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(71 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AT97SC3205T-H3M44-00 Operating temperature range of -40deg C to 85deg C Microchip Technology, Inc 3,692 Add to BOM
USB3370B-EZK-TR USB Transceiver 1TR 32-Pin QFN EP T/R Microchip Technology, Inc 7,175 Add to BOM
CP2615-A02-GM Exclusive to OEMs and CMs - no third-party brokers permitted SILICON LABS 4,502 Add to BOM
NRF8001-R2Q32-T Bluetooth Low Energy RF System-on-Chip QFN32 Nordic Semiconductor 4,655 Add to BOM
SX8634I05AWLTRT Advanced touch button controller Semtech Corporation 5,068 Add to BOM
PTN3363BSMP Low power HDMI/DVI level shifter with active DDC buffer, supporting 3.4 Gbit/s operation NXP Semiconductor 4,309 Add to BOM
MT16LSDT3264AG-133G3 DRAM Module SDRAM 256Mbyte 168UDIMM Tray Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 7,826 Add to BOM
PCA9674ATS,112 Enhance system interaction with this remote I/O expander featuring bit architecture and I-bus interface NXP Semiconductor 3,096 Add to BOM
BU91796BMUF-ME2 Quick and easy ordering with same-day shipment assured ROHM Semiconductor 3,562 Add to BOM
TPS25741ARSMT USB Type-C™ and USB PD Source Controllers Texas Instruments, Inc 3,821 Add to BOM
TPS25741RSMT USB Type-C™ Rev 1.2 and USB PD Source Controllers Texas Instruments, Inc 5,475 Add to BOM
ZL30110LDF1 Precision timing and synchronization for high-speed data transfer Microchip Technology, Inc 5,435 Add to BOM
AT86RF231-ZUR High-speed QPSK modulation with a data rate of up to Mbps for reliable communication Microchip Technology, Inc 7,623 Add to BOM
CC1350F128RHBT Reliable data transmission and reception modu Texas Instruments, Inc 3,828 Add to BOM
VN9D5D20FTR 4-channel high-side driver with 24-bit SPI interface for automotive applications STMicroelectronics, Inc 7,184 Add to BOM
NB4N111KMNG Clock Fanout Buffer, 1:10 Differential, 3.3 V, with HCSL Level Output ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,444 Add to BOM
8S89296NLGI Delay Line IC Programmable Tap 2.2ns ~ 12.5ns 32-VFQFN Exposed Pad Renesas Technology Corp 6,943 Add to BOM
MIC2155YML-TR Streamline your design process with this easy-to-use PWM sync buck controller, featuring robust and flexible control options Microchip Technology, Inc 3,113 Add to BOM
ZL40255LDG1 Simplify your circuitry with this compact, highly configurable fanout buffer solution Microchip Technology, Inc 3,895 Add to BOM
ZL40206LDG1 Precise fanout buffer for LVPECL signals, providing signal integrity and reliability Microchip Technology, Inc 3,877 Add to BOM
ATSAMD21E15A-MU Compact -Pin QFN EP Tray package ideal for space-constrained design MICROCHIP 5,622 Add to BOM
WAU8812YG Capture pristine audio recordings with this robust serial interface modul Nuvoton Technology Corporation 9,336 Add to BOM
SX8643I05AWLTRT Compact capacitive touch buttons for precise interaction Semtech Corporation 8,651 Add to BOM
DF38602RFT4WV Advanced -VQFN package for optimal heat dissipatio Renesas Electronics America Inc 9,638 Add to BOM
AT97SC3205T-G3M44-00 The AT97SC3205T-G3M44-00 Secure MCU is a reliable and efficient 8-bit microcontroller suitable for various applications Microchip Technology, Inc 7,016 Add to BOM
AT97SC3205T-H3M44-20 Security ICs / Authentication ICs Prod STD Ind I TPM VQFN SEK Bulk - Unique Identification and Data Encryption Solutio Microchip Technology, Inc 5,039 Add to BOM
PCA9674ATS,118 Compact I/O expansion for Fm+ systems with easy integration NXP Semiconductor 3,906 Add to BOM
