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(103 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MT29F1HT08EMHBBJ4-3R:B MT29F1HT08EMHBBJ4-3R:B Micron Technology Inc. 9,939 Add to BOM
MT29F2T08EMHAFJ4-3T:A Revolutionize data storage with high-capacity, low-power NAND flash memory Micron Technology Inc. 5,350 Add to BOM
MT29F1T08EEHAFJ4-3TES:A Elevate your digital experience with this high-capacity memory module Micron Technology Inc. 8,755 Add to BOM
MT29F256G08CECEBJ4-37ITRES:E Advanced MLC (Multi-Level Cell) technology for improved storage densit Micron Technology Inc. 5,517 Add to BOM
MT29F2T08EMHBFJ4-R:B Industry-leading NAND flash solution offering enhanced reliability, high storage density, and fast data transfer speed Micron Technology Inc. 8,040 Add to BOM
MT29F128G08CBCEBJ4-37ITRES:E Massive parallel flash memory for high-speed data transfer and processing Micron Technology Inc. 5,622 Add to BOM
MT29F128G08CBCEBJ4-37ES:E High-capacity storage for demanding applications, featuring asynchronous/synchronous NAND technology Micron Technology Inc. 8,996 Add to BOM
MT29F128G08CBCEBJ4-37ITR:E Advanced multi-level cell (MLC) technology enables efficient data writing and reading operations for various industrie Micron Technology Inc. 5,284 Add to BOM
MT29F256G08EBHAFJ4-3RES:A Advanced flash memory technology for large-scale data processing" Micron Technology Inc. 5,991 Add to BOM
MT29F1T08EEHAFJ4-3T:A Advanced memory technology for reliable and efficient data transfer Micron Technology Inc. 7,861 Add to BOM
MT29F1T08EEHBFJ4-R:B Future-proofed memory solution for data centers, edge devices, and smart infrastructure applications, ensuring seamless scalability and reliability Micron Technology Inc. 9,112 Add to BOM
MT29F1T08EMHAFJ4-3R:A Ultra-high-capacity flash memory for data-intensive industries Micron Technology Inc. 9,722 Add to BOM
MT29E1HT08EMHBBJ4-3:B High-capacity storage solution for robust data retention Micron Technology Inc. 8,104 Add to BOM
MT29F512G08EECAGJ4-5M:A Advanced TLC (Tri-Level Cell) technology ensures reliable performanc Micron Technology Inc. 6,822 Add to BOM
MT29F512G08EEHAFJ4-3RES:A Next-generation storage solution designed for high-speed data transfer and large-scale data storage Micron Technology Inc. 7,207 Add to BOM
MT29E1T08CMHBBJ4-3:B Advanced memory technology for reliable data storage and fast access speed Micron Technology Inc. 9,998 Add to BOM
MT29F1T08EMHAFJ4-3RES:A High-performance NAND flash for industrial and enterprise use cases Micron Technology Inc. 7,114 Add to BOM
MT29E1T208ECHBBJ4-3:B Parallel interface enables fast and efficient data transfe Micron Technology Inc. 5,785 Add to BOM
MT29E768G08EEHBBJ4-3:B Reliable non-volatile memory for mission-critical use cas Micron Technology Inc. 6,923 Add to BOM
MT29E512G08CEHBBJ4-3:B Next-generation solid-state drive (SSD) featuring advanced error correction and efficient power management Micron Technology Inc. 5,620 Add to BOM
MT29F1T08CMCBBJ4-37:B This 1Tbit IC provides a reliable and cost-effective way to store and manage large amounts of data Micron Technology Inc. 6,761 Add to BOM
MT29F1T08GBLBEJ4:B byte capacity with fast read and write performance for demanding use case Micron Technology Inc. 6,310 Add to BOM
MT29F512G08EBHAFJ4-3ITF:A Next-generation flash memory for reliable data transfe Micron Technology Inc. 8,594 Add to BOM
MT29F512G08EBLCEJ4-R:C Robust pin BGA package offers reliable connectivity and reduced board space requirement Micron Technology Inc. 6,250 Add to BOM
MT29F1T08EEHBFJ4-T:B Industrial-grade NAND flash with advanced features and capabilitie Micron Technology Inc. 5,051 Add to BOM
MT29F512G08EBHBFJ4-T:B Next-generation flash memory for demanding applications requiring high endurance and reliability Micron Technology Inc. 7,921 Add to BOM
