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(157 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
CY7C1062DV33-10BGXI Stocked and shipping today Infineon Technologies 9,875 Add to BOM
CY7C1387BV25-167BGC Next-generation cache memory technology for improved system performanc Cypress Semiconductor Corp 8,773 Add to BOM
CY7C1381C-100BGCT Versatile and compact 3V synchronous SRAM module Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,141 Add to BOM
CY7C1354C-166BGCMG Low power consumption and fast access times ensure reliable performance Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,338 Add to BOM
71T75602S200BG Pipelined output enables fast and reliable read operations IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc 6,705 Add to BOM
CY7C1354A200BC Advanced pipelining technology enables high-speed data transfer and processing Cypress Semiconductor Corp 5,491 Add to BOM
CY7C1325B-100BC Advanced SRAM solution for high-speed data transfer Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,150 Add to BOM
71V3577SA80BGGI Robust and reliable storage for demanding systems requirements IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc 9,719 Add to BOM
IS61LV12824-10BL-TR Low-power RAM for embedded systems with 119-pin BGA ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 8,247 Add to BOM
IDT71V3559SA75BG High-speed storage solution for demanding applications Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,460 Add to BOM
IS61LV12824-8BL 128K x 24-bit SRAM module ideal for industrial automation, IoT, and AI-related projects ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 9,787 Add to BOM
IS61LV12824-10BL PBGApackage provides compact and reliable memory soluti ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 7,309 Add to BOM
IDT71V65802S150BGG8 High-speed, high-density SDRAM ideal for embedded systems and PC Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,942 Add to BOM
IDT71V67602S133BG Scalable architecture for multi-gigahertz speeds in modern system Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,716 Add to BOM
IDT71V3557SA80BGI High-density synchronous DRAM for demanding systems Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,023 Add to BOM
IDT71V65602S100BG Fast data transfer for efficient processin Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,921 Add to BOM
IDT71V3559SA85BG Fast and reliable memory storage with parallel access for improved system performance Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,115 Add to BOM
IDT71V65802S150BG Powerful ZBT (Zero Bus Turnaround) SRAM device featuring 3.8 ns access time and 119-PBGA package Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,399 Add to BOM
IDT71V3577SA75BGGI Fast and efficient, this SRAM IC delivers reliable data storage and retrieval Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,804 Add to BOM
IDT71V3577SA75BGGI8 Synchronous SDRAM memory chip with fast access times and low power consumption Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,082 Add to BOM
IDT71V67602S150BGI Featuring low power consumption and high reliability, this synchronous SRAM memory IC is an excellent option for reducing system complexity Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,409 Add to BOM
IDT71V2556S166BG Advanced parallel RAM solution with low latency and high bandwidt Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,164 Add to BOM
IDT71V3556S166BG Reliable and fast parallel SDR SRAM for demanding system Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,133 Add to BOM
IDT71V3577SA85BGG8 Compact 119-PBGA package for space-efficient system designs Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,757 Add to BOM
IDT71V3577SA80BGG The IDTVSABGG is a high-density parallel SRAM with bit capacity suitable for various industrie Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,450 Add to BOM
IDT71V3557SA85BGG Compact and reliable PBGA package ensures seamless system integration Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,256 Add to BOM
IDT71V65602S133BG High-speed data transfer: With a blazing fast ns access time Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,238 Add to BOM
IDT71V3577SA80BGG8 High-performance SDRAM for demanding applications like servers and workstation Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,961 Add to BOM
IDT71V65602S150BG bit parallel SRAM IC with MHz clock spee Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,150 Add to BOM
IDT71V25761SA200BG Advanced memory solution for high-performance computing demands Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,191 Add to BOM
IDT71V3557SA75BG Advanced memory solution with robust power manageme Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,756 Add to BOM
IDT71V25761SA166BG High-speed SRAM for fast data transfer and processin Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,253 Add to BOM
IDT71V3558S100BG Parallel interface SRAM with high frequency operation, ideal for real-time data processing applications Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,010 Add to BOM
IDT71V3557SA85BGI Ultra-fast synchronous RAM offering Mbit capacity, ns read cycle time, and compact PBGA package Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,552 Add to BOM
IDT71V3557SA85BG Industrial-grade SDR memory module featuring ZBT architecture and PBGA packag Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,079 Add to BOM
IDT71V3557SA80BG Advanced synchronous SDRAM offering rapid data transfer and reduced power consumption for efficient computing Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,508 Add to BOM
IDT71V3558S200BG Ultra-fast, high-capacity SRAM for demanding application Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,534 Add to BOM
IDT71V25761YSA200BG Low-latency, high-bandwidth SDRAM module for demanding digital designs Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,235 Add to BOM
CY7C1062AV33-10BGC Available now, ships immediately! Cypress Semiconductor Corp 8,493 Add to BOM
CY7C1024DV33-10BGXIT Effortlessly boost system performance with this reliable, high-speed parallel SRAM memory solution Infineon Technologies 7,584 Add to BOM
CY7C1062DV33-10BGXIT Offering superior read-write performance and reliability Infineon Technologies 7,517 Add to BOM
CY7C1012AV33-8BGC Low power consumption PBGA119 package Cypress Semiconductor Corp 9,491 Add to BOM
CY7C1024AV33-12BGI Robust and efficient memory solution for industrial, automotive, and consumer electronic Cypress Semiconductor Corp 5,441 Add to BOM
CY7C1012DV33-10BGXI Advanced memory technology for high-speed data processing in cloud computing, IoT devices, and data center Cypress Semiconductor Corp 9,265 Add to BOM
CY7C1012DV33-10BGXIT Featuring a fast nanosecond access time and a capacity of megabits, this IC is designed for demanding parallel interfaces Infineon Technologies 5,638 Add to BOM
CY7C1381F-133BGCT Compact SRAM solution for embedded systems applicatio Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,376 Add to BOM
CY7C1372D-167BGC Advanced BGA-based SRAM ROHS compliant product for modern system Infineon Technologies 5,171 Add to BOM
CY7C1356C-166BGC Exceptional data storage for high-reliability syste Cypress Semiconductor Corp 5,572 Add to BOM
CY7C1381F-133BGC A high-performance cache SRAM solution for system-on-module applications with a capacity of bit Cypress Semiconductor Corp 9,104 Add to BOM
CY7C1371D-133BGC Durable and efficient BGA package for harsh environment Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,131 Add to BOM