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(16 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MCF5251VM140 Coldfire V2 MCF525x Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Single-Core 140MHz ROMless 225-MAPBGA (13x13) NXP USA Inc. 8,332 Add to BOM
MCF5251CVM140 Microprocessors - MPU AMADEUS+USB NXP USA Inc. 9,196 Add to BOM
MC9328MX1VM20 256-Pin MAP-BGA Tray NXP Semiconductors 9,493 Add to BOM
MC9328MXLVP20 NXP MC9328MXLVP20 IC, MPU, I.MX, ARM9, 225PBGA NXP USA Inc. 8,437 Add to BOM
MCF5253VM140J ROMless 225-MAPBGA NXP USA Inc. 6,926 Add to BOM
MCF5253CVM140J 140MHz 32-Bit Single-Core Coldfire V2 MCF525x Microcontroller NXP USA Inc. 9,213 Add to BOM
MC9328MXLVP15 Advanced microcontroller with 225-pin MAP-BGA tray configuration NXP USA Inc. 9,859 Add to BOM
MC9328MXLVP15R2 High-performance MCU for advanced application NXP USA Inc. 9,280 Add to BOM
MC9328MXLCVP15R2 High-performance ARMDMI core enables fast and precise processing NXP USA Inc. 6,043 Add to BOM
MC9328MXLDVP20 High-performance processor for embedded systems applications featuring a pin MAP-BGA packag NXP USA Inc. 7,936 Add to BOM
MC9328MX1DVM15 Ideal for embedded systems, robotics and more NXP Semiconductors 6,973 Add to BOM
AT91CAP7E-NA-ZJ Compact, high-speed processor for embedded systems developmen Microchip Technology 6,132 Add to BOM
ADM3120BX-AB-T-2-G Powerful processor for heavy-duty computing Lantiq 6,832 Add to BOM
MC9328MXLVH20R2 Compact, low-power design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications Motorola 6,987 Add to BOM
MC9328MXSCVP10R2 Advanced System-on-Chip (SOC) for efficient processin NXP USA Inc. 6,352 Add to BOM
PSB 6973 EL V1.3-G Telecom IC Ethernet Switch Controller PG-LFBGA-225 Infineon Technologies 8,180 Add to BOM