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(63 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MC9S12DG256MPVE HCS12 HCS12 Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 25MHz 256KB (256K x 8) FLASH 112-LQFP (20x20) NXP USA Inc. 6,992 Add to BOM
DF70845AN80FPV IC MCU 32BIT 512KB FLASH 112LQFP Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,874 Add to BOM
MC912DG128ACPV High-performance microcontroller for industrial application NXP USA Inc. 5,922 Add to BOM
MC912D60ACPV8 Embedded system NXP USA Inc. 9,166 Add to BOM
MCF52235CAL60 Robust and efficient processor with B of programmable memory, ideal for high-reliability applications in industries such as healthcare and aerospac NXP USA Inc. 9,593 Add to BOM
MC9S12XF512MLM 16-bit MCU, S12X core, 512KB Flash, 50MHz, -40/+125degC, QFP 112 NXP USA Inc. 7,058 Add to BOM
MC9S12XA256CAL 91 80MHz 2.35V~5.5V FLASH 256KB 16KB LQFP-112(20x20) Microprocessor Units NXP USA Inc. 7,826 Add to BOM
MC9S12DP512MPVE S12dp 16-Bit Mcu, Hcs12 Core, 512Kb Flash, Qfp 112 Rohs Compliant: Yes NXP USA Inc. 5,615 Add to BOM
MC9S12DG256CPVE A reliable choice for complex projects requiring precision and scalability NXP USA Inc. 5,399 Add to BOM
MC9S12DG128CPVE QFP112-packaged S12D MCU featuring 128KB Flash memory and operating at 25MHz NXP USA Inc. 5,666 Add to BOM
MC9S12A512CPVE 16-bit Microcontrollers - MCU WHALESHARK MICROCO EPP NXP USA Inc. 8,782 Add to BOM
MC812A4CPVE8 Compact and efficient, this microcontroller offers a powerful blend of processing speed and memory capacity for a wide range of applications NXP USA Inc. 6,515 Add to BOM
MC9S12DG256BVPV Advanced microcontroller with high-speed performance NXP USA Inc. 7,713 Add to BOM
MC9S12DP256BMPV Ideal for embedded systems applications NXP USA Inc. 6,216 Add to BOM
MC9S12DP512CPV MCU with 16-bit HCS12 architecture, CISC instruction set, 512KB Flash memory, and operating voltage of 2.5V/5V NXP USA Inc. 7,477 Add to BOM
MCF52233CAL60 Packaged in 112-pin LQFP tray NXP USA Inc. 9,966 Add to BOM
MC9S12XA512CAL Compact yet powerful microcontroller for industrial control, automation, and IoT projects NXP USA Inc. 9,569 Add to BOM
MC9S12DT256CPVE 16-Bit Microcontroller with FLASH Memory NXP USA Inc. 7,167 Add to BOM
MC9S12DG256VPVE Advanced MCU solution for complex applications and design NXP USA Inc. 9,508 Add to BOM
MC9S12DG128MPVE B of programmable flash for large-scale applications and data storage needs NXP USA Inc. 6,646 Add to BOM
DF70845AD80FPV 32-bit SuperH RISC technology for fast processing Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,989 Add to BOM
DF70844AD80FPV The MCU comes in a 112-pin LQFP package and is designed for high-performance applications Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,524 Add to BOM
MC9S12XHZ512CAL 16-bit MCU, S12X core, 512KB Flash, 80MHz, -40/+85degC, QFP 112 NXP USA Inc. 6,181 Add to BOM
MC9S12DJ256CPVE MC9S12D Series 12 kB RAM 256 kB Flash SMT 16-Bit Flash Microcontroