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(29 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
HD64F2633RTE28V Efficiently designed for low power consumption and high performance Renesas Electronics America Inc 9,223 Add to BOM
R5F61653N50FTV 384KB Flash memory 32-bit complex instruction set computing microcontroller running at 3.3V, housed in a 120-pin TQFP package Renesas Electronics America Inc 8,780 Add to BOM
HD64F2215UTE16V High-density 64KB Flash memory Renesas Electronics America Inc 8,575 Add to BOM
HD64F2215TE16V Integrated circuit Renesas Electronics America Inc 5,988 Add to BOM
DF2368VTE34V Powerful programmable controller for complex syste Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,133 Add to BOM
DF2329BVTE25V The 32-bit H8S MCU offers advanced features and functionality, making it ideal for complex projects requiring high performance Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,392 Add to BOM
DF2328BVTE25V The H8S/2329 Group is not recommended for new designs Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,542 Add to BOM
DF2215RUTE24WV The product DF2215RUTE24WV is a 16-bit microcontroller with 256K memory Renesas 7,817 Add to BOM
DF2215RUTE24V High-efficiency power conversion for 24V applications and beyond Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,973 Add to BOM
DF2215RTE24V 16-bit Microcontrollers - MCU MCU 3V 256K Pb-free 120-TQFP Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,711 Add to BOM
D720102GC IC HOST CTLR USB2.0 3-PORTS QFP NEC 7,072 Add to BOM
DF61657BW35FTV HX/ IC features MHz processing speed, B FLASH, and TQFP package for compact design options Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,510 Add to BOM
DF2328VTE25APV High-performance microcontroller ideal for industrial automation, robotics, and medical devices Renesas Electronics America Inc 7,326 Add to BOM
DF61654W50FTV <p>For existing users, we recommend sticking with familiar tools.</ Renesas Electronics America Inc 9,003 Add to BOM
ML610Q421P-NNNTBZ0AA Compact yet powerful MCU for a wide range of applications including industrial control Rohm Semiconductor 6,637 Add to BOM
DF61656CN35FTV Compact -bit MCU Devi Renesas Electronics America Inc 6,276 Add to BOM
DF61656N35FTV A high-performance microcontroller for demanding applications Renesas Electronics America Inc 5,650 Add to BOM
C88F85D0AU-TC-H Advanced -bit Xstormy MCU featuring a compact pin TQFP package and support for multiple voltage levels onsemi 8,642 Add to BOM
C88F83B0AU-TC-H Compact MCU solution for embedded systems developmen onsemi 6,850 Add to BOM
LC75818PT-8560-H Compact and efficient 120-pin package for embedded systems design onsemi 6,866 Add to BOM
ML610Q411-NNNTBZ03A7 Compact pin TQFP package makes this microcontroller ideal for space-constrained designs Rohm Semiconductor 8,510 Add to BOM
ML610Q422P-NNNTBZ03A 120-pin TQFP package enables flexible design options and easy integration Rohm Semiconductor 7,493 Add to BOM
ML610Q422-NNNTBZ03A7 Advanced bit MCU features Hz clock speed, KB flash memory and pin TQFP package Rohm Semiconductor 8,068 Add to BOM
ML610Q412-NNNTBZ03A7 Advanced bit MCU features kHz clock speed, KB flash memory, and K x bit SRAM Rohm Semiconductor 9,752 Add to BOM
DF61654N50FTV The H8SX/1653 Group is supported solely for current adopters Renesas Electronics America Inc 8,761 Add to BOM
DF2328VTE25V Advanced H/series controller with TQFP packag Renesas Electronics America Inc 8,367 Add to BOM
LC75847T-E A versatile and reliable option for your display needs, featuring a high-quality segment display ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,905 Add to BOM
DF2215RTE24WV H8S/2000 H8® H8S/2200 Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 24MHz 256KB (256K x 8) FLASH 120-TQFP (14x14) Renesas Electronics America Inc 5,905 Add to BOM
DF2215CUTE24WV H8S/2000 H8® H8S/2200 Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 24MHz 256KB (256K x 8) FLASH 120-TQFP (14x14) Renesas Electronics America Inc 6,803 Add to BOM