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(20 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
5AGXMB1G4F40C4N This high-performance FPGA operates at a voltage of 1.1V and is housed in a 1517-pin FC-FBGA package for efficient connectivity and integration Intel 7,210 Add to BOM
5AGXFB7K4F40I3N FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array Intel 5,884 Add to BOM
5AGXFB7K4F40C4N FPGA Arria V GX Family 504000 Cells Intel 7,426 Add to BOM
5AGXFB5K4F40I3N Field Programmable Gate Array FPGA Arria V GX 15849 LABS 704 IOs Intel 6,756 Add to BOM
5AGXMB5G4F40I5N High-performance programmable logic solution for industrial and consumer applications Intel 8,790 Add to BOM
5AGXFB3H4F40I3N Next-Generation Logic for Increased Efficien Intel 7,839 Add to BOM
5AGTFD3H3F40I5N Innovative nm technology and operating voltage ensure low power consumption and high yield Intel 7,599 Add to BOM
5AGXBB3D4F40C4N Advanced digital signal processing and analytics with Arria V GX technology Intel 7,362 Add to BOM
5AGXMB3G6F40C6N FPGA Arria V GX Family 362000 Cells Intel 9,716 Add to BOM
5AGXFB1H4F40I3N State-of-the-art Arria V GX Family processor designed for complex digital signal processing and data-intensive application Intel 5,226 Add to BOM
5AGXFB1H4F40C5N Versatile and efficient nm technology for data processi Intel 9,421 Add to BOM
5AGXMB1G6F40C6N Ultra-low power consumption for reduced heat Intel 6,220 Add to BOM
5AGXMB1G4F40C5N Next-generation Arria V GX processor for demanding use cases Intel 9,078 Add to BOM
5AGXBB5D4F40I5 FPGA Arria V GX Family: High-performance, low-power processing Intel 7,155 Add to BOM
5AGXFB7K6F40C6N Unleash advanced processing capabilities in a small footprin Intel 6,113 Add to BOM
5AGTFD3H3F40I3N Ultra-low power consumption and high-speed processing capabilitie Intel 7,665 Add to BOM
5AGXFB3H4F40I5N Efficient processing and data transfer capabilitie Intel 8,825 Add to BOM
5AGXBB3D4F40I5N High-performance computing and networking for data-intensive application Intel 9,872 Add to BOM
5AGXMB5G4F40I5 Ideal for high-speed digital signal processing and memory interfac Intel 7,812 Add to BOM
5AGXFB5K4F40I3 s capabilities with the Arria V GX Intel 9,700 Add to BOM