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(448 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LM324LVIPWR Quad, 5.5-V, 1-MHz, 3-mV offset voltage operational amplifier TI 7,688 Add to BOM
TL084HIPWR Quad, 40-V, 5.25-MHz, 4-mV offset voltage, 20-V/µs, In to V+ op amp with -40°C to 125°C operation TI 4,179 Add to BOM
TLV3544IPWR Quad, 200MHz, RRIO, CMOS Operational Amplifier TI 4,563 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS180PW Single full-duplex LVDS transceiver Texas Instruments, Inc 7,116 Add to BOM
TLV2474AIPWR Quad, 6-V, 2.8-MHz, 1.6-mV offset, RRIO operational amplifier TI 5,762 Add to BOM
LMP7704MT/NOPB Precision, CMOS Input, RRIO, Wide Supply Range Quad Amplifier TI 4,494 Add to BOM
TXU0204PWR Multidirectional level shifter with four channels TI 4,292 Add to BOM
TXU0104PWR Effortlessly switch and translate signals with this channel translator TI 5,653 Add to BOM
TSV324IPT General purpose low voltage rail to rail input/output op-amp ST 7,324 Add to BOM
TS3704IPT Micropower quad CMOS voltage comparator ST 5,421 Add to BOM
TSV994IPT The TSV994IPT product features a ROHS3Compliant Matte Tin (Sn) op amp amplifier circuit housed in a 5mm package ST 5,747 Add to BOM
LM224PT Low power quad op-amps with low input bias current ST 6,412 Add to BOM
NCV2902DTBR2G Operational Amplifier, Single Supply, Quad onsemi 5,898 Add to BOM
NCP5623DTBR2G LED Driver, Triple Output, RGB, I2C Controlled onsemi 6,224 Add to BOM
PIC16F1824-E/ST Featuring a 32 MHz Int. Osc, the PIC16F1824-E/ST Microcontroller offers 7KB Flash and 256b RAM MICROCHIP 5,796 Add to BOM
PIC16F1823-E/ST This RISC-based MCU features a 3.5KB flash memory and operates at voltage levels of 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V MICROCHIP 5,377 Add to BOM
AD7376ARUZ10 +30 V/±15 V Operation 128-Position Digital Potentiometer ADI 5,012 Add to BOM
ADA4807-4ARUZ Voltage Feedback Amplifier 4 Circuit Rail-to-Rail 14-TSSOP ADI 6,795 Add to BOM
AD8040ARUZ channel low power rail-to-rail I/O amplifier ADI 7,670 Add to BOM
RS0104YQ RS0104YQ is a ROHS-compliant translator/level shifter in TSSOP-14 packaging, supporting voltage levels between 2.3V and 5.5V at speeds up to 24Mbps Runic Technology 6,922 Add to BOM
LMP91051MT/NOPB Unlock flexible signal processing with our configurable AFE solution Texas Instruments, Inc 3,779 Add to BOM
LX34050QPW High Speed Inductive Position Sensor IC with SIN/COS Outputs.Inductive Position Sensor IC. Microchip 9,745 Add to BOM
BQ34Z110PWR Battery Battery Monitor IC Lead Acid 14-TSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 3,436 Add to BOM
BQ34Z110PW Wide range fuel gauge with Impedance Track™; for lead acid batteries | battery gas gauge Texas Instruments, Inc 4,466 Add to BOM
MSP430G2101IPW14 MSP430 CPU16 MSP430G2xx Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 16MHz 1KB (1K x 8) FLASH 14-TSSOP TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 8,836 Add to BOM
MSP430G2201IPW14R MSP430 CPU16 MSP430G2xx Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 16MHz 2KB (2K x 8) FLASH 14-TSSOP TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 6,105 Add to BOM
MSP430G2452IPW14 16 MHz MCU with 8KB Flash, 256B SRAM, 10-bit ADC, comparator, timer, SPI/I2C TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 8,260 Add to BOM
TLV274CPWR Quad, 16-V, 3-MHz operational amplifier Texas Instruments 7,521 Add to BOM
CDCEL913PWR Programmable clock synthesizer cleans jitter from clocks up to GH TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 9,327 Add to BOM
TL064CPW Quad, 30-V, 1-MHz, In to V+, JFET-input operational amplifier Texas Instruments 7,072 Add to BOM
TLV9064IPWT Quad, 5.5-V, 10-MHz, RRIO operational amplifier for cost-optimized applications Texas Instruments 7,072 Add to BOM
OPA4244EA/2K5 Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps MicroPower Single-Supply TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 5,150 Add to BOM
OPA4244EA/250 The operational amplifier has a high bandwidth of 430kHz, making it suitable for a variety of applications Texas Instruments 9,754 Add to BOM
LM2901PW Comparator General Purpose Open-Collector 14-TSSOP Texas Instruments 9,448 Add to BOM
MCP6074-E/ST 110 µA, High Precision Op Amps. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC 8,881 Add to BOM
PIC12LF1840T48A-I/ST RISC architecture Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
AD8367ARU Single 5.5V 14-Pin TSSOP Tube SP Amp Variable Gain Amp Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
LX3301A Inductive Position Sensor IC. Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
TDC7200PW TIME-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER FOR TI Texas Instruments, Inc 3,606 Add to BOM
MCP45HV51-503E/ST Digital Potentiometers, 256Taps, -40 to 125°C, TSSOP-14, RoHS Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
MCP41HV51-103E/ST MCP41HV51 Tin SPI e3 digital potentiometer 0.48kHz 18V 100000Ohm 1.05mm Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
AS5047U-HTSM Hall Effect Sensor Rotary Position External Magnet, Not Included Gull Wing OSRAM 7,863 Add to BOM
AS5048B-HTSP Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors 14-Bit Rotary Pos Sensor Dig Int PWM AMS 6,618 Add to BOM
MLX90288LGO-CAB-002-RE Hall Effect Sensor Single Axis 14-TSSOP Melexis 6,195 Add to BOM
PI3B3126LEX High-speed digital switching at your fingertip Diodes Incorporated 7,072 Add to BOM
PI3C3126LEX Add flexibility to your circuitry with this 4-element CMOS bus switch, ideal for resource-constrained systems Diodes Incorporated 7,527 Add to BOM
PI3B3125LEX Streamline your board layout with these compact and efficient digital bus switches Diodes Incorporated 7,072 Add to BOM
ADG636YRU-REEL Compact Multiplexer IC for Fast Data Transf Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
LM3249TLX/NOPB Compact and efficient power management solutio Texas Instruments 5,660 Add to BOM
MIC2551YTS-TR Superior USB performance and reliability achieved via Mbps transmission rate and sophisticated transceiving mechanism Microchip Technology, Inc 3,692 Add to BOM