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(19 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LM3554TME/NOPB LED Driver IC 2 Output DC DC Regulator Step-Up (Boost) I²C Dimming 600mA (Flash) 16-DSBGA Texas Instruments 9,223 Add to BOM
TPS65708YZHR Versatile and reliable camera module suitable for various industries and use cases, including robotics, AI, and Io Texas Instruments, Inc 6,174 Add to BOM
LM3243TME/NOPB High-reliability power management IC suitable for rugged industrial applications Texas Instruments 8,411 Add to BOM
LM3253TMX/NOPB - Converter, RF Power Amplifier Voltage Regulator IC 1 Output 16-DSBGA Texas Instruments 7,516 Add to BOM
LP8557AYFQR Effortlessly driving LED backlights on tablets with high efficiency Texas Instruments 9,948 Add to BOM
DAC80508ZYZFR Compact -pin DSBGA package minimizes board space requiremen TI 6,524 Add to BOM
DAC60508ZYZFR Low power consumption for energy-efficient system design Texas Instruments 8,629 Add to BOM
TPS657095YFFT Ultra-low-power consumption and high-reliability performance for camera module Texas Instruments, Inc 7,166 Add to BOM
LM48512TL/NOPB High-performance audio amplifier for demanding applications, delivering 1.8W of power Texas Instruments, Inc 5,071 Add to BOM
TMP468AIYFFR ±0.75⁰C High-Accuracy Multi-channel Remote and Local Temperature Sensor Texas Instruments 6,331 Add to BOM
LDC2114YFDT High-performance capacitive sensing solutio Texas Instruments, Inc 3,730 Add to BOM
LM48824TMX/NOPB Dual Stereo 37mWx2@16Ω DSBGA-16 Audio Power OpAmps ROHS Texas Instruments 6,269 Add to BOM
LM4928TLX/NOPB Ideal for guitar and bass amplifiers, studio recording equipment, and mor National Semiconductor 8,090 Add to BOM
LM4928TL/NOPB Dual-channel amplifier with low noise and high fidelity outp National Semiconductor 8,311 Add to BOM
LM48824TM/NOPB Powerful and efficient audio amplification solutions available Texas Instruments 8,836 Add to BOM
LM48557TLX/NOPB High-performance audio amplification solution with advanced features like I volume control and ceramic speaker drive Texas Instruments 6,643 Add to BOM
DAC60508ZCYZFT True 12-Bit, 8-channel, SPI, Vout DAC in tiny WCSP package with precision internal reference Texas Instruments 5,934 Add to BOM
DAC60508MYZFT True 12-Bit, 8-channel, SPI, Vout DAC in tiny WCSP package with precision internal reference Texas Instruments 5,580 Add to BOM
LM49120TL/NOPB Amplifier IC 1-Channel (Mono) with Stereo Headphones Class AB 16-DSBGA Texas Instruments 8,544 Add to BOM