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(36 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
KSZ8895RQ Ethernet Transceiver Transceiver LEAD FREE Microchip Technology 5,459 Add to BOM
KSZ8895RQI 5-port Ethernet switch Microchip Technology, Inc 6,779 Add to BOM
MT90863AL1 Switching IC for Telecommunications Microchip Technology 8,143 Add to BOM
IDT79RV4640-133DUG Robust Hz clock speed for reliable data processin Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,703 Add to BOM
IDT79RV4640-200DU Low-power, high-reliability CPU perfect for industrial control systems and automotive electronics Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,288 Add to BOM
IDT79RV4640-267DU Fast and reliable IC for a wide range of industrie Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,314 Add to BOM
IDT79RV4640-200DUG Reliable and efficient processor suitable for a wide range of industrial and consumer product Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,973 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2096A-100LQ128 High-speed programmable logic IC for advanced digital applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,911 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2096E-180LQ128 High-speed programmable logic device for demanding applications, featuring gates and macro cell Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,090 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048C-50LQI Advanced CPLD device for high-speed digital applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,120 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048E-50LQN Advanced digital logic device for high-speed applications and complex designs Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,460 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048E-100LQ Flexible and reconfigurable digital signal processor for various industries Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,890 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048E-90LQN High-performance CMOS-based EEPLD for next-gen system Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,310 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2096A-125LQN128 Hz operation ensures fast data processin Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,433 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048E-90LQ 8K Gates and 192 Macro Cells for Enhanced Functionality Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,683 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048EA-170LQ128 High-density IC CPLD solution for complex system integratio Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,206 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2096E-100LQ128 This CPLD is part of the ispLSI Family, offering exceptional speed and functionality Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,372 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048E-70LQN High-speed digital logic for demanding applications, featuring gates and macro cells Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,949 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2096A-80LQN128I Integrated Circuit: A high-performance programmable logic devic Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,354 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048C-50LQ High-performance CPLD for complex design Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,234 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2096A-80LQ128I This Integrated Circuit is a Complex Programmable Logic Device with High-Speed Signal Processing Capabilities Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,580 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2096A-100LQN128 High-performance CPLD for complex digital designs with gates and macro cells Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,931 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048E-100LQN Integrated Circuit Complex Programmable Logic Device Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,201 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048E-50LQI Microcontroller Solution for Real-Time Processing and Data Handling Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,112 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2096A-80LQ128 A high-performance, low-power CPLD ideal for a wide range of applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,305 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048EA-125LQ128 Flexible and Configurable for Various Applicatio Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,962 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2096A-80LQN128 96-Cell IN-SYSTEM PROGRAMMABLE PLD with fast 18.5ns propagation delay Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,944 Add to BOM
ADSP-2171BSZ-133 Advanced -bit processor for efficient and accurate processing of complex signa Analog Devices Inc. 6,842 Add to BOM
ADSP-2171KST-104 ROHS-compliant digital controller suitable for industrial, automotive, and medical industries Analog Devices Inc. 7,854 Add to BOM
ADSP-2171KS-104 Robust xmm package provides reliable performance and space savings Analog Devices Inc. 5,791 Add to BOM
AD9884AKSZ-100 Robust and Reliable Analog Interface Solution for Next-Generation Display Technologies Analog Devices Inc. 9,172 Add to BOM
79RV4640-200DU Advanced MIPS-I architecture for efficient computin Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,892 Add to BOM
KSZ8895FMQ TR Advanced automotive-grade CAN controllers for reliable data transfer Microchip Technology 9,528 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048E-70LQI Integrated Circuit Complex Programmable Logic Device with 192 Macrocells, 15 Nanosecond Speed, and 128-pin Quad Flat Package Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,368 Add to BOM
ADSP-2171KST-133 different expressions: Analog Devices Inc. 6,615 Add to BOM
W83627DHG-P(FA5B07 D) PC's, PDA's Interface 128-QFP (14x20) Nuvoton Technology Corporation 5,112 Add to BOM