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(277 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
IS25LP512M-RHLE RoHS compliant with reset pin for easy functionality reset ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 5,317 Add to BOM
MT25QL128ABA8E12-1SIT Package type is 24-Pin TBGA, with a fast access time of 6ns Micron Technology Inc. 8,866 Add to BOM
MT25QU128ABA8E12-1SIT 1.8V Operating Voltage Micron Technology Inc. 7,497 Add to BOM
N25Q128A13E1240F The N25Q128A13E1240F is a TBGA-packaged NOR Flash memory chip designed for high-performance applications." Micron Technology Inc. 8,776 Add to BOM
MT25QU128ABA8E12-0SIT cutting-edge NOR flash memory with 128 Megabit capacity Micron Technology Inc. 6,633 Add to BOM
MT25QL512ABA8E12-0SIT 12Mbit x 1 Flash memory chip, 6mm x 8mm dimensions, Plastic Ball Grid Array 24 packaging, RoHS compliant Micron Technology Inc. 8,882 Add to BOM
N25Q128A11E1240E Boasting a fast 108 MHz clock speed, this NOR memory IC offers excellent performance and reliability." Micron Technology Inc. 5,037 Add to BOM
N25Q032A13E1241F Legacy NOR Flash MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC 5,871 Add to BOM
N25Q128A13E1240E 128Mb NOR Flash Memory with 32Mb x 4 organization Micron Technology Inc. 6,684 Add to BOM
N25Q032A13E1241E Flash memory module featuring 32 megabits storage capacity and TBGA-24 packaging Micron Technology Inc. 7,755 Add to BOM
N25Q512A83G1240E Compact form factor Micron Technology Inc. 5,273 Add to BOM
N25Q256A11E1240E 256 megabits of flash memory housed in a TBGA-24 package, with a 1-bit configuration Micron Technology Inc. 6,539 Add to BOM
N25Q512A11G1240E A high-performance, reliable solution for industrial and consumer applications alike, featuring B of NOR flash memor Micron Technology Inc. 7,549 Add to BOM
MT29F8G01ADAFD12-IT:F TR Small Form Factor Micron Technology Inc. 5,236 Add to BOM
W25M512JVBIQ 12M-bit, 4Kb Uniform Sector, W25M512JVBIQ, product Winbond Electronics 5,921 Add to BOM
MX66L1G45GXDI-08G The MX66L1G45GXDI-08G is a FLASH memory IC with a capacity of 1Gb, featuring Quad I/O and a DTR frequency of 166MHz Macronix 5,392 Add to BOM
MT25QL512ABB8E12-0SIT TR Packaged in a 24-pin TPBGA for easy installation Micron Technology Inc. 5,875 Add to BOM
MT25QL128ABA8E12-1SIT TR Reliable flash memory for industrial control and automotive use cases Micron Technology Inc. 8,113 Add to BOM
N25Q128A13E1241F The N25Q128A13E1241F is an ideal choice for developers seeking a dependable, high-density flash memory component Micron Technology 7,072 Add to BOM
MX66L1G45GXDI-10G High-speed data storage Macronix 6,642 Add to BOM
S25FL256LAGBHI023 NOR Flash Memory Infineon Technologies 6,058 Add to BOM
S25FL128SAGBHIA13 Flash Memory IC 128Mb - SPI Quad I/O Infineon Technologies 8,583 Add to BOM
S25FL128SAGBHI300 Serial-SPI Flash Infineon Technologies 8,673 Add to BOM
S25FL512SAGBHID10 Quad I/O 133 MHz Infineon Technologies 9,604 Add to BOM
S25FS512SDSBHM213 NOR Flash memory module with 512M-bit capacity Infineon Technologies 5,735 Add to BOM
