add to BOM
XC3S500E-4FGG320C FPGA hardware with 1164 CLBs and 500,000 gates AMD 7,877 Add to BOM
XC3S500E-4FG320C Plastic Ball Grid Array AMD 5,086 Add to BOM
XC3S500E-4FGG320I 10476 Cells and 572MHz AMD 6,472 Add to BOM
XC3S1600E-5FGG320C XC3S1600E-5FGG320C is compliant with RoHS regulations AMD 6,309 Add to BOM
XC3S1200E-4FGG320I High-density programmable logic with massive gate count for complex design AMD 9,929 Add to BOM
XC3S1000-4FGG320C XC3S1000-4FGG320C FPGA operating at 1.2 volts AMD 7,800 Add to BOM
XC3S1600E-4FGG320C Technology used is 90nm CMOS with a clock speed of 572MHz AMD 8,979 Add to BOM
XC3S1500-4FGG320C Flexible and reconfigurable logic for high-performance application AMD 9,986 Add to BOM
XC3S1000-5FGG320C Specification of XC3S1000-5FGG320C FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array AMD 7,438 Add to BOM
XC3S1000-4FGG320I High capacity FPGA suitable for a range of applications AMD 7,546 Add to BOM
XC3S1000-4FG320I The XC3S1000-4FG320I is a RoHS-compliant programmable logic device, housed in a FBGA-320 package." AMD 5,774 Add to BOM
XC3S1600E-4FG320I The XC3S1600E-4FG320I is built on a CMOS technology and comes in a PBGA400 package, ensuring reliability and easy integration into various systems AMD 9,051 Add to BOM
XC3S200A-4FGG320C XILINX XC3S200A-4FGG320C FPGA, SPARTAN-3A, 200K ELE, 320FBGA AMD 6,873 Add to BOM
XC3S1500L-4FGG320C Programmable logic core for rapid prototyping and deploymen AMD 5,307 Add to BOM