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(37 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TPS70445PWP Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 2 Output 1A, 2A 24-HTSSOP TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 8,418 Add to BOM
TC62D722CFNG Driver for LED displays Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 7,677 Add to BOM
TPS70402PWP Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 2 Output 1A, 2A 24-HTSSOP TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 7,504 Add to BOM
DAC7750IPWPR 12-bit, single-channel, programmable current output DAC for 4-20mA current loop applications TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 9,610 Add to BOM
TPS70345PWPR Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 2 Output 1A, 2A 24-HTSSOP Texas Instruments 8,243 Add to BOM
TPS70451PWPR Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 2 Output 1A, 2A 24-HTSSOP Texas Instruments 9,812 Add to BOM
LM5122ZAPWPT Boost Regulator Positive Output Step-Up DC-DC Controller IC 24-HTSSOP Texas Instruments 5,901 Add to BOM
DRV10983ZPWPR Motor Driver Power MOSFET Analog, I²C, PWM 24-HTSSOP Texas Instruments 7,228 Add to BOM
DRV10975PWPR A powerful motor driver for high-reliability application Texas Instruments 6,925 Add to BOM
DRV10975PWP Motor Driver Power MOSFET Analog, I²C, PWM 24-HTSSOP Texas Instruments 6,119 Add to BOM
DRV10970PWP Efficient motor control at your fingertip Texas Instruments 8,667 Add to BOM
DRV8873SPWPT Motor driver with integrated current sensing and feedback capable of 40 volts and 10 amps TI 6,252 Add to BOM
TPS65141PWPR High-performance boost converter for LCD bias application Texas Instruments, Inc 3,193 Add to BOM
TPS92518HVPWPR LED Driver IC 2 Output DC DC Controller Step-Down (Buck) Analog, PWM Dimming 24-HTSSOP Texas Instruments 6,887 Add to BOM
TPS92518PWPR High-efficiency LED driver for demanding application Texas Instruments 8,393 Add to BOM
UCC3912PWPTR Single IC solution for DC-DC conversion and protecti Texas Instruments 7,072 Add to BOM
TB62210FNG,C8,EL High-performance stepping motor driver IC for precision applications requiring low ripple current Toshiba 6,274 Add to BOM
TC62D723FNG,C,EL Compact design enables easy integration into a wide range of applications Toshiba 9,263 Add to BOM
TPA0102PWPR Enhanced power output and distortion-free sound quality guaranteed Texas Instruments 8,897 Add to BOM
TPA0202PWPR High-performance stereo power amp for amplified soun TI 5,891 Add to BOM
TPA0162PWPR Low-power IC amplifier offering high-quality audio performance with minimal external components require Texas Instruments 8,247 Add to BOM
TPA0152PWP Enhance your audio experience with these powerful opamps featuring high efficiency and reliability Texas Instruments 8,646 Add to BOM
TPA6013A4PWPR Elite-class amplification solution for industrial and commercial use Texas Instruments 9,050 Add to BOM
TLC5948PWPR Advanced -segment LED driver with robust power managemen Texas Instruments 9,749 Add to BOM
TPS23785BPWPR A comprehensive Power over Ethernet solution for powering equipment up to V and W Texas Instruments, Inc 3,078 Add to BOM
TPS23785BPWP Boost your networking capabilities with high-efficiency DC-DC conversio Texas Instruments, Inc 5,371 Add to BOM
TPA0103PWPR Miniature IC amp solution for audio power amplification needs Texas Instruments 8,397 Add to BOM
TPA2001D2PWPR Low-voltage, high-efficiency audio amplification in a tiny package Texas Instruments 7,112 Add to BOM
TPS65150PWPG4 This is a high-performance LCD driver offering exceptional speed and accuracy for demanding applications Texas Instruments 7,072 Add to BOM
TLC5926IPWPRG4 High-speed, low-power LED driver with robust signal integrity Texas Instruments 6,331 Add to BOM
INA254A2IPWAR 80-V, bidirectional ±75-A zero-drift current-sense amplifier with PWM rejection and shunt resistor Texas Instruments 8,525 Add to BOM
LM5122ZPWPT 3-65V Wide Vin, Current Mode Synchronous Boost Controller with Multiphase Capability Texas Instruments 6,490 Add to BOM
TC62D722CFNG,C,EL LED Lighting Drivers 16-Channel 90mA 26V LED Driver Toshiba 9,382 Add to BOM
TPA3120D2PWPR Audio Amplifiers 25-W Stereo Class-D Texas Instruments 7,438 Add to BOM
TPA0102PWP Amplifier IC 2-Channel (Stereo) with Stereo Headphones Class AB 24-HTSSOP Texas Instruments 5,054 Add to BOM
TPA2000D2PWPR Amplifier IC 2-Channel (Stereo) Class D 24-HTSSOP Texas Instruments 9,742 Add to BOM
TPA0103PWP Audio Amplifiers 1.75W 3-Ch. Texas Instruments 5,118 Add to BOM