EFR32BG1V132F128GM32-B0 Low-power Bluetooth v4.2 system-on-chip (SOC) for IoT products, supporting 2Mbps data rates and 3.3V operation Silicon Laboratories Inc 4,239 Add to BOM
EFR32BG1V132F128GM32-C0 High-performance wireless solutions enabled by this Blue Gecko SoC's advanced features Silicon Laboratories Inc 7,995 Add to BOM
ispGAL22V10AB-5LN EMOS-based GAL device offering robust functionality and flexibility in programming and design Lattice Semiconductor Corp 4,328 Add to BOM
EFR32BG1B132F128GM32-C0 Expertise for Innovative Solutions Silicon Laboratories Inc 4,019 Add to BOM
EFR32FG1V132F256GM32-B0R Advanced -bit ARM-based microcontroller for IoT, wearable and industrial applications Silicon Laboratories Inc 7,762 Add to BOM
EFR32MG1P232F256GM32-B0R Ultra-low power consumption for extended battery li Silicon Laboratories Inc 7,728 Add to BOM
EFR32BG1V132F256GM32-C0 Compact GHz radio frequency (RF) solution with advanced feature Silicon Laboratories Inc 6,844 Add to BOM
EFR32MG1B732F256GM32-C0R Discover a new level of reliability and performance in our EFR-based Multiprotocol Zigbee Module Silicon Laboratories Inc 6,236 Add to BOM
EFR32FG1V132F32GM32-B0R This 2.4GHz FLEX Gecko microcontroller offers impressive memory and transmission capabilities Silicon Laboratories Inc 3,567 Add to BOM
EFR32MG1P132F256GM32-B0 Powerful -bit microprocessor with integrated RF capabilities for wireless communication and IoT solutions Silicon Laboratories Inc 3,380 Add to BOM
ispGAL22V10AC-5LN High-performance programmable logic device for advanced applications and systems Lattice Semiconductor Corp 7,483 Add to BOM
EFR32MG1B232F256GM32-B0R Streamline your IoT projects with this compact and powerful Multiprotocol Zigbee Module EFRMGM-B Silicon Laboratories Inc 6,498 Add to BOM
AT97SC3205T-G3M4600B Low-power consumption and high-speed communication make this IC suitable for various industries - Available in bulk quantit Microchip Technology, Inc 7,245 Add to BOM
EFR32MG1B132F256GM32-B0R Powerful wireless connectivity for IoT application Silicon Laboratories Inc 3,051 Add to BOM
AT97SC3205T-G3M46-00 High-performance AVR RISC processor with built-in flash memory for efficient embedded system developmen Microchip Technology, Inc 3,391 Add to BOM
ispGAL22V10AC-75LN This high-performance PLD offers a flexible and efficient way to implement complex digital circuits Lattice Semiconductor Corp 7,352 Add to BOM
EFR32MG1B232F256GM32-B0 Advanced RF SoC with robust mesh capabilities Silicon Laboratories Inc 3,138 Add to BOM
PI6CG33402CZHIEX High-reliability and high-performance clock generator suitable for industrial, automotive, and medical equipment application Diodes Inc 5,344 Add to BOM
XR16L2550ILTR-F XRLILTR-F boasts advanced UART capabilities for fast and accurate data exchange between devices, ideal for industrial applications MaxLinear, Inc 7,528 Add to BOM
EFR32MG1B632F256GM32-C0R Streamline your IoT applications with this reliable and efficient multiprotocol module for smart home automation and industrial control systems Silicon Laboratories Inc 4,422 Add to BOM
AT97SC3205T-G3M4400B Advanced Security Chip for High-End Applications: ATSCT-GOOB offers robust authentication and data protection for sensitive information Microchip Technology, Inc 3,935 Add to BOM
AT97SC3205T-G3M4410B Tamper-Resistant Cryptographic Engine Ensures Confidentiality and Integrity of Data in Real-Time Microchip Technology, Inc 4,304 Add to BOM
EFR32MG1P132F256GM32-C0R Streamline your design process with eas Silicon Laboratories Inc 3,158 Add to BOM