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(341 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SCANPSC110FSC Versatile 28-pin SOIC test support for IEEE1149.1 system onsemi 9,733 Add to BOM
CS8415A-CS Advanced digital audio receiver solution for modern application Cirrus Logic Inc. 6,261 Add to BOM
ADC12138CIWM ADC12138CIWM with 12-bit resolution TI 6,206 Add to BOM
MAX306CWI+ This 28-pin SOIC W package is designed for high-performance applications ADI 6,872 Add to BOM
DAC811JU 12-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter w/Parallel Interface TI 7,981 Add to BOM
ADS7807UB 16 Bit Analog to Digital Converter 1 Input 1 SAR 28-SOIC TI 5,928 Add to BOM
DSPIC30F4012-30I/SO Flash memory for program storage MICROCHIP 7,826 Add to BOM
DSPIC30F2010-20I/SO 16-bit MCU/DSC, 12 KB, 512 Bytes, 120 MHz, 2.5 to 5.5V, SOIC-28, RoHS MICROCHIP 7,605 Add to BOM
PIC18F25J10-I/SO 32KB Flash Memory Microcontroller MICROCHIP 6,731 Add to BOM
PIC18F252-E/SO MCU 8-bit PIC RISC 32KB Flash 5V 28-Pin SOIC W Tube MICROCHIP 5,086 Add to BOM
AD7899ARZ-2 5 V Single Supply 14-Bit 400 kSPS ADC ADI 6,342 Add to BOM
AD73322LARZ Dual-Channel, 3 V Front-End Processor for General Purpose Applications Including Speech and Telephony ADI 6,404 Add to BOM
AD876JR 8-pin soic tube single-channel single 20msps 10-bit adc pipelined ADI 4,256 Add to BOM
STK12C68-SF25I NVRAM 64Kb 25ns 8K x 8 AutoStore nvSRAM INFINEON 4,209 Add to BOM
MC145152DW2 Phase-Locked Loops for accurate signal generation NXP 7,485 Add to BOM
IR2135S IR2135S Product Description INFINEON 4,956 Add to BOM
IXDD415SI Gate driver IC designed for low-side applications IXYS 5,937 Add to BOM
DG406DW Allows for easy integration and control of multiple signals SILICONIX INC 7,660 Add to BOM
CS8420-CSZ Audio sample rate converter Cirrus Logic Inc. 7,648 Add to BOM
CS4396-KS Plastic material Cirrus Logic 7,072 Add to BOM
AT27C256R-45RU EPROM 256Kb (32Kx8) MICROCHIP 5,737 Add to BOM
MAX306CWI This 28-pin SOIC W package is designed for high-performance applications ADI 5,230 Add to BOM
CY62256LL-70SNC This SRAM chip has a 32K x 8 configuration, providing a total storage capacity of 256 kilobits." Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,817 Add to BOM
DAC712U Manufactured by Texas Instruments TI 4,525 Add to BOM
IR2133S Half-Bridge Gate Driver IC Inverting 28-SOIC INFINEON 6,091 Add to BOM
AT28C64-15SC Commercial-grade EEPROM with 64K storage capacity, 5V power requirement, and 150ns access time, featuring ready/busy function ATMEL 6,322 Add to BOM
AD7899BR-1 High-performance Analog to Digital Converter with 5V power supply, 14-bit precision, and 400 kSPS sampling speed Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
HI9P0546-9 SOIC-28 Analog Switches / Multiplexers with ROHS certification Renesas Electronics 7,072 Add to BOM
ADS7807UE4 High-speed, high-resolution single-channel ADC for various applications TI 7,186 Add to BOM
AD7708BR-REEL Analog to Digital Converters - ADC 16-Bit 8/10-Ch Low Vtg Low Pwr Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
AS2535 Telecom Interface ICs OSRAM 5,413 Add to BOM
IX2120B High and Low Side IXYS Corporation 3,985 Add to BOM
BQ4802LYDW Y2K-Compliant Parallel RTC with CPU Supervisor and External NVSRAM Control, 3V Vcc TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 6,020 Add to BOM
ADS774JU Analog to Digital Converters - ADC Mcrprcsr-Compatible Sampling CMOS Texas Instruments 9,355 Add to BOM
ADS7815U 16-bit resolution for capturing detailed and accurate signals" Texas Instruments 6,424 Add to BOM
DAC7624UB 12-Bit Quad Voltage Output Digital-to-Analog Converter TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 7,824 Add to BOM
MCP23018-E/SO Expand your possibilities with this I/O expande MICROCHIP 9,073 Add to BOM
PIC24HJ128GP202-I/SO 16-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 16B MCU 28LD128KB DMA 40MIPS MICROCHIP 9,506 Add to BOM
PIC16F1788-I/SO Projected end-of-life date in 2048-10-03 Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
LTC1419ACSW#PBF 14-Bit, 800ksps Sampling A/D Converter with Shutdown Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
STK12C68-SF45 64Kb AutoStore NVRAM INFINEON 6,869 Add to BOM
ML4425CSX Twenty-eight pin Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC) package onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MCZ33742SEGR2 AEC-Q100 Certified High Performance System Basis Chip NXP 7,072 Add to BOM
MAX3111ECWI With a compact PDSO28 package measuring 0.300 inches, the MAX3111ECWI is a reliable choice for serial I/O control applications Analog Devices Inc. 6,913 Add to BOM
IXDS430SI SelectableV 0.4 Rds Gate Drivers 30 Amps IXYS 7,072 Add to BOM
DG406DY SOIC-28 Analog Switches / Multiplexers ROHS DG406DY Renesas Electronics 6,377 Add to BOM
CPC7583BA Telecom circuit solution for SOIC- packages, offers reliable performance and RoHS compliance IXYS INTEGRATED CIRCUITS DIVISION 7,355 Add to BOM
CS4396-KSZ Cutting-edge technology ensures a smooth and natural sound experience at up to 192 kHz sampling rates Cirrus Logic 5,640 Add to BOM
AT45DB081B-RC Reliable non-volatile memory solution MICROCHIP 8,791 Add to BOM