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(68 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MB90F574APFV-GE1 Advanced 5th Generation Technology Cypress Semiconductor Corp 8,249 Add to BOM
MB90522BPFV-GS-151-BND Next-generation MCU for high-speed processing, offering advanced security features and flexible I/O configuration Infineon Technologies 9,812 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 1048-50LQ High-performance microcontroller for complex applicatio Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,937 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-240-BND Next-Generation MCU for Innovative IoT and AI Application Infineon Technologies 5,809 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-207-BND Compact, powerful and highly efficient microprocessor solution for diverse use Infineon Technologies 9,119 Add to BOM
MB90P224BPF-GT-5211 Compact MCU Design for Space-Constrained Application Infineon Technologies 8,597 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-234-BND High-performance BQFP-MCU with advanced features for smart application Infineon Technologies 9,135 Add to BOM
MB90P224BPF-GT-5267 Compact, feature-rich MCUs/MPUs/SOCs for high-speed data processing and contro Infineon Technologies 6,341 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-276-BND High-performance MCU for IoT, automotive and industrial controls Infineon Technologies 5,939 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-239-BND Robust and Reliable BQFP-MCU for Efficient System-On-Chip Design Infineon Technologies 9,401 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-211-BND-TK2 Next-generation SOC solution for diverse industries, offering improved signal integrity and reliabilit Infineon Technologies 9,081 Add to BOM
MB90P224BPF-GT-5240E1 Advanced 16-bit MCU offering 96KB of OTP memory, 120-pin QFP package, and robust 16MHz operation for precision control Infineon Technologies 7,192 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-295-BND Advanced 32-bit MCU platform for building intelligent systems in various industries Infineon Technologies 8,198 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-272-BND-TK2 Highly integrated and flexible microcontrollers for diverse application Infineon Technologies 8,575 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-368 High-performance embedded system solutions, optimized for small form factors like the BQFP-package typ Infineon Technologies 7,634 Add to BOM
MB90522BPFV-G-137-BND Robust microcontroller solution for reliable and efficient system design Infineon Technologies 6,623 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-137-BND Advanced analog and digital interfaces for seamless communication and data transfer Infineon Technologies 6,553 Add to BOM
MB90522BPFV-GS-157 Simplified MCU design for efficient system integratio Infineon Technologies 7,689 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-174-BND Compact and powerful ROHS-compliant MCU/SOC solutions for various industrial applications Infineon Technologies 6,078 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-277-BND Advanced microcontroller solutions for IoT and embedded systems applications, RoHS compliant Infineon Technologies 8,043 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-306-BND High-Performance MCU Solution for Industrial and Consumer Device Infineon Technologies 9,846 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-248-BNDE1 High-Precision Processing: The F²MC-F microcontroller is designed for high-speed processing of complex algorithms and data sets Infineon Technologies 9,219 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-372 Scalable and Efficient Processing for IoT Devic Infineon Technologies 6,057 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-236-BNDE1 Advanced F²MC-16F Microcontroller IC for automation systems Infineon Technologies 8,516 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-305-BND Compact and powerful microcontroller units for various applications Infineon Technologies 6,867 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-335-BND Powerful 8-bit/16-bit processor core for real-time control, data processing, and IoT innovations Infineon Technologies 6,687 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-358-BND Compact and efficient MCU with robust featur Infineon Technologies 7,598 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-292-BND High-Performance Microcontroller for Efficient System Desi Infineon Technologies 7,878 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-300-BND State-of-the-art SOCs for next-generation smart devices and applications Infineon Technologies 6,278 Add to BOM
MB90P224BPF-GT-5266 Compact and powerful, this BQFP-120 MCU is an ideal choice for various applications requiring high-performance processing Infineon Technologies 7,614 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-238-BND High-performance microcontrollers for robust embedded systems developmen Infineon Technologies 7,841 Add to BOM
MB90P224BPF-GT-5292 Next-generation microprocessor for IoT applications, offering superior reliability, security, and scalabilit Infineon Technologies 6,895 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-269-BND Next-generation MCU for high-speed processing need Infineon Technologies 7,728 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-237-BND Robust and Reliable BQFP-MCU Solution for Various Industry Sector Infineon Technologies 6,235 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-263-BNDE1 This MBF-GT-BNDEIC offers excellent performance, reliability, and low power consumption making it ideal for use in various embedded system Infineon Technologies 5,043 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-345-BND Low-power consumption and high-speed processing enable Infineon Technologies 9,070 Add to BOM
MB90523BPFV-G-159 High-performance microcontroller units for embedded systems and IoT applications Infineon Technologies 5,893 Add to BOM
MB90P224BPF-GT-5283 Ideal for IoT applications, wearables, and mor Infineon Technologies 7,248 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-336-BND Compact BQFP-package for efficient PCB desig Infineon Technologies 6,027 Add to BOM
MB90P224BPF-GT-5302 Compact and Efficient Microprocessor Units (MCUs/MPUs/SOCs) for Space-Constrained Application Infineon Technologies 5,402 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-255-BND Flexible and adaptable BQFP-120 Microcontroller Units (MCUs/MPUs/SOCs) ideal for use in automotive Infineon Technologies 6,648 Add to BOM
MB90P224BPF-GT-5233 Compact and energy-efficient processor units for IoT devices Infineon Technologies 5,709 Add to BOM
MB90P224BPF-GT-5178 Rigorously tested and certified RoHS compliant MCU ideal for industrial control, automotive, and medical applications Infineon Technologies 7,110 Add to BOM
MB90P224BPF-GT-5261 *Expression 2** Infineon Technologies 5,316 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-175-BND Compact and robust BQFP-package ideal for space-constrained electronic devices Infineon Technologies 9,540 Add to BOM
MB90223PF-GT-322-BNDE1 Robust and Reliable Digital Control System Component Infineon Technologies 5,552 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-291-BND Advanced microcontrollers for industrial automation and robotics application Infineon Technologies 7,794 Add to BOM
MB90P224BPF-GT-5307 Advanced MCU/SOC solutions for IoT and industrial applications, ensuring seamless connectivity and data transfer Infineon Technologies 5,140 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-282-BND Offering superior processing capabilities and extensive connectivity options Infineon Technologies 6,278 Add to BOM
MB90224PF-GT-328-BND Compact and powerful Microprocessor Unit for innovative designs Infineon Technologies 7,065 Add to BOM