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(69 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
XC95288XL-10BGG256I 100MHz 27mm 10ns 3V~3.6V AMD 9,321 Add to BOM
XC95288XL-7BG256C Established in 1988, the French electronic distributor AMD 8,450 Add to BOM
XPC823EVR66B2 Microprocessors - MPU PB-FREE 823E 66MHZ NXP USA Inc. 7,884 Add to BOM
HD6417751RBP200V RISC architecture Renesas Electronics America Inc 6,461 Add to BOM
XCV150-4BG256C pin BGA package for compact integrati AMD 7,444 Add to BOM
MPC850DEVR50BU PowerQUICC MPC850 Development NXP USA Inc. 9,718 Add to BOM
XCV200-5BG256I XCV200-5BG256I FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array details AMD 8,020 Add to BOM
XCV100-5BG256I Configure and reprogram your design without physical modifications AMD 6,971 Add to BOM
D6417750RBA240HVU0 256-pin ball grid array package Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,021 Add to BOM
MPC852TZT50A PowerQUICC, 32 Bit Power Architecture, 50MHz, Communications Processor, 0 to 95C Freescale Semiconductor 8,236 Add to BOM
MPC850SRZQ50BU PowerQUICC, 32 Bit Power Architecture, 50MHz, Communications Processor, 0 to 95C NXP USA Inc. 7,468 Add to BOM
MPC850SRVR50BU PowerQUICC, 32 Bit Power Architecture, 50MHz, Communications Processor, 0 to 95C NXP USA Inc. 5,969 Add to BOM
MPC870VR133 ; Series:PowerQUICC I; Core Size:32 bit; Leaded Process Compatible:Yes; No. of Bits:32 bit; Peak Reflow Compatible (260 C):Yes ;RoHS Compliant: Yes NXP USA Inc. 6,212 Add to BOM
MPC850VR50BU Microprocessors - MPU POWER QUICC NXP USA Inc. 8,545 Add to BOM
XPC823VR66B2T High-performance PowerPC processor for demanding applications, featuring a clock speed of 66MHz NXP USA Inc. 9,116 Add to BOM
XPC850VR50BU This powerful processor is ideal for use in industrial control NXP USA Inc. 5,587 Add to BOM
XPC823CZT66B2T Product XPC823CZT66B2T is an MPU with the model name MPC823 NXP USA Inc. 6,742 Add to BOM
XPC823ECZT66BA Product XPC823ECZT66BA is a member of the Freescale series NXP USA Inc. 6,048 Add to BOM
MPC852TVR100 MPCx family member offering efficient processing power and compact design NXP USA Inc. 5,660 Add to BOM
MPC850DEVR50BUR2 Powerful MHz MPCx Processor for robust and reliable system operation NXP USA Inc. 8,313 Add to BOM
MPC850SRCVR66BU Power-efficient MPU PowerQUICC MPCx series microcontroller boasting a robust instruction set architecture with enhanced data processing capabilitie NXP USA Inc. 8,806 Add to BOM
MPC850DEZQ66BU Robust -bit RISC architecture with MHz clock speed and / suppl NXP USA Inc. 5,275 Add to BOM
MPC850SRZQ66BU Powerful processing for demanding applications at 66MHz clock rate NXP USA Inc. 6,827 Add to BOM
MPC850ZQ66BU High-speed processing capabilities with low power consumption guarantee NXP USA Inc. 9,585 Add to BOM
MPC850SRVR66BU Enhanced MPCx series processor with increased processing power, ideal for real-time applications requiring fast data transfer and processin NXP USA Inc. 8,881 Add to BOM
MPC850DEVR66BU Dual Voltage Capability for Increased Flexibilit NXP USA Inc. 8,068 Add to BOM
MPC850DEZQ66BUR2 Power-efficient processing solution for modern embedded system NXP USA Inc. 8,322 Add to BOM
KMPC875CVR133 Ideal for demanding applications requiring low power consumption and high reliabilit NXP USA Inc. 6,704 Add to BOM
KMPC850DEZQ50BU Advanced 256-PBGA packaging ensures reliable and efficient operation in a compact footprint (23x23) NXP USA Inc. 6,316 Add to BOM
KMPC870VR133 Next-generation CPU with enhanced processing capabilitie NXP USA Inc. 7,969 Add to BOM
KMPC823VR66B2T Powerful RISC processor for demanding application NXP USA Inc. 9,077 Add to BOM
KMPC852TCZT100A Compact and efficient microcontroller ideal for small form factor designs NXP USA Inc. 5,794 Add to BOM
KMPC852TVR100A High-performance RISC processor for demanding applications NXP USA Inc. 7,328 Add to BOM
IDT72V7250L15BB Large buffer size of ( x ) for handling high-volume data transfer Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,522 Add to BOM
IDT72V7250L10BB Ideal for high-speed data transfer applications Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,174 Add to BOM
KMPC870CVR66 Powerful and efficient processing solution with 256-pin BGA package ideal for complex embedded systems NXP USA Inc. 9,777 Add to BOM
KMPC875CVR66 High-speed data transfer and manipulation capabilities NXP USA Inc. 6,331 Add to BOM
KMPC875VR133 Advanced MPCx Microprocessor for High-Performance Computing Applications NXP USA Inc. 8,665 Add to BOM
KMPC853TVR100A Powerful embedded processing solution with one -bit processor running at Hz, ideal for system-on-module designs and high-reliability system NXP USA Inc. 9,084 Add to BOM
KMPC852TZT100A MPCx series microchip ideal for complex applications and systems developmen NXP USA Inc. 8,480 Add to BOM
KMPC850SRVR80BU MPCx series processor offers improved performance and reduced power consumptio NXP USA Inc. 9,912 Add to BOM
IDT72V72100L10BB Low-latency data transfer solution for Hz system Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,876 Add to BOM
EPF6024ABC256-2N Advanced Logic Density for Complex Designs, featuring K Gates and ,Cells Intel 5,395 Add to BOM
MB86296SPB-GSE1 Advanced image processing capabilities in a small packa Kaga FEI America, Inc. 9,372 Add to BOM
MB86276PB-GS-K5ZE1 Video interface ICs for controllers, PBGA-256(27x27) form factor, compliant with ROHS standards Kaga FEI America, Inc. 7,025 Add to BOM
IDT79RC32V334-150BB Rapidly advancing processing for embedded systems applications Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,291 Add to BOM
XPC823EZT66BA High-Speed Data Crunching: With its remarkable clock speed and multiple cores, this processor efficiently handles large data sets and complex task NXP USA Inc. 5,403 Add to BOM
IDT79RC32V334-150BBI Fast clock speed and large memory capacity make it ideal for complex task Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,078 Add to BOM
HD6417750BP200M Microcontroller Units (MCUs/MPUs/SOCs) with 200MHz operating frequency in a 28 BGA-256 package with a voltage range of 1 Renesas Electronics America Inc 7,757 Add to BOM
XPC850DEVR66BU Powerful MPCx core offers fast execution of instructions and large memory capabilities NXP USA Inc. 6,550 Add to BOM