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(42 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
S-8204AAL-TCT1U Protect your battery pack from overcharge, discharge, and current surges with this advanced Li-Ion protection device ABLIC 5,511 Add to BOM
S-8205BAZ-TCT1U Advanced battery monitoring and control solution for optimized performance ABLIC 9,507 Add to BOM
S-8205BAW-TCT1U High-performance lithium-ion battery management for portable devices and applications ABLIC INC. 6,864 Add to BOM
S-8205BAV-TCT1U High-performance battery management IC for demanding applications featuring advanced fault detection and protection mechanism ABLIC INC. 9,952 Add to BOM
S-8205BAQ-TCT1U RoHSCompliant - Quick Turnaround and Timely Delivery Assur ABLIC INC. 8,927 Add to BOM
S-8205BAM-TCT1U Enhances cell lifespan with built-in protection against abuse conditions ABLIC 5,503 Add to BOM
S-8205BAL-TCT1U Robust and precise voltage regulation and thermal protection for extended device li ABLIC 8,287 Add to BOM
S-8205BAG-TCT1U Protect your lithium-ion battery investment with our advanced cell management system ABLIC INC. 6,545 Add to BOM
S-8205BAB-TCT1U Comprehensive Protection: Safeguard your lithium-ion battery packs from overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuit risks ABLIC 7,267 Add to BOM
S-8225BAG-TCT1U Environmentally responsible product meets RoHSstandards ( character ABLIC 7,419 Add to BOM
S-8225BAC-TCT1U Monitor and optimize battery performance for seamless charging and dischargin ABLIC 6,861 Add to BOM
S-8225BAA-TCT1U Advanced power management for multiple lithium-ion cells ABLIC 7,964 Add to BOM
S-8225AAF-TCT1U Compact and powerful TSSOP--A package for demanding applications ABLIC 6,299 Add to BOM
S-8225AAD-TCT1U Effortlessly manage power distribution ABLIC 7,064 Add to BOM
S-8204BBN-TCT1U Rapid Fulfillment Assured - Conforms to Latest Regulation ABLIC 6,722 Add to BOM
S-8204BBM-TCT1U Ensure the longevity of your lithium-ion batteries by preventing damage from overcharge, discharge, and excessive current flow ABLIC 7,659 Add to BOM
S-8204BBJ-TCT1U Advanced Power Control Solution for Lithium-Ion Battery System ABLIC 8,090 Add to BOM
S-8204BBG-TCT1U Intelligent battery management system with robust fault detection and protection capabilitie ABLIC 5,258 Add to BOM
S-8204BAZ-TCT1U Experience reliable power delivery with our Li-Ion battery protector, shielding your devices from voltage spikes and drops ABLIC 8,684 Add to BOM
S-8204BAY-TCT1U Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Protection for Safety and Reliabilit ABLIC 9,566 Add to BOM
S-8204BAX-TCT1U High-performance battery management IC for Li-ion/Polymer cells in space-saving SMD design ABLIC 8,301 Add to BOM
S-8204BAW-TCT1U Shield Your Battery: Advanced Protection for Li-Ion Cel ABLIC 9,647 Add to BOM
S-8204BAU-TCT1U Protect up to cells in a single module with our advanced overcharge/overdischarge/overcurrent safeguard for Li-Ion battery pack ABLIC 8,592 Add to BOM
S-8204BAK-TCT1U Protection Circuit Module for Lithium-Ion Batteries in 3 or 4 Cell Configurations ABLIC 8,524 Add to BOM
S-8204BAI-TCT1U Safeguard your Li-Ion battery pack against excessive charge, discharge or current with our high-performance 3-serial/4-serial cell pack protector ABLIC 8,698 Add to BOM
S-8204BAF-TCT1U Robust and Reliable Charge Monitoring and Balancing Technolog ABLIC 7,727 Add to BOM
S-8204BAC-TCT1U Precise voltage regulation and thermal management for reliable performanc ABLIC 5,017 Add to BOM
S-8204BAB-TCT1U Rugged design for long-lasting performance in harsh environments ABLIC 5,828 Add to BOM
S-8204AAM-TCT1U Sophisticated circuitry manages battery capacity, voltage, and temperature for peak efficienc ABLIC 8,490 Add to BOM
S-8204AAE-TCT1U High-Quality Component for Your Device, RoHS Compliant ABLIC 6,641 Add to BOM
S-8204AAC-TCT1U Compact TSSOP- package with advanced power-saving features and accurate charge/discharge contro ABLIC INC. 6,365 Add to BOM
S-8225BAB-TCT1U Next-day delivery available on this product, hassle-fre ABLIC 6,563 Add to BOM
S-8205AAA-TCT1U IC for battery protection SII 7,284 Add to BOM
S-8205BAA-TCT1U High-performance battery management system for reliable energy storage ABLIC 9,257 Add to BOM
S-8205BAD-TCT1U Protect your Li-Ion cells from harm with this advanced serial/serial cell pack battery protector for prolonged lifespa SEIKO 7,699 Add to BOM
S-8204BAO-TCT1U Enjoy enhanced reliability with advanced battery protection solutions ABLIC 6,418 Add to BOM
S-8225AAE-TCT1U Optimize battery performance and lifespan with precision monitoring and control ABLIC 9,911 Add to BOM
S-8205AAB-TCT1U Ensure reliable power delivery with our comprehensive battery management solutio SEIKO 8,790 Add to BOM
S-8204BBA-TCT1U Safeguard your lithium-ion batteries against dama ABLIC 5,909 Add to BOM
S-8204BAS-TCT1U Intelligent Battery Monitoring: Monitor and control individual cell voltage ABLIC 9,763 Add to BOM
S-8204AAO-TCT1U Battery Management ABLIC 9,317 Add to BOM
S-8204AAN-TCT1U Battery Management ABLIC 5,472 Add to BOM