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(66 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MSP430F5636IZQWR Powerful MCU for intelligent sensing and monitoring applications, equipped with advanced analog peripherals and a -bit CP Texas Instruments 8,613 Add to BOM
MSP430FG4616IZQWR Ideal for a wide range of applications including industrial control, automotive systems, medical devic Texas Instruments 9,996 Add to BOM
MSP430FG4618IZQWT Robust and flexible MCU for industrial, medical, and automotive industries seeking reliability and precision Texas Instruments 5,952 Add to BOM
MSP430FG4616IZQW Compact device for demanding data processing needs Texas Instruments 5,693 Add to BOM
MSP430FG478IZQWR Advanced RISC-based MCU with KB Flash memory for robust performance and data storage Texas Instruments 9,934 Add to BOM
MSP430FG477IZQWR Compact, energy-efficient solution for wireless communication protocols in smart home device Texas Instruments 8,642 Add to BOM
MSP430F477IZQWR Low-power MCU for embedded systems, offering KB of flash memory and B of RAM, perfect for IoT and wearable devices Texas Instruments 9,981 Add to BOM
MSP430F479IZQWR Ideal for low-power, high-reliability application Texas Instruments 8,246 Add to BOM
MSP430FG4619IZQWR Combines 16-bit processing with advanced power management Texas Instruments 7,763 Add to BOM
MSP430F6636IZQWT Compact and efficient microcontroller solution for resource-constrained embedded systems and prototyping Texas Instruments 5,833 Add to BOM
M430F5438AMGQWTEP Compact and efficient RISC processor for embedded systems Texas Instruments 9,819 Add to BOM
MSP430FG6626IZQWT Compact BGA package with MHz operating frequen Texas Instruments 8,953 Add to BOM
MSP430F5635IZQWT Advanced microcontroller with robust power management and reliable operation up to voltage levels Texas Instruments 9,837 Add to BOM
MSP430F5633IZQWT High-performance MCU with MHz clock speed, suitable for battery-powered devices or industrial control systems Texas Instruments 6,840 Add to BOM
TPS65520AZVDR Compact yet powerful, this RoHS-compliant PMIC offers robust power management for your most demanding applications Texas Instruments 8,415 Add to BOM
MSP430F6632IZQWR A robust -bit microcontroller offering both digital and analog processing capabilities for advanced embedded systems Texas Instruments 5,422 Add to BOM
MSP430F5658IZQWT Advanced microcontroller with B flash memory and KB SRAM, suitable for industrial automation applications Texas Instruments 6,398 Add to BOM
MSP430FG4619IZQWT Compact -bit RISC processor with ample flash memory and voltage options Texas Instruments 9,458 Add to BOM
MSP430F6458IZQWR The MSP430F64 is a powerful yet energy-efficient microcontroller suitable for a wide range of embedded systems, including IoT devices Texas Instruments 8,935 Add to BOM
MSP430F6459IZQWR MSPIZQWR combines -bit precision with mixed signal capabilities to enable the development of highly complex systems and devices Texas Instruments 5,968 Add to BOM
MSP430F6435IZQWR This RoHS-compliant microcontroller is suitable for a variety of applications including industrial control systems Texas Instruments 8,953 Add to BOM
MSP430F478IZQW High-Performance MCU for Complex Application Texas Instruments 8,786 Add to BOM
MSP430F2618TGQWTEP High-performance MCU for industrial automation and IoT applications, offering robust processing capabilities and low power consumption Texas Instruments 8,686 Add to BOM
MSP430F5336IZQWR This BGA-package offers high-density integration in a small footprint (m Texas Instruments 8,463 Add to BOM
MSP430F5335IZQWT Compact yet powerful microprocessor unit offering GPIO pins, B flash memory and KB SRAM storage Texas Instruments 8,966 Add to BOM
MSP430FG4616IZQWT The perfect choice for developers seeking a robust and reliable microcontroller solution in a compact package Texas Instruments 9,742 Add to BOM
MSP430F5358IZQWR Effortlessly delivering 20MHz performance in a small package Texas Instruments 7,911 Add to BOM
MSP430F5358IZQWT Compact and powerful, this microcontroller offers a comprehensive solution for low-power application Texas Instruments 6,940 Add to BOM
MSP430F5637IZQWR Compact and efficient RISC processor for IoT device Texas Instruments 7,069 Add to BOM
MSP430F6658IZQWR High-performance microcontroller for demanding applications Texas Instruments 5,126 Add to BOM
MSP430F5333IZQWR A high-performance MCU with advanced features, ideal for industrial control and automation application Texas Instruments 6,757 Add to BOM
MSP430FG4617IZQWT This 113-pin BGA package microcontroller supports operation at both 2.5V and 3.3V supply voltages, making it suitable for a wide range of systems Texas Instruments 8,572 Add to BOM
MSP430F5635IZQWR High-performance MCU for industrial control application Texas Instruments 9,504 Add to BOM
MSP430F5658IZQWR Advanced MSPRISC processor for automatio Texas Instruments 7,630 Add to BOM
MSP430FG4618IZQWR High-performance microcontroller with vast storage capacity Texas Instruments 7,886 Add to BOM
MSP430F2417TZQW 113-pin BGA package for miniaturized designs Texas Instruments 5,491 Add to BOM
MSP430FG4619IZQW Compact MCU solution for embedded systems application Texas Instruments 9,807 Add to BOM
MSP430F2619TZQW High-performance -bit microcontroller for demanding applications, offering B Flash memory and a wide operating voltage range of Texas Instruments 8,644 Add to BOM
MSP430F6435IZQWT Compact 74-pin BGA package for space-constrained designs Texas Instruments 8,628 Add to BOM
MSP430F6459IZQWT High-Performance MCU with B Flash Memor Texas Instruments 6,773 Add to BOM
MSP430F5338IZQWT High-performance MCU for low-power applications Texas Instruments 9,536 Add to BOM
MSP430F6433IZQWT The MSP offers a unique blend of digital and analog capabilities in a single chip Texas Instruments 8,604 Add to BOM
MSP430FG6425IZQWR Compact and powerful MSPprocessor for diverse use Texas Instruments 8,040 Add to BOM
MSP430F6630IZQWR This ultra-low-power MSPMCU features B Flash and operates efficiently on / power supply Texas Instruments 6,273 Add to BOM
MSP430F5336IZQWT -bit RISC MCU for advanced embedded systems development Texas Instruments 8,969 Add to BOM
MSP430F479IZQW High-performance MCU for IoT and embedded systems applicatio Texas Instruments 5,320 Add to BOM
MSP430F6633IZQWR Advanced features like UARTs Texas Instruments 8,388 Add to BOM
MSP430F5631IZQWR Advanced MCU solution for wearable technology and medical devices Texas Instruments 8,397 Add to BOM
MSP430F6634IZQWT Compact and power-efficient for IoT applications Texas Instruments 5,369 Add to BOM
MSP430F6658IZQWT Ultra-low-power microcontroller ideal for battery-powered or energy-harvesting systems requiring extended runtime Texas Instruments 6,778 Add to BOM