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(111 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MC68360EM25K Small electronic component Nxp 7,072 Add to BOM
EP3C25Q240C8N EP3C25Q240C8N is a versatile FPGA that allows for programmable logic functions on a field-programmable gate array Intel 9,550 Add to BOM
MC68EN360EM33L M68EN360EM33L MPU NXP USA Inc. 8,479 Add to BOM
MC68EN360EM25L The MC68EN360EM25L is a powerful MPU QUICC with built-in Ethernet functionality, ideal for demanding data networking tasks." NXP USA Inc. 9,081 Add to BOM
EPF10K30AQC240-1 EPF10K30AQC240-1 is a Loadable PLD renowned for its quick 0.6ns response time, employing CMOS technology and presented in a PQFP240 package Intel 5,890 Add to BOM
EP3C40Q240C8 The EP3C40Q240C8 offers a powerful platform for designers looking to implement complex logic functions and signal processing algorithms Intel 9,943 Add to BOM
EP3C16Q240C8 Versatile 472.5MHz CMOS device Intel 9,203 Add to BOM
EP2C20Q240C8 PQFP240 Field Programmable Gate Array featuring 1172 CLBs, with a clock speed of 402.5MHz and a total of 18752 cells in a CMOS construction Intel 9,611 Add to BOM
EP1C6Q240C7N High-performance technology Intel 6,940 Add to BOM
EP1C12Q240I7N Versatile FPGA solution Intel 7,319 Add to BOM
EP1C12Q240C7N This FPGA device has a cell count of 12060 and is built using advanced 130nm technology Intel 6,661 Add to BOM
EP1C12Q240C6 The FPGA Cyclone® Family EP1C12Q240C6 boasts an impressive 12060 cells and operates at a frequency of 405.2MHz with cutting-edge 130nm technology Intel 7,035 Add to BOM
EP2C20Q240C8N The EP2C20Q240C8N is a programmable logic device in MQFP-240(32x32) package Intel 6,374 Add to BOM
XCV200E-6PQ240C FPGA XCV200E-6PQ240C AMD 7,131 Add to BOM
XCV200-5PQ240I Field-programmable gate array with 166 I/O capabilities housed in a 240-pin plastic quad flat package AMD 7,992 Add to BOM
R5S72631P200FP Flash memory technology integrated into a CMOS design Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,804 Add to BOM
XCV100-6PQ240C OEM-exclusive sale AMD 6,448 Add to BOM
XCV300E-6PQ240C FPGA for versatile applications AMD 6,889 Add to BOM
MC68EN360CAI25L ColdFire M683xx MPU NXP USA Inc. 8,402 Add to BOM
MC68EN360AI25L ColdFire M683xx NXP USA Inc. 5,556 Add to BOM
MC68360AI25L CPU32+ Microprocessor IC series 1 Core, 32-Bit 25MHz 240-FQFP (32x32) NXP USA Inc. 6,631 Add to BOM
ATT2C083S240-DB Flexible and adaptable ORCA architecture for unique demand Lucent 5,712 Add to BOM
ATT2C082S240 Unlock unparalleled processing speed and precision with the versatile ATTORCA FPGA board Lucent 9,794 Add to BOM
OR2T12A4S240-DB Advanced ORCA Series 2 FPGA solution with high-density 12,096 cells, 250MHz frequency, and compact 240-pin SQFP package' Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,612 Add to BOM
MC68MH360AI25L557 Advanced FQFP-240 microcontrollers with 32x32 architecture offering enhanced computing capabilities NXP Semiconductors 5,989 Add to BOM
A42MX36-3PQG240I Advanced digital signal processing and logic control using reconfigurable architectu Microsemi Corporation 9,936 Add to BOM
A42MX36-PQG240 Advanced programmable array for efficient data processing and analysis Microsemi Corporation 8,457 Add to BOM
XC4013-6PQ240C Flexible and reconfigurable architecture for complex algorithm implementations AMD 9,696 Add to BOM
MC68360EM25VL Four-channel, Mbps HCMOS LAN controller with PQFPpackag NXP USA Inc. 9,504 Add to BOM
MC68EN360EM25VL Microprocessor for complex communication protocols and tasks NXP USA Inc. 5,476 Add to BOM
KMC68360AI33L The M683xx series offers exceptional processing capabilities and versatility NXP USA Inc. 7,989 Add to BOM
KMC68EN360CAI25L High-performance -bit RISC processor for embedded applications, offering reliable and efficient computing solution NXP USA Inc. 6,819 Add to BOM
EPF10K100BQC240-3 Highly advanced programmable logic device ideal for various application Altera 8,691 Add to BOM
EPF10K100BQC240-2 Compact and scalable CPLD ideal for high-speed application Altera 7,896 Add to BOM
EP20K160EQC240-3N High-performance FPGA with 160K gates and 64,000 cells for demanding applications Intel 9,639 Add to BOM
EP20K100QC240-2 FPGA APEX K Family - High-Speed Logic and Memory Solution Intel 5,933 Add to BOM
EPF10K50EQC240-2 High-density FPGA for complex logic designs: "EPF10K50EQC240-2" Intel 8,169 Add to BOM
EPF81188ARC240-2 Versatile programmable logic controller for flexible design and rapid prototyping in various industries Altera 9,742 Add to BOM
EPF10K50VQC240-1 The EPF10K50VQC240-1 is an excellent choice for applications requiring high-performance and low power consumption Intel 7,065 Add to BOM
EPF10K50SQC240-1N FLEX KE family offers K gates and . cell Intel 5,831 Add to BOM
EPF10K100BQC240-1 High-speed programmable logic device for complex digital designs Altera 7,205 Add to BOM
EPF6024AQC240-1N High-speed reconfigurable logic for advanced embedded system Intel 7,647 Add to BOM
EPF81188ARC240-4 This programmable logic device offers loadable CMOS technology in a compact PQFPpackag Altera 6,066 Add to BOM
EPF6016QI240-3 High-density programmable logic IC for advanced applications Intel 6,810 Add to BOM
EPF10K50EQI240-2N High-Density, High-Speed FPGA for Modern Computing Needs Intel 5,334 Add to BOM
EPF10K50EQC240-1 Advanced logic and memory integration for real-time processi Intel 6,239 Add to BOM
EPF10K30AQC240-1N An FPGA labeled EPF10K30AQC240-1N, part of the FLEX 10KA Family, offers 30K gates and 1728 cells, utilizing 0 Intel 9,107 Add to BOM
EPF10K50SQC240-3N This product, EPF10K50SQC240-3N, is an FPGA part of the FLEX 10KE line, featuring 50K gates and 2880 cells, capable of operating at 166 Intel 8,805 Add to BOM
EPF10K50SQC240-1 This FLEX 10K Embedded Programmable Logic Device offers a vast range of possibilities for digital designs Altera 9,485 Add to BOM
EPF10K130EQC240-2N This FPGA features um technology and MHz operatio Intel 6,587 Add to BOM