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(45 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
CYUSB3014-BZXCT Support for USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 protocols Infineon Technologies 5,318 Add to BOM
DSPIC33EP512GM710-I/BG 100 Pin device featuring 12 Pulse-Width Modulation outputs and 2 Quadrature Encoder inputs Microchip Technology 7,395 Add to BOM
AT91FR40162-CI Product model: AT91FR40162-CI Microchip Technology 6,268 Add to BOM
AT91FR40162SB-CU AT91FR40162SB-CU product description Microchip Technology 9,890 Add to BOM
CYUSB3014-BZXIT CYUSB3014-BZXIT is a high-performance interface controller that enhances connectivity capabilities Infineon Technologies 8,491 Add to BOM
DSPIC33EP512GM710T-I/BG Low-power -bit dsPIC processor for IoT solution Microchip Technology 9,201 Add to BOM
DSPIC33EP256GM710T-I/BG A digital signal processing integrated circuit (DSPIC) with a 16-bit architecture, offering 256KB of flash storage, designed for operation at 3 Microchip Technology 5,235 Add to BOM
DSPIC33EP256GM310-I/BG Powerful DSPIC33EP256GM310-I/BG Microcontroller for Demanding Embedded Systems Microchip Technology 7,796 Add to BOM
PIC24FJ256GB412T-I/BG Reliable PIC24F series microcontroller with large on-chip flash memory for storing applications Microchip Technology, Inc 4,691 Add to BOM
MCP37221-200E/TE Reliable and robust data conversion solution for various industries Microchip Technology 8,068 Add to BOM
MCP37D31-80E/TE Automotive-grade channel ADC for sensing and measurement task Microchip Technology 9,440 Add to BOM
MCP37231T-200E/TE With its stage pipelining architecture and TFBGA ( package, this converter offers fast conversion speeds while minimizing power consumptio Microchip Technology 8,309 Add to BOM
MCP37221T-200E/TE A robust solution for various applications, this pipelined ADC features eight input channels, precise conversion, and compact TFBGA packag Microchip Technology 5,170 Add to BOM
MCP37D21T-200E/TE Compact TFBGA package ideal for space-constrained design Microchip Technology 7,682 Add to BOM
MCP37D11T-200E/TE High-resolution data conversion for precision application Microchip Technology 5,548 Add to BOM
MCP37231-200E/TE Precise and reliable data acquisition for automotive and aerospace industries Microchip Technology 5,124 Add to BOM
MCP37D21-200E/TE This 121-pin TFBGA package contains an advanced 8-channel analog-to-digital converter with exceptional performance capabilities Microchip Technology 9,456 Add to BOM
MCP37D11-200E/TE Ultra-high-speed data conversion for demanding applications Microchip Technology 9,612 Add to BOM
CYUSB3033-BZXC Advanced PBGA121 package design ensures reliable communication Infineon Technologies 6,993 Add to BOM
S6E2HG4G0AGB30000 Robust MCU Solution for Embedded Systems, IoT Devices and Automotive Application Infineon Technologies 9,981 Add to BOM
S6E2H46G0AGB30000 Compact and efficient ARM-based solution for IoT project Infineon Technologies 5,001 Add to BOM
S1D13748B00B100 Enhanced image quality guaranteed Epson Electronics America Inc-Semiconductor Div 8,071 Add to BOM
AT91FR4042-CI Efficiently power your projects with this compact MCU Microchip Technology 8,962 Add to BOM
AT91FR40162SB-CU-999 Powerful RISC processor with ample storage space for diverse projects Microchip Technology 6,698 Add to BOM
S6E2H16G0AGB30000 Combining performance, power efficiency, and flexibility in a single ch Spansion 9,097 Add to BOM
MCP37D31T-200I/TE A highly integrated, low-power ADC suitable for a wide range of industrial control system Microchip Technology 7,995 Add to BOM
MCP37D31-200I/TE High-speed data conversion for medical imaging applications Microchip Technology 7,349 Add to BOM
MCP37D20T-200I/TE High-resolution analog-to-digital converter for use in precision measurement, monitoring, and control system Microchip Technology 8,737 Add to BOM
MCP37D20-200I/TE Fast and Accurate Data Conversion for Industrial U Microchip Technology 8,813 Add to BOM
MCP37D11T-200I/TE Robust, reliable, and compact ADC solution for diverse industrial and automotive systems Microchip Technology 7,677 Add to BOM
MCP37221-200I/TE Robust TFBGA package for demanding industrial use case Microchip Technology 6,092 Add to BOM
MCP37220-200I/TE High-speed analog-to-digital conversion with precision and accurac Microchip Technology 6,166 Add to BOM
MCP37211T-200I/TE This -bit analog-to-digital converter features an impressive sampling rate of Msps Microchip Technology 5,354 Add to BOM
MCP37210T-200I/TE Advanced pin TFBGA packaged single-channel ADC with parallel/serial SPI/LVDS interface Microchip Technology 8,468 Add to BOM
DSPIC33EP512GM310-H/BG A high-performance MCU for demanding automotive applications, featuring a robust -bit architecture and extensive memory capabilitie Microchip Technology 7,352 Add to BOM
DSPIC33EP256GM710-H/BG Compact and reliable dsPICEPMdevice for harsh environment Microchip Technology 7,566 Add to BOM
DSPIC33EP256GM310-H/BG Advanced 16-bit processor with 256KB Flash memory" Microchip Technology 7,762 Add to BOM
DSPIC33EP128GM310-H/BG Compact pin TFBGA package suitable for space-constrained design Microchip Technology 7,829 Add to BOM
MCP37D11-80E/TE High-speed data acquisition for automotive application Microchip Technology, Inc 4,155 Add to BOM
DSPIC33EP512GM310T-I/BG MCU dsPIC with 512KB Flash memory, operates at 3.3V, in 121-pin TFBGA package, supplied in tape and reel packaging Microchip Technology 9,216 Add to BOM
DSPIC33EP128GM710T-I/BG Compact and powerful dsPICEP MCU with extensive on-chip memory and peripherals Microchip Technology 8,050 Add to BOM
DSPIC33EP128GM310T-I/BG 128KB Flash Memory Microchip Technology 7,586 Add to BOM
S1D13A05B00B200-240 Video Controller IC 121-PFBGA (10x10) Package Epson Electronics America Inc-Semiconductor Div 9,372 Add to BOM
S6E2HG6G0AGB30000 ARM® Cortex®-M4F FM4 S6E2HG Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Single-Core 160MHz 544KB (544K x 8) FLASH 121-FBGA (6x6) Infineon Technologies 6,910 Add to BOM
S1D13A04B00B200-240 LCD Controller, Built-in 160KB SRAM, 2D BitBLT, Swivel View, USB client 1.1, QVGA Epson Electronics America Inc-Semiconductor Div 6,908 Add to BOM