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(590 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
CY91F523JSEPMC-GTE1 High-performance processor Infineon Technologies 8,151 Add to BOM
CY9BF568RPMC-GNE2 ROHS Compliant SOC for Embedded Systems Infineon Technologies 5,166 Add to BOM
CY96F6A6RBPMC-GS-UJE1 High-performance embedded system Infineon Technologies 5,527 Add to BOM
R4F24248NVFPV R4F24248NVFPV Product Description Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,141 Add to BOM
S6E2HE4G0AGV20000 2.7V~5.5V ARM-MSeries 160MHz 100 LQFP-120 Microcontroller Units Infineon Technologies 8,304 Add to BOM
CY9BF568RPMC-G-MNE2 ROHS-compliant microcontroller for eco-conscious applications Infineon Technologies 6,264 Add to BOM
7052L20PFG High-Density Storage for Industrial Applications Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,424 Add to BOM
MB91F610APMC-GSE1 High-performance RISC processor with B of flash memor Infineon Technologies 9,962 Add to BOM
MB90F048APMC-G-103E1 Advanced architecture and robust instruction set for high-reliability systems Infineon Technologies 9,916 Add to BOM
MB90F048APMC-G-102E1 Compact microcontroller for complex applicatio Infineon Technologies 5,337 Add to BOM
CY91F526JSEPMC-GSE2 High-performance Microcontroller Units for Industrial Applications: 2 Infineon Technologies 5,930 Add to BOM
CY96F389RSBPMC-GS-UJE2 Versatile MCU for a wide range of industrial, automotive, and consumer application Infineon Technologies 7,763 Add to BOM
CY96F6A6RBPMC-GS-UJERE2 Advanced -bit processor with MHz clock speed for fast execution Infineon Technologies 9,121 Add to BOM
CY9BF116RPMC-G-F4FKE1 Wide operating voltage range of to ensures versatility ( character Infineon Technologies 8,828 Add to BOM
R4F24545NVFPV Compact pin LQFP package suitable for PCB integrati Renesas Electronics America Inc 7,699 Add to BOM
MB90F395HAPMCR-GS-SPE2 A highly capable MCU that integrates a -bit CISC processor, B flash memory, and operating voltage for use in a wide range of industrial application CYPRESS 9,679 Add to BOM
MB91F465KBPMT-GS-N2E2 With its 32-bit architecture and extensive memory options, this MCU is designed for high-performance tasks Infineon Technologies 8,671 Add to BOM
MB96F6A6RBPMC-GSE1 This advanced -bit microcontroller IC provides robust performance Infineon Technologies 7,042 Add to BOM
MB96F6C6RBPMC-GSE1 Advanced -bit MCU with MHz clock speed and large B FLASH memory for complex applications Infineon Technologies 9,913 Add to BOM
R5F61658MN50FPV Optimize your system performance with this high-performance microcontroller, featuring a robust -bit CISC processor Renesas Electronics America Inc 5,132 Add to BOM
MB96F385RWAPMC-GSE2 Advanced FLASH memory and high-speed processing capabilities make this IC suitable for a wide range of application Infineon Technologies 5,805 Add to BOM
MB90F394HPMCR-G State-of-the-art LQFP-120 processor designed for reliability and scalability Infineon Technologies 8,737 Add to BOM
MB91306RPFV-G-JNE1 This versatile microcontroller offers unparalleled performance and functionality, ideal for complex control and monitoring applications Infineon Technologies 5,153 Add to BOM
MB90F334APMC-GE1 Robust microcontroller for industrial control and automation, offering 16-bit architecture, 24MHz speed, and 384KB programmable memory Infineon Technologies 6,985 Add to BOM
MB90F334APMC-G-SPE1 Powerful embedded system solution for demanding industries such as automotive, aerospace, and defense Infineon Technologies 6,209 Add to BOM
DS61650CN50FPV Advanced H CISC processor for reliable embedded systems Renesas Electronics America Inc 6,330 Add to BOM
CY7C0832BV-133AI Synchronous SRAM with parallel architecture and high-speed interfa Infineon Technologies 9,363 Add to BOM
CY7C0831AV-133AXI Robust and versatile IC for a wide range of industries with demanding performance requirements Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,274 Add to BOM
CY7C0832AV-133AXI Next Generation Microchip Component, Available Soo Infineon Technologies 6,028 Add to BOM
CY7C0832AV-133AXC Enhanced functionality and reduced power consumption in a small package (59 characters) Cypress Semiconductor Corp 8,629 Add to BOM
CY7C0832AV-167AXC Dual-port SRAM for high-speed, low-power applications Infineon Technologies 6,521 Add to BOM
DS61651CN50FPV Trays - MCU 32-bit H8S CISC ROMLess 3.3V 144-Pin LQFP Renesas Electronics America Inc 9,023 Add to BOM
DF61582N48FPV The H8SX/1580 Group is supported only for customers who have already adopted these products Renesas Electronics America Inc 8,862 Add to BOM
ATPL210A-A1U-Y Compact and reliable LQFP package ideal for embedded systems development Microchip Technology 7,548 Add to BOM
72V3622L15PFGI Synchronous FIFO featuring a large memory capacity of K bits, ideal for use in industrial control systems and automotive electronic Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,776 Add to BOM
MB90020PMT-GS-355 State-of-the-art -bit microprocessor with advanced processing capabilities and I/O flexibility Infineon Technologies 8,784 Add to BOM
MB90036APMC-GS-125E1 Advanced features and small footprint make it perfect for IoT projects Infineon Technologies 5,743 Add to BOM
MB90922NCSPMC-GS-183E1 The F²MC-16LX is well-suited for use in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and more Infineon Technologies 5,502 Add to BOM
MB96384RSBPMC-GS-103E2 This powerful IC excels at processing complex algorithms and storing vast amounts of data with its fast clock speed and generous memory allocatio Infineon Technologies 7,743 Add to BOM
MB90922NCSPMC-GS-245E1 High-performance microcontroller for demanding applications Infineon Technologies 9,521 Add to BOM
CY9BF404RAPMC-G-JNE2 B flash memory and single-core architecture facilitate seamless code execution and data storage Infineon Technologies 8,283 Add to BOM
MB90F020CPMT-GS-9145 High-Performance MCU Solution for Robust and Reliable Application Infineon Technologies 8,448 Add to BOM
MB90020PMT-GS-223 Compact LQFP-package perfect for space-constrained designs Infineon Technologies 9,835 Add to BOM
MB90922NCSPMC-GS-200E1 High-performance microcontroller for demanding applications Infineon Technologies 9,589 Add to BOM
MB90F025CPMT-GS-9014E1 A state-of-the-art MCU for cutting-edge engineering project Infineon Technologies 8,253 Add to BOM
MB90922NCSPMC-GS-171E1 High-performance -bit microcontroller for demanding applications Infineon Technologies 6,133 Add to BOM
MB90020PMT-GS-315 High-density, low-power microcontrollers for IoT applications featuring a comprehensive suite of peripherals and advanced security feature Infineon Technologies 6,455 Add to BOM
MB96F386RSCPMC-GS117N2E2 The MB96F386RSCPMC-GS117N2E2 is a powerful F²MC-16FX-based microcontroller with a clock speed of up to 56MHz Infineon Technologies 8,427 Add to BOM
MB96385RSCPMC-GS-108E2 Advanced F²MC-16FX microcontroller for use in a wide range of industries including industrial automation, automotive, and medical devices Infineon Technologies 8,505 Add to BOM
MB90F020CPMT-GS-9137 Rohs-compliant LQFP-package for versatili Infineon Technologies 6,765 Add to BOM