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(49 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SAK-TC277TF-64F200N DC TriCore Microcontroller Infineon Technologies 5,133 Add to BOM
SAK-TC277T-64F200S DC ROHS compliant MCU Infineon Technologies 8,864 Add to BOM
SAK-TC277TP-64F200N DC Product SAK-TC277TP-64F200N DC Infineon Technologies 9,590 Add to BOM
TC297TP128F300SBCKXUMA1 TC297 CPU 300MHz CMOS PBGA292 Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,347 Add to BOM
TC3E7QX192F300SAALXUMA1 Advanced -bit TriCore RISC MCU with extensive memory option Infineon Technologies 6,788 Add to BOM
TC3E7QF192F300SAALXUMA1 Ideal for automotive, industrial and medical devices Infineon Technologies 9,374 Add to BOM
SAK-TC297TA-64F300S BB High-performance microcontroller for complex application Infineon Technologies 9,578 Add to BOM
TC277T64F200SDBLXUMA1 TriCore AURIX Microcontroller IC offers high-speed data processing capabilitie Infineon Technologies 8,273 Add to BOM
TC297TP128F300SBBKXUMA2 This -bit Tri-Core microcontroller boasts a clock speed of Hz Infineon Technologies 9,892 Add to BOM
SAL-TC277TP-64F200S CA This TriCore™ MCU boasts a powerful 200MHz processor, 4MB of FLASH memory, and a comprehensive set of peripherals for robust system design Infineon Technologies 7,099 Add to BOM
SAK-TC277TC-64F200S CA State-of-the-art microcontroller suitable for high-reliability applications, offering TriCore processing power and ample flash memory Infineon Technologies 8,155 Add to BOM
SAK-TC297T-128F300S BC Powerful processor for complex algorithmic operations and data processing needs Infineon Technologies 5,300 Add to BOM
SAL-TC237L-32F200S AB -bit microcontroller offering high-speed processing capabilities, ample memory, and robust connectivity options Infineon Technologies 7,591 Add to BOM
TC297TP96F300SBBKXUMA1 Advanced microcontroller for industrial, automotive and consumer markets Infineon Technologies 7,112 Add to BOM
TC277T64F200SCAKXUMA2 High-performance TriCore™ AURIX™ microcontroller ideal for industrial automation, automotive, and medical applications Infineon Technologies 6,306 Add to BOM
TC277T64F200SCALXUMA1 Powerful Microcontroller for Complex Systems Infineon Technologies 6,766 Add to BOM
TC277T64F200SDBKXUMA1 Advanced 32-bit controller with 200MHz speed and 4MB FLASH memory capacity Infineon Technologies 7,855 Add to BOM
SAL-TC277T-64F200S CA Tri-Core architecture enables efficient execution of complex tasks, reducing power consumption and improving system responsiveness Infineon Technologies 5,228 Add to BOM
SAK-TC297TB-128F300S BC Robust and reliable IC solution for real-time data transmission and control Infineon Technologies 8,085 Add to BOM
TC237L32F200SABLXUMA1 Compact System-on-Chip Solution for Real-Time Control System Infineon Technologies 5,854 Add to BOM
SAK-TC297T-96F300S BB Advanced -bit controller with tri-core processing and vast on-chip flash memory storage Infineon Technologies 9,667 Add to BOM
TC357TT64F300SABKXUMA1 Compact and efficient Hz MCU ideal for IoT, automotive, and medical device designs requiring reliable processing and storage Infineon Technologies 5,748 Add to BOM
TC377TX96F300SAAKXUMA1 Advanced MCU solution for smart devices and industrial control, offering robust processing and memory capabilitie Infineon Technologies 6,726 Add to BOM
TC387TP128F300SAEKXUMA1 Compact and powerful, this -bit microcontroller is ideal for industrial automation applications Infineon Technologies 5,412 Add to BOM
TC277TP64F200SDBKXUMA1 High-performance processing power for demanding applications, featuring three CPUs and extensive memory capabilities Infineon Technologies 9,574 Add to BOM
DM860-TE Advanced 32-bit microprocessor for industrial control systems Microchip Technology 7,496 Add to BOM
