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(28 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MC56F8367VPYE 512KB Flash Memory NXP USA Inc. 7,732 Add to BOM
MC56F8357VPYE Product details: Microcontroller unit with 16-bit processing capabilities, 256KB Flash memory, 3 NXP USA Inc. 5,243 Add to BOM
MC56F8357MPYE 56800E 56F8xxx Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 60MHz 256KB (128K x 16) FLASH 160-LQFP (24x24) NXP USA Inc. 8,121 Add to BOM
MC56F8347MPYE 128KB DSP/DSC ROHS Digital Signal Processor/Controller NXP USA Inc. 9,871 Add to BOM
MC56F8347VPYE High-performance digital signal processor for efficient data processing and analysi NXP USA Inc. 5,263 Add to BOM
CY7C09449PVA-AC 50 MHz 160-TQFP (24x24) Infineon Technologies 6,130 Add to BOM
MC56F8157VPYE QFP 160 package type NXP USA Inc. 9,719 Add to BOM
TW6864-LB2-GR Ideal for applications requiring robust audio/video capabilities, such as DVR system Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,094 Add to BOM
TW8804-LC3-GR Advanced serial interface IC for digital video systems and display Renesas Electronics America Inc 8,325 Add to BOM
CY37256P160-125AXC CY37256P160-125AXC is a Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) Integrated Circuit boasting 256 Megacells Infineon Technologies 8,901 Add to BOM
CY37192VP160-100AC High-performance digital logic device for complex programmable logic application Infineon Technologies 9,612 Add to BOM
CY37128VP160-83AXIT Configurable programmable logic device for complex digital signal processing Infineon Technologies 7,141 Add to BOM
CY37128P160-100AXC High-performance CPLD solution for complex designs Infineon Technologies 8,253 Add to BOM
CY37192VP160-66AXC Reliable digital signal processor with massive gate array capacit Infineon Technologies 6,239 Add to BOM
CY37256VP160-66AXC Advanced programmable logic controller offering 7.7K gates, 256 macro cells, and 3.3V operation Infineon Technologies 7,392 Add to BOM
CY37192VP160-100AXC Ultra-high-performance CPLD for demanding application Infineon Technologies 8,075 Add to BOM
CY37192P160-83AXC Ultra-low power consumption ensures extended battery life Infineon Technologies 8,001 Add to BOM
CY37256VP160-100AXC 256K-bit memory device with 12ns access time and 160-pin TQFP package Infineon Technologies 9,566 Add to BOM
CY37192P160-125AXC Compact and efficient CPLD for modern embedded systems Infineon Technologies 7,748 Add to BOM
CY37192P160-83AXI Ultra,family chip ideal for applications requiring high-speed processing up to MH Infineon Technologies 8,900 Add to BOM
CY37256P160-125AXI Product CY37256P160-125AXI is an EE PLD device with a 10 nanosecond speed rating in a PQFP160 package Infineon Technologies 6,723 Add to BOM
CY37128VP160-125AXI gates enable robust logic operations at high speed Infineon Technologies 7,412 Add to BOM
CY37256P160-83AXI The UltraK family offers a powerful processing solution with fast clock speed Infineon Technologies 9,876 Add to BOM
CY37128VP160-83AXCT High-density programmable logic device for advanced application Infineon Technologies 9,076 Add to BOM
CY7C375I-125AC Flexible and programmable integrated circuit for IC desig Infineon Technologies 5,020 Add to BOM
CY7C375IL-66AC Scalable, flexible, and efficient programmable logic device for modern electronic systems development Cypress Semiconductor Corp 8,785 Add to BOM
TW8804-LC3-GRSHV Video Controller IC Serial NTSC, PAL, SECAM 160-LQFP (24x24) Package Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,563 Add to BOM
CY7C375I-66AI IC CPLD 128MC 20NS 160TQFP Cypress Semiconductor Corp 5,470 Add to BOM