MT29F256G08EBHBFJ4-3ITFES:B Low-power, high-reliability VBGA package for versatile us Micron Technology Inc. 9,430 Add to BOM
MT29F1T08EEHAFJ4-3ITFES:A High-capacity storage solution for data-intensive applications requiring robust performance and long-term reliability Micron Technology Inc. 8,670 Add to BOM
MT29F4T08GMLBEJ4:B Cutting-edge flash storage for scalable solution Micron Technology Inc. 7,276 Add to BOM
MT29F2T08GELBEJ4:B Expand the capabilities of your gadgets or machines by utilizing this advanced QLC 2T 256GX8 memory module, designed to meet demanding requirements Micron Technology Inc. 7,589 Add to BOM
MT29F2T08EMHAFJ4-3ITFES:A A compact and efficient way to store and manage large amounts of data, featuring a 12x18 VBGA-132 architecture Micron Technology Inc. 8,513 Add to BOM
MT29F2T08EMHAFJ4-3ITF:A Voltage-Ball Grid Array (VBGA) packaging for compact size and enhanced thermal management Micron Technology Inc. 8,520 Add to BOM
MT29F1T08EEHAFJ4-3ITF:A Advanced memory technology for increased data capacity and performanc Micron Technology Inc. 8,005 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08CBCDBJ4-6R:D High-density storage solution for applications requiring large data capacities Micron Technology Inc. 9,658 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08AEEDBJ4-12:D Advanced 64Gbit storage solution featuring 83 MHz operation and compact 12x18 VBGA package Micron Technology Inc. 5,175 Add to BOM
MT29F256G08EBHAFJ4-3R:A High-capacity storage for demanding digital environment Micron Technology Inc. 5,260 Add to BOM
MT29F256G08CBHBBJ4-3R:B High-capacity MLC memory solution for industrial and commercial applications Micron Technology Inc. 8,846 Add to BOM
MT29F256G08CBCBBJ4-37:B Reliable and efficient parallel interface for rapid data transfer in harsh environmen Micron Technology Inc. 6,088 Add to BOM
MT29F1HT08EMCBBJ4-37:B Fast and reliable data transfer at speeds of up to MHz from its compact pin BGA packag Micron Technology Inc. 9,678 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08AECABJ1-10Z:A Reliable and efficient parallel interface for high-speed data transfer, supporting up to MHz clock frequenc Micron Technology Inc. 5,079 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08AECDBJ4-6:D Efficient Data Processing Hub: High-Performance Gbit NAND Flash Memory IC for Parallel Interfa Micron Technology Inc. 6,219 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08CBCDBJ4-6R:D TR State-of-the-art VGBA packaged flash memory for demanding embedded systems and IoT application Micron Technology Inc. 5,820 Add to BOM
MT29F32G08ABCDBJ4-6IT:D This flash memory module operates within a voltage range of 2.7V to 3.6V Micron Technology Inc. 6,813 Add to BOM
MT29F32G08ABCDBJ4-6:D High-density storage solution for demanding applications, featuring Gbit parallel architecture and Hz operating frequency Micron Technology Inc. 7,824 Add to BOM
MT29F1HT08EMCBBJ4-37:B TR High-performance storage solution for demanding application Micron Technology Inc. 6,944 Add to BOM
MT29F128G08CECGBJ4-5M:G High-speed, parallel access and high-density storage make this NAND flash memory ideal for enterprise application Micron Technology Inc. 9,440 Add to BOM
MT29E128G08CECDBJ4-6:D With its parallel architecture and bit capacity, this IC is ideal for storing large amounts of data in a compact form facto Micron Technology Inc. 8,053 Add to BOM
MT29E256G08CBHBBJ4-3ES:B Compact and reliable parallel NAND memory chip Micron Technology Inc. 8,704 Add to BOM
MT29F768G08EECBBJ4-37:B NAND Flash Memory Integrated Circuit with 768Gbit Capacity and Parallel Interface, operating at 267 MHz, housed in a 132-VBGA package measuring 12x18 Micron Technology Inc. 7,765 Add to BOM
MT29F768G08EECBBJ4-37:B TR FLASH - NAND Memory IC 768Gbit Parallel 267 MHz 132-VBGA (12x18) Micron Technology Inc. 9,710 Add to BOM