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(29 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
EDB1332BDBH-1DAAT-F-R DRAM Chip Mobile LPDDR2 SDRAM 1Gbit 32Mx32 1.2V/1.8V Automotive 134-Pin FBGA T/R Micron Technology Inc. 5,939 Add to BOM
EDB2432B4MA-1DIT-F-D Reliable and efficient storage solution for smartphones, tablets, and laptops Micron Technology Inc. 9,348 Add to BOM
MT42L16M32D1AC-25 AIT:A Compact form factor and reduced power requirements ideal for space-constrained systems ( character Micron Technology Inc. 9,590 Add to BOM
MT42L16M32D1AC-25 IT:A Low-power, high-performance DRAM chip for advanced mobile application Micron Technology Inc. 6,166 Add to BOM
EDB1316BDBH-1DIT-F-D Low-voltage and low-power memory solution for compact design Micron Technology Inc. 5,793 Add to BOM
EDB1332BDBH-1DIT-F-D SDRAM chip meets requirements of modern mobile devices with its fast access times and high speed data transfer rat Micron Technology Inc. 7,775 Add to BOM
EDB1332BDBH-1DAAT-F-D Compact 134-pin FBGA package for space-sensitive designs Micron Technology Inc. 8,693 Add to BOM
MT42L128M32D2MH-25 IT:A Low voltage operation (/) ensures efficient use of battery life in portable device Micron Technology Inc. 5,106 Add to BOM
W97AH6KBVX2I TR Ultra-small footprint of x.m allows for seamless integration into compact device Winbond Electronics 5,270 Add to BOM
W97AH6KBVX2E TR Advanced DDR SDRAM technology enables fast and efficient data transfer Winbond Electronics 5,467 Add to BOM
W97AH2KBVX2E Low power consumption and high-density storage make it ideal for smartphones and tablets Winbond Electronics 6,109 Add to BOM
AS4C64M32MD2-25BCNTR Enhanced performance and energy efficiency in a small form factor Alliance Memory, Inc. 5,203 Add to BOM
AS4C64M16MD2A-25BCNTR This high-density mobile memory module delivers exceptional performance and energy efficiency for next-generation device Alliance Memory, Inc. 9,732 Add to BOM
AS4C64M16MD2A-25BCN LPDDRbased SDRAM module designed for mobile applications, providing high bandwidth and low power consumption Alliance Memory, Inc. 9,459 Add to BOM
AS4C256M32MD2-18BIN High-performance SDRAM module ideal for mobile devices and embedded systems, offering fast data transfer rate Alliance Memory, Inc. 8,150 Add to BOM
AS4C128M32MD2-18BIN LPDDRSDRAM offers improved power management and increased storage capacity for handheld applications Alliance Memory, Inc. 8,738 Add to BOM
AS4C128M16MD2A-25BCNTR Advanced LPDDRtechnology for reduced power consumption and increased performanc Alliance Memory, Inc. 9,711 Add to BOM
AS4C128M16MD2A-25BCN Advanced memory solution for mobile devices Alliance Memory, Inc. 8,605 Add to BOM
MT42L32M32D2AC-25 AIT:A TR Ideal choice for manufacturing high-quality mobile product Micron Technology Inc. 5,919 Add to BOM
MT42L16M32D1AC-25 FAAT:A Robust and compact design for harsh environments Micron Technology Inc. 5,464 Add to BOM
EDB2432B4MA-1DAUT-F-R TR Low-power consumption for extended battery li Micron Technology Inc. 7,384 Add to BOM
EDB2432B4MA-1DAAT-F-R TR Advanced LPDDRSDRAM technology ensures efficient power consumption and fast data transfer rate Micron Technology Inc. 5,936 Add to BOM
EDB1332BDBH-1DAUT-F-R TR Ultra-low voltage LPDDRSDRAM with bit capacity, perfect for demanding application Micron Technology Inc. 8,902 Add to BOM
EDB1332BDBH-1DAAT-F-R TR High-speed mobile memory solution for efficient data storage and retrieva Micron Technology Inc. 8,448 Add to BOM
EDB1316BDBH-1DAAT-F-R TR Ideal for use in gaming consoles, industrial controllers, and other devices requiring fast memory acces Micron Technology Inc. 8,828 Add to BOM
EDB1332BDPC-1D-F-D Compact, high-speed LPDDRSDRAM memory solution designed specifically for mobile devices, providing bit capacity and robust reliabilit Micron Technology Inc. 5,954 Add to BOM
EDB130ABDBH-1D-F-D Advanced Memory Technology: This dynamic RAM chip provides a powerful means of storing and retrieving large amounts of information quickl Micron Technology Inc. 6,681 Add to BOM
W97BH2KBVX2I 134-Pin VFBGA 2Gbit 64Mx32 1.8V/1.2V Mobile LPDDR2 SDRAM DRAM Chip Winbond Electronics 6,507 Add to BOM
MT42L32M32D2AC-25 AAT:A DRAM Chip Mobile LPDDR2 SDRAM 1Gbit 32Mx32 1.8V Automotive 134-Pin FBGA Micron Technology Inc. 8,520 Add to BOM