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(24 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
R7S721020VCBG#AC1 Get ahead with the R7S721020VCBG#AC1, a cutting-edge MPU boasting a generous 3MB of ROM and advanced LFBGA design." Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,458 Add to BOM
DF2117RVPBG20HV With 160KB of flash memory Renesas Electronics America Inc 8,466 Add to BOM
R5F562N8BDBG#U0 With 512KB of flash memory, the R5F562N8BDBG#U0 is a 32-bit RX600 CISC MCU that runs on 3.3V power and comes in a 176-pin LFBGA package Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,793 Add to BOM
R5F56218BDBG#U0 The RX621 Series microcontroller Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,890 Add to BOM
R4F2472VBR34V Support for H8S CISC architecture for efficient processing Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,610 Add to BOM
R4F2472VBR34DV 16-bit Microcontrollers - MCU Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,153 Add to BOM
R5F56108WDBG#U0 R5F56108WDBG#U0 2MB 128KB Flash 140 3V~3.6V Other Series 100MHz LFBGA-176 Microcontroller Units (MCUs/MPUs/SOCs) ROHS Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,567 Add to BOM
R5F72167ADBG#U1 32-bit microcontrollers featuring a floating-point unit and Ethernet connectivity in a compact 176-BGA package Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,432 Add to BOM
AT91M55800A-33CJ RISC Microcontroller, 32-Bit, ARM7 CPU, 33MHz, CMOS, PBGA176 Microchip Technology 5,055 Add to BOM
MB91F647BGL-GE1 Robust and reliable B flash memory ensures data integrity and fast program execution in mission-critical scenario Infineon Technologies 7,121 Add to BOM
DF2112VBG25HV Advanced processing solutions for office equipment applications, designed for high performance and reliability Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,896 Add to BOM
R5F61668MN50BGV Advanced microcontrollers for system control applications, offering high performance and reliability Renesas Electronics America Inc 7,630 Add to BOM
TMS320VC5410GGW100 Advanced fixed-point 16-bit architecture delivering exceptional processing power Texas Instruments 5,415 Add to BOM
DF2551BR26DV Compact and efficient processing for demanding tasks and project Renesas Electronics America Inc 7,275 Add to BOM
DF2505BR26DV Advanced microcontroller features high-speed processing and reliable performance for a wide range of applications Renesas Electronics America Inc 9,453 Add to BOM
DF2117RVBG20IHV Low-power MCU featuring advanced instruction set for high-speed execution of complex algorithms Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,986 Add to BOM
AT91M55800-33CI A reliable and efficient solution for MCU-based designs, the ATM offers advanced features in a compact BGA packag Microchip Technology 7,897 Add to BOM
AT91M55800A-33CJ-T ARMDMI processor on a ROMless BGA package for flexibilit Microchip Technology 5,570 Add to BOM
DF2117VBG20IHV CMOS Microcontroller IC featuring 16-bit H8S/2100 CPU, BGA Package with 176 Pins Renesas Electronics 7,072 Add to BOM
MB91F647BGL-G-YE1 FR80 RISC FR MB91645 Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Single-Core 60MHz 512KB (512K x 8) FLASH 176-PFBGA (12x12) Infineon Technologies 9,785 Add to BOM
MB91F647BGL-GK6E1 FR80 RISC FR MB91645 Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Single-Core 60MHz 512KB (512K x 8) FLASH 176-PFBGA (12x12) Infineon Technologies 9,314 Add to BOM
XIO2200GGW PCI Express to PCI Translation Bridge Interface 176-BGA MICROSTAR (15x15) Texas Instruments 6,521 Add to BOM
R5F571MLGDBG#30 RXv2 RX71M Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Single-Core 240MHz 4MB (4M x 8) FLASH 176-LFBGA (13x13) Renesas Electronics America Inc 9,817 Add to BOM
R5F61664RN50BGV Microcontrollers with 32-bit CISC CPU for System Control Applications (Non Promotion) Renesas Electronics America Inc 7,676 Add to BOM