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(40 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TMS320C32PCMA40 TMS320C32PCMA40 is a powerful digital signal processor designed for advanced signal processing applications Texas Instruments 7,621 Add to BOM
ST10F273Z4Q3 ST10F273Z4Q3 microcontroller with CISC/RISC architecture, 512KB Flash memory, and 5V power supply STMicroelectronics 8,256 Add to BOM
ST10F272Z2Q3 Tray 144-Pin PQFP 5V 256KB Flash RISC/CISC ST10-bit 16 MCU STMicroelectronics 6,072 Add to BOM
MC68340FT16E Take control of complex processes with this reliable and efficient -bit microprocessor from Freescale Semiconductor NXP USA Inc. 8,027 Add to BOM
ST10F168SQ6 MCU ST10F168SQ6 is a 16-bit microcontroller with a combination of CISC and RISC architectures, featuring 256KB of flash memory and operating at 5V STMicroelectronics 7,658 Add to BOM
MC68340CAB25E FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR MC68340CAB25E MPU, 32BIT, M68340, 25MHZ, 144QFP Freescale Semiconductor 6,088 Add to BOM
SAB-C167CS-LMCA+ This microcontroller unit is ROHS compliant Infineon Technologies 6,713 Add to BOM
A1240A-PQG144C Programmable logic device optimized for applications needing advanced processing capabilities Microsemi Corporation 9,410 Add to BOM
A1240A-1PQG144C Highly programmable logic device for fast prototyping and deployment" Microsemi Corporation 9,880 Add to BOM
A42MX09-PQ144I Revolutionizing infotainment systems with unparalleled processing power Microchip Technology 6,609 Add to BOM
C167CRL33MHAKXQLA1 Compact and efficient processing for embedded syste Infineon Technologies 6,067 Add to BOM
ST10F271Z1Q3 Compact pin PQFP package and tray packaging option, perfect for space-constrained design STMicroelectronics 9,694 Add to BOM
ST10F269Z2T6 High-Speed MCU for Demanding Industrial Control Applicatio STMicroelectronics 5,023 Add to BOM
SAB-C167CR-16RM HA+ Advanced MHz, B Mask ROM processor suitable for complex systems integration Infineon Technologies 9,600 Add to BOM
ST10R167-Q3/TR Enhance your projects with this 16-bit MCU offering CISC and RISC capabilities, designed for seamless integration STMicroelectronics 7,232 Add to BOM
M5-128/104-12YC/1 Advanced programmable logic technology enabling efficient design-in for various industrie Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,585 Add to BOM
F272-BAG-P-TR Compact and powerful processor solution for IoT, automotive, industrial, and other demanding markets, boasting B FLASH memory STMicroelectronics 8,088 Add to BOM
F272-BAG-P High-capacity flash storage and efficient processing capabilitie STMicroelectronics 8,775 Add to BOM
A1240A-PQ144M Programmable architecture and versatile interface options enable seamless integration into diverse systems and protocols Microsemi Corporation 5,442 Add to BOM
A1240A-PQ144I Compact PQFP package for space-saving desi Microsemi Corporation 7,762 Add to BOM
C167CSLMCABXUMA2 A powerful microcontroller for modern application Infineon Technologies 9,320 Add to BOM
A42MX09-PQ144M Compact and powerful device for next-generation system-on-module integration Microchip Technology 9,980 Add to BOM
C167CSL40MCABXUMA2 Advanced -bit microcontroller with RISC/CISC architecture, suitable for demanding industrial and automotive projects Infineon Technologies 7,856 Add to BOM
C167CSLMCABXQLA2 High-performance MCU for diverse applications Infineon Technologies 6,100 Add to BOM
C167CSLMCAKXQLA2 Perfect for applications requiring precise control and efficient processing Infineon Technologies 8,202 Add to BOM
C167CSL16M3VCAFXQLA2 With its ROMless architecture Infineon Technologies 6,811 Add to BOM
C167CSL16M3VCAFXUMA2 Powerful MCU ideal for industrial application Infineon Technologies 6,258 Add to BOM
C167CSL40MCABXQLA2 144-Pin MQFP Tray provides convenient and reliable package option Infineon Technologies 6,045 Add to BOM
C167CSLMCAFXQLA2 The MC166's 3.3V/5V operation and 144-Pin MQFP packaging make it suitable for a wide range of electronic designs Infineon Technologies 7,748 Add to BOM
SAF-C167CS-L16M3V Advanced ~ microprocessor unit suitable for diverse electronic devices and systems developmen Infineon Technologies 8,907 Add to BOM
MC68340AB16EB1 Low-power consumption and high reliability for long-term usage Freescale Semiconductor 5,766 Add to BOM
C167CSLMCABXQLA1 A versatile microcontroller suitable for various applications requiring efficient data processing and memory utilization Infineon Technologies 7,314 Add to BOM
F276-CEG-P Compact, high-speed IC ideal for developing sophisticated systems requiring robust processing STMicroelectronics 7,661 Add to BOM
K167CSLMCAZNP Microcontroller 16-bit Infineon Technologies 6,302 Add to BOM
F273-CEG-P-TR A versatile and efficient solution for building intelligent devices and smart machines STMicroelectronics 7,780 Add to BOM
PSB21493HV1.7 Telecom IC CODEC P-MQFP-144-8 Infineon Technologies 8,018 Add to BOM
SM320C32PCM60 PROTOTYPE Texas Instruments 7,089 Add to BOM
A1240A-PQG144M ACT™ 2 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 104 144-BQFP Microsemi Corporation 5,720 Add to BOM
PEB 20954 HT V1.1 Telecom IC Smart Integrated Digital Echo Canceller (SIDEC) PG-MQFP-144-8 Infineon Technologies 8,240 Add to BOM
A1240A-1PQ144I ACT™ 2 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 104 144-BQFP Microsemi Corporation 8,711 Add to BOM