S25FL512SAGBHV210 This product is a NOR flash memory device with a capacity of 512M-bit Infineon Technologies 8,912 Add to BOM
S25FL512SAGBHI210 bit capacity provides ample room for storing critical system firmware and data Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,989 Add to BOM
S25FL512SAGBHID13 NOR flash memory component designed for use with devices operating at 3V to 3 Infineon Technologies 5,784 Add to BOM
S70FL01GSAGBHIC10 NOR Flash Serial 1G-bit 128M x 8 8ns 24-Pin BGA Tray 3.3V Infineon Technologies 8,594 Add to BOM
S70FL01GSAGBHIC13 Description: The S70FL01GSAGBHIC13 is a NOR Flash memory chip with a capacity of 1Gb, operating at 3V and supporting speeds of up to 133Mhz Infineon Technologies 7,046 Add to BOM
S25FL064LABBHI020 Product S25FL064LABBHI020 Infineon Technologies 8,241 Add to BOM
MX25UW51245GXDQ00 NOR Flash Serial 1.8V 512M-bit 512M/64M x 1/8-bit Automotive 24-Pin TFBGA Macronix 8,809 Add to BOM
S25FL512SAGBHI310 S25FL Series 512 Mb 64 M x 8 Surface Mount SPI Flash - BGA-24 Infineon Technologies 7,654 Add to BOM
S25FL256SAGBHI200 Serial NOR Flash Memory, 256 Mbit Density, FBGA-24, RoHS Infineon Technologies 7,821 Add to BOM
S25FL256SAGBHI203 Serial NOR Flash Memory, 256 Mbit Density, FBGA-24, RoHS Infineon Technologies 9,337 Add to BOM
S25FL512SAGBHIC10 Serial NOR Flash Memory, 512 Mbit Density, FBGA-24, RoHS Infineon Technologies 9,618 Add to BOM
S25FL256SAGBHIC00 256Mbit SPI BGA-24(8x6) NOR FLASH ROHS Cypress Semiconductor Corp 5,112 Add to BOM
S25FL127SABBHIC00 MEMORY, FLASH NOR, 128MBIT, BGA-24; Memory Type:Flash - NOR; Memory Size:128Mbit Infineon Technologies 5,874 Add to BOM
S25FL512SAGBHIA13 Serial NOR Flash Memory, 512 Mbit Density, FBGA-24, RoHS Infineon Technologies 9,629 Add to BOM
MT25QU512ABB8E12-0AAT NOR Flash Serial (SPI, Dual SPI, Quad SPI) 1.8V 512M-bit 512M/256M/128M x 1/2-bit/4-bit 6ns Automotive 24-Pin TPBGA Tray Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 5,775 Add to BOM
MT25QU02GCBB8E12-0AAT NOR Flash Serial (SPI, Dual SPI, Quad SPI) 1.8V 2G-bit 2G/1G/512M x 1/2-bit/4-bit 6ns Automotive 24-Pin TBGA T/R/Tray Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 6,965 Add to BOM
W25Q01JVTBIQ Compact and reliable memory device Winbond 5,934 Add to BOM
W25Q128JWBIM High-density NOR Flash memory for SPI interface applications Winbond 7,766 Add to BOM
W25Q01NWTBIM TR NOR Flash spiFlash, 1G-bit, 1.8V, 4Kb Uniform Sector, DTR Winbond 8,410 Add to BOM
W25Q01NWTBIM FLASH - NOR Memory IC 1Gbit SPI - Quad I/O, QPI 133 MHz 7 ns 24-TFBGA (8x6) Winbond 7,420 Add to BOM
W25Q01NWTBIQ Compact, high-performance memory solution for embedded systems and IoT application Winbond 6,988 Add to BOM
W25Q01JVTBIQ TR FLASH - NOR Memory IC 1Gbit SPI - Quad I/O 133 MHz 7.5 ns 24-TFBGA (8x6) Winbond 5,378 Add to BOM
W25N04KVTCIU Efficient data storage for IoT applications Winbond 9,244 Add to BOM
W25N04KVTCIU TR With its operating voltage range of to , this bit NAND flash chip offers high-density storage in a small footprin Winbond 6,401 Add to BOM
W25N04KVTBIU TR Reliable, compact solution for industrial control systems and automotive applications ( character Winbond 9,619 Add to BOM