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(20 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
INA230AIRGTR Voltage, current, and power monitor with alert feature in a 36-V, 16-bit setup TI 7,244 Add to BOM
SY89833ALMG Low skew clock driver designed for 89833 series, with 4 true outputs and 0 inverted outputs in QCC16 package Microchip Technology, Inc 4,197 Add to BOM
SY75572LMG LVDS Interface IC with Hi Drive and 2 HCSL Outputs Microchip Technology, Inc 6,141 Add to BOM
PL602031UMG Accurate oscillation generator for microcontrollers and embedded system Microchip Technology, Inc 3,212 Add to BOM
THS6222IRGTR Compact QFN package and adjustable gain make it suitable for various industrial uses Texas Instruments, Inc 3,999 Add to BOM
CDCLVP2102RGTT Low jitter, dual 1:2 universal-to-LVPECL buffer Texas Instruments, Inc 7,625 Add to BOM
MIC2800-G1JSYML-TR 2MHz 600mA Buck + Dual 300mA LDO w/ LowQ Mode. Microchip Technology, Inc 7,590 Add to BOM
UTC2000T-E/MG **Last Chance Offer**: Don't miss your chance to secure this affordable USB Type-C controller before it reaches end-of-life status on October 3, 2048 Microchip Technology, Inc 7,041 Add to BOM
CY8CTMG200-16LGXI Microprocessor designed for secure data processing and encryption in connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT) systems Infineon Technologies 8,089 Add to BOM
AN30251A-VB Advanced output driver IC for low-power LED lighting system Panasonic Electronic Components 6,596 Add to BOM
TPS65562RGTT IGBT Driver and Photo Flash Charger Integrated Power Management Solution Texas Instruments, Inc 6,381 Add to BOM
XB1008-QT-0G0T Monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) for high-speed data transmission MACOM 7,072 Add to BOM
CY8CTMG200A-16LGXI Compact and reliable touchscreen interface for automotive, medical, and consumer electronics Cypress Semiconductor Corp 8,202 Add to BOM
M21418G-12 Compact and precise cable management solutio MACOM Technology Solutions 3,080 Add to BOM
CY8CTST200A-16LGXI High-performance touch controller with advanced featur Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,539 Add to BOM
NB3V63143G00MNR2G Reliable clock signal generation for diverse industrie ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,154 Add to BOM
HMC470ATCPZ-EP-PT Five-Bit Digital T/R Switch With B Step Size and dB Isolati Analog Devices, Inc 4,152 Add to BOM
MCP2036T-I/MG The MCP2036 Analog Front End combines all necessary analog functions for a complete inductance-measurement system Microchip Technology, Inc 4,462 Add to BOM
MIC2810-4GKYMLTR Temperature Sensor Digital, Local/Remote -55°C ~ 125°C 16-QFN (3x3) Microchip Technology 7,430 Add to BOM
TPS65552ARGTR Photoflash Capacitor Charger, Xenon PMIC 16-VQFN (3x3) Texas Instruments, Inc 5,431 Add to BOM