TC297TX128F300SBBKXUMA1 High-performance microcontroller for advanced applications requiring fast processing and low power consumptio Infineon Technologies 5,539 Add to BOM
DM870-TE Fast and efficient 32-bit processor suitable for complex embedded systems Microchip Technology 5,124 Add to BOM
TC1791N384F200EPABKXUMA1 A robust and reliable 32-bit processor with advanced DSP capabilities Infineon Technologies 6,501 Add to BOM
TC297TB128F300SBBKXUMA1 Ideal for automotive systems requiring high-speed processing, advanced security features, and low power consumption in a small LF-BGA packag Infineon Technologies 9,909 Add to BOM
TC267D40F200SBBKXUMA1 Embedded control solutions for modern vehicles, backed by industry standards Infineon Technologies 7,764 Add to BOM
TC297TY128F300SBBKXUMA1 High-performance automotive microcontroller for safety-critical applications" Infineon Technologies 7,960 Add to BOM
TC277TP64F200SCAKXUMA1 Robust and reliable 32-bit RISC processor for harsh automotive environments Infineon Technologies 8,050 Add to BOM
TC297T128F300SBBKXUMA1 Tri-core processor with -bit architecture and Hz clock speed Infineon Technologies 9,599 Add to BOM
TC237LP32F200SABKXUMA1 Reliable and efficient processing for industrial automation Infineon Technologies 7,773 Add to BOM
TC297TP128F300SBBKXUMA1 Fast and flexible processing unit for complex tasks Infineon Technologies 5,791 Add to BOM
SPC58EC80C3QMC0Y For automotive projects that demand high reliability, performance, and power management, the SPCECCMC is an ideal choice STMicroelectronics, Inc 7,003 Add to BOM
TC237L32F200SACLXUMA1 Compact and powerful microcontroller ideal for high-performance applications, featuring 2MB flash and 192KB SRAM Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,676 Add to BOM
TC297TX128F300SBCKXUMA1 This product is currently out of stock and not accepting new order Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,261 Add to BOM
TC297TA64F300SBCKXUMA1 The MCU supports 3.3V and 5V operating voltages, making it suitable for various automotive systems that require AEC-Q100 compliance Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,558 Add to BOM
TC277T64F200SDCKXUMA1 -bit RISC processor with advanced debugging capabilities Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,192 Add to BOM
TC267D40F200SBCKXUMA1 RISC-based processor with integrated flash memory and robust error correction for reliable real-time control and monitoring Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,092 Add to BOM
SAK-TC297TP-96F300N BC TriCore™ AURIX™ Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Tri-Core 300MHz 6MB (6M x 8) FLASH PG-LFBGA-292-6 Infineon Technologies 7,090 Add to BOM
SAK-TC297TF-128F300N BC TriCore™ AURIX™ Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Tri-Core 300MHz 8MB (8M x 8) FLASH PG-LFBGA-292-6 Infineon Technologies 5,762 Add to BOM
SAK-TC297TC-96F300S BC TriCore™ AURIX™ Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Tri-Core 300MHz 6MB (6M x 8) FLASH PG-LFBGA-292-6 Infineon Technologies 7,957 Add to BOM
SAK-TC297T-96F300N BC TriCore™ AURIX™ Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Tri-Core 300MHz 6MB (6M x 8) FLASH PG-LFBGA-292-6 Infineon Technologies 8,263 Add to BOM
SAK-TC277TC-64F200S DC TriCore™ - Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Tri-Core 200MHz 4MB (4M x 8) FLASH PG-LFBGA-292-6 Infineon Technologies 7,554 Add to BOM
SAK-TC277TC-64F200N DC TriCore™ - Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Tri-Core 200MHz 4MB (4M x 8) FLASH PG-LFBGA-292-6 Infineon Technologies 7,202 Add to BOM
SAK-TC277T-64F200N DC TriCore™ - Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Tri-Core 200MHz 4MB (4M x 8) FLASH PG-LFBGA-292-6 Infineon Technologies 9,026 Add to BOM