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(36 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SPC5200CBV400 RISC 32bit 400MHz processor NXP USA Inc. 5,215 Add to BOM
ISPLSI-8600V-125LB272 This advanced CPLD/FPGA integrates multiple functions into a single device, simplifying system design and reducing complexity Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,261 Add to BOM
ISPLSI-8840V-60LB272 Robust and reliable programmable logic device for mission-critical system Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,805 Add to BOM
ISPLSI-3160-125LB272 Reconfigurable FPGA for efficient system integration and testing Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,108 Add to BOM
MPC5200CVR266 Robust and reliable computing solution for diverse industries Freescale Semiconductor 9,134 Add to BOM
MPC5200CBV266 High-performance microprocessor for demanding applications, featuring a single -bit PowerPC GLE core NXP USA Inc. 5,757 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5256VE-165LB272 A highly integrated, high-performance CPLD solution for demanding applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,381 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5256VE-100LB272I High-performance programmable logic device for complex digital designs, ideal for high-speed data processing and storage applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,758 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5256VA-70LB272 Customizable IC for precision control and signal processing Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,768 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5384VE-125LB272I Advanced CPLD chip featuring a massive 384 macrocell count and fast 7.5ns speed Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,257 Add to BOM
ISPLSI81080V-90LB492 High-density programmable logic device for complex design Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,028 Add to BOM
ISPLSI81080V-60LB272 High-density PLD offers enhanced functionality and reduced power consumption Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,437 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5512VE-155LB272 Up to 24K gates and 512 macro cells for complex logic functions Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,326 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5512VE-100LB272 A versatile and efficient programmable logic device for a wide range of application Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,867 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5512VE-80LB272I High-performance CPLD for complex digital designs and systems integration Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,335 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5512VE-125LB272 High-speed digital processing solution for various application Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,438 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5512VE-100LB272I This versatile CPLD boasts 10 nanosecond propagation delay and 272-pin Ball Grid Array (BGA) package for seamless integration into modern systems Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,294 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5384VE-80LB272I Next-generation IC platform for developing innovative system-on-chip designs Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,308 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5256VE-80LB272I A high-density IC CPLD for fast and reliable digital design applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,221 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5256VE-125LB272 Integrated circuit with high-speed processing capabilitie Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,400 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5256VE-125LB272I Cutting-edge programmable IC designed to handle complex tasks with ease, featuring macrocells, fast s switching time, and compact BGA form facto Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,122 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5256VE-100LB272 With its ns speed and massive bit storage Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,102 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5512VA-70LB272 High-density programmable logic device for complex designs Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,122 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5384VE-100LB272 High-speed programmable logic solution for demanding applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,225 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5384VE-165LB272 High-speed digital design requires a robust CPLD like ISPLSI VE-B ensuring reliable performance and efficient system integratio Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,940 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5384VE-125LB272 High-performance CPLD for fast data processing and storage Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,434 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5384VA-70LB272I With its unique structure and optimized signal processing, this EEprom ensures precise data transfer and reduced error Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,753 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5256VA-125LB272 Scalable and reconfigurable logic solution for high-frequency applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,082 Add to BOM
A42MX36-2BG272I 54K Gates and 1184 Cells Microchip Technology 5,871 Add to BOM
ISPLSI81080V-125LB272 Flexible and reconfigurable architecture enables rapid development and deployment of custom digital solutions Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,844 Add to BOM
SM320C6713GDPS20EP High-performance floating-point processor for demanding applications Texas Instruments 6,726 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 5512VA-110LB272 Advanced CPLD solution for high-performance applications and system Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,966 Add to BOM
ispLSI 5512VA-100LB272 High-density programmable device with exceptional performanc Lattice Semiconductor Corp 7,890 Add to BOM
MPC5200CVR400BR2 HABANERO INDUS - PBFREE NXP Semiconductor 3,792 Add to BOM
SPC5200CVR400BR2 HABANERO INDUS - PBFREE NXP Semiconductor 4,039 Add to BOM
SPC5200CBV400BR2 NXP 32-bit MCU, e300 MPU, 400MHz, -40/+85degC, Automotive Grade, PBGA 272 NXP Semiconductor 4,548 Add to BOM