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(584 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SB82371FB Interface QFP-208(28x28) Specialized ROHS Intel 7,041 Add to BOM
XC2S50-5PQG208C Housed in a PQFP208 plastic package, this FPGA is designed for easy integration into electronic systems Amd 5,536 Add to BOM
XC2S50-5PQ208C S50-5PQ208C Gate Array Field-Programmable Amd 4,603 Add to BOM
XC3S500E-4PQ208I Field Programmable Gate Array IC with 368640 logic cells Amd 9,445 Add to BOM
XC2S200-5PQG208C 263MHz Frequency, 5292-Cell XC2S200-5PQG208C Amd 5,032 Add to BOM
XC3S400-4PQG208I XC3S400-4PQG208I is a Programmable Logic Device (CPLD/FPGA) with PQFP-208 package Amd 8,729 Add to BOM
XC2S100-5PQG208I XC2S100-5PQG208I Field Programmable Gate Array, 600 CLBs, 100000 Gates, 263MHz, 2700-Cell, PQFP208, PLASTIC, QFP-208 Amd 7,688 Add to BOM
XC2S50-5PQG208I 2.5V power supply Amd 5,599 Add to BOM
EP2C8Q208C8N Versatile Programmable Logic Device Intel 7,791 Add to BOM
EPM7256AEQC208-7 This product is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring high-density logic integration Intel 9,049 Add to BOM
EPM3256AQC208-10 The EPM3256AQC208-10 is a Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) from the MAX® 3000A Family, with a capacity of 5K gates and 256 Macro Cells Intel 5,177 Add to BOM
XCR3512XL-10PQ208I XCR3512XL-10PQ208I is a member of the CoolRunner XPLA3 Family of CPLDs, providing 12K gates and 512 macro cells AMD 6,613 Add to BOM
XC2C256-6PQG208C The XC2C256-6PQG208C is housed in a 208-pin PQFP package AMD 6,725 Add to BOM
XCR3512XL-12PQ208I YES 208-BFQFP 1996 CoolRunner XPLA3 complex programmable logic device 77MHz 28mm 10.8ns 2.7V~3.6V AMD 6,372 Add to BOM
A3PE1500-PQG208 ProASIC3E Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 147 276480 208-BFQFP Microchip Technology 8,259 Add to BOM
A3PE3000-1PQG208I Ultra Low Density FPGAs. Microchip Technology 8,104 Add to BOM
XC3S400-4PQG208C S400-4PQG208C PQFP-208(28x28) CPLD/FPGA Amd 9,153 Add to BOM
XC95288XL-10PQG208I The device is designed to operate at a voltage of 3.3V and comes in a 208-pin High-Speed Plastic Quad Flat Pack with Exposed Pad AMD 7,782 Add to BOM
XC2S100-5PQG208C Field Programmable Gate Array IC Spartan II XC2S100-5PQG208C 140 40960 2700 208-BFQFP Amd 5,075 Add to BOM
MCF5307AI90B Compact FQFP package with small footprin NXP USA Inc. 7,976 Add to BOM
A3P600-PQG208 ProASIC3 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 154 110592 208-BFQFP Microchip Technology 5,305 Add to BOM
AT91SAM9260B-QU Microprocessors - MPU 32-bit Microchip Technology 8,064 Add to BOM
A3PE3000L-1PQ208I Programmable Device Microchip Technology 9,023 Add to BOM
LFEC3E-5Q208C 130nm Technology Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,197 Add to BOM
LFXP2-17E-5QN208C Powerful XP2 FPGA for developing sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,005 Add to BOM
FC80486DX4WB100 Ideal for running multiple programs simultaneously without lagging performanc INTEL CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
EPF10K30AQI208-3 Flex 10K FPGA with 216 LABs and 147 IOs Intel 6,028 Add to BOM
AT91SAM9XE512-QU 180MHz, 256 B, 32 kB Flash Microchip Technology 8,901 Add to BOM
APA600-PQ208I Unlock new levels of innovation with the APAPQ ProAsic Plus, a leading-edge FPGA solution for complex digital systems Microchip Technology 8,652 Add to BOM
APA1000-PQ208I High-performance FPGA featuring million gates and Hz operatio Microchip Technology 9,914 Add to BOM
APA300-PQ208M Field Programmable Gate Array APA300-PQ208M Microchip Technology 7,036 Add to BOM
A3PE1500-PQ208 350MHz Field Programmable Gate Array with 38400-Cell Microchip Technology 9,672 Add to BOM
A3PE3000-PQ208I A3PE3000-PQ208I Field Programmable Gate Array Microchip Technology 9,430 Add to BOM
A3PE1500-2PQ208I Efficient FPGA solution Microchip Technology 6,828 Add to BOM
A3P1000-PQ208 231MHz 130nm Technology Microchip Technology 5,418 Add to BOM
EPF6024AQC208-3N FPGA FLEX 6000 Family 24K Gates Intel 7,130 Add to BOM
EPF6016QC208-3N High-speed digital signal processor for demanding application Intel 5,639 Add to BOM
EP2C8Q208I8N FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array Intel 5,540 Add to BOM
EP2C8Q208C8 FPGA, 516 CLBs, high performance Intel 8,806 Add to BOM
EP1K50QI208-2N Field Programmable Gate Array FPGA - ACEX 1K 360 LABs 147 IOs Intel 8,334 Add to BOM
EP1K50QI208-2 FPGA EP1K50QI208-2 - ACEX 1K 360 LABs 147 IOs Field Programmable Gate Array Intel 8,028 Add to BOM
EP1K50QC208-2N FPGA ACEX 1K Family with 50K gates and 2880 cells operating at 200MHz Intel 8,476 Add to BOM
EP1K50QC208-1N Small, powerful FPGA Intel 8,839 Add to BOM
EP1K10QC208-3N With its 72 LABs and 120 IOs, this FPGA offers exceptional flexibility and functionality for various design projects Intel 9,563 Add to BOM
EP1K100QC208-1 Featuring a 0.22um technology and operating at a maximum frequency of 333.33MHz, this FPGA is designed to deliver exceptional speed and efficiency Intel 9,226 Add to BOM
EP2C8Q208C7 FPGA Cyclone® II Family with 8256 Cells, operating at 402.58MHz and built with 90nm Technology Intel 8,877 Add to BOM
XC4013XL-3PQ208I Ideal for applications requiring 13K gates and 1368 cells AMD 5,135 Add to BOM
XC3S400-5PQG208C 90nm Technology and 1.2V operating voltage AMD 9,609 Add to BOM
XC3S400-4PQ208C Housed in a 208-Pin PQFP package AMD 6,224 Add to BOM
XC3S200-4PQG208C This device belongs to the family of CPLDs/FPGAs and is ROHS compliant AMD 9,979 Add to BOM