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(18 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TNETV2510GGW TNETV2510GGW from Texas Instruments Texas Instruments 5,685 Add to BOM
D35004AZAV160 Fixed-point, pin BGA package enables compact system designs and high-speed interfaces Texas Instruments 7,336 Add to BOM
D35004AZAV200 Fixed-point IC DSP solution for efficient processing and precision control Texas Instruments 6,116 Add to BOM
TNETV2510IDGGW Advanced IC DSP for fixed point processing in a compact BGA package Texas Instruments 5,299 Add to BOM
TNETV2505CZGW High-performance, low-power IC DSP for fixed point applications offers efficient processing and compact design Texas Instruments 5,712 Add to BOM
TMSDVC5510AGBCA2 cutting-edge DSP solution for complex signal processing applications with high precision requirements Texas Instruments 9,821 Add to BOM
TNETV2510FIDZGW Fast 32-bit processing and low power consumption Texas Instruments 6,672 Add to BOM
WDVC5510AZGWA2 Flexible and scalable IC for a wide range of industrial and commercial use Texas Instruments 8,631 Add to BOM
TNETV2510CZGW High-performance digital signal processor with fixed-point arithmetic capabilitie Texas Instruments 9,753 Add to BOM
D35004AZGWA200 High-performance digital signal processor for advanced applications Texas Instruments 5,990 Add to BOM
TNETV2510IDZGW High-performance IC for digital signal processing application Texas Instruments 9,935 Add to BOM
TMS320VC5510AZGWD2 High-performance digital signal processor for advanced applications, featuring a Hz clock speed and IPS processing powe Texas Instruments 9,372 Add to BOM
TMS320VC5510AGPHA2 Versatile and high-performance digital signal processor for various applications Texas Instruments 8,966 Add to BOM
TMS320VC5510GGW2 A high-performance digital signal processor ideal for demanding applications that require fast processing and large memory storage Texas Instruments 6,605 Add to BOM
LC823450RAH-2H LC823450RAH-2H is a cutting-edge Low Power and High-Resolution Audio Processing System LSI designed for Portable Sound Solutions ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,961 Add to BOM
TNETV2510ZGW A high-performance fixed-point processor Texas Instruments 6,861 Add to BOM
TMS320VC5510AGGW1 160MHz 320MIPS 240-Pin BGA MICROSTAR DSP Fixed-Point 32bit Texas Instruments, Inc 7,275 Add to BOM
TMS320VC5510AGGWA1 Power-efficient microprocessor suitable for high-speed processing application Texas Instruments 9,778 Add to BOM