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(18 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
CY7C0851AV-167BBC Flexible 64K x 36 RAM device suitable for data storage and retrieval requirements Cypress Semiconductor Corp 9,054 Add to BOM
CY7C0851V-150BBC Industry-leading bit SRAM for next-generation systems developmen Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,433 Add to BOM
CY7C057V-12BBC This high-density RAM module boasts a massive 32K x 36-bit storage capacity Cypress Semiconductor Corp 8,847 Add to BOM
CY7C09579V-100BBC Ships immediately from our warehouse Cypress Semiconductor Corp 8,453 Add to BOM
CY7C0851V-167BBC Commercial-grade temperature range for reliable performance Cypress Semiconductor Corp 5,886 Add to BOM
CY7C057V-15BBC Designed for flexibility, this LBGA-172 package houses a robust 15BC SRAM solution for modern systems Infineon Technologies 7,592 Add to BOM
CY7C0852V-133BBCT Advanced memory technology for high-speed data transfer and processin Infineon Technologies 6,580 Add to BOM
CY7C056V-15BBC High-performance SRAM solution for demanding application Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,026 Add to BOM
CY7C057V-15BBI Built with quality and reliability in mind, this ns-access time RAM solution meets the needs of modern industrial control system Cypress Semiconductor Corp 5,536 Add to BOM
CY7C0853AV-100BBC Advanced SRAM technology for reliable data storage and processing Infineon Technologies 6,141 Add to BOM
CY7C0852V-167BBC Package type: LBGA-172 Cypress Semiconductor Corp 8,043 Add to BOM
CY7C09569V-100BBC Advanced synchronous SRAM technology for improved signal integrit Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,719 Add to BOM
CY7C09579V-83BBC Lead-Free Solderable Package for Efficient Assembl Cypress Semiconductor Corp 8,426 Add to BOM
CY7C0852V-133BBI RoHS-compliant SRAM in FBGA-172(15x15) package Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,776 Add to BOM
CY7C0853AV-100BBI High-density memory solution for demanding applications Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,060 Add to BOM
CY7C0852AV-133BBC High-speed SRAM solution for efficient system design Infineon Technologies 6,509 Add to BOM
CY7C0853V-133BBC CY7C0853V-133BBC: LBGA-172 SRAM ROHS Description Infineon Technologies 8,062 Add to BOM
CY7C0851V-133BBI Enhances system performance with fast access times and low power consumptio Cypress Semiconductor Corp 8,280 Add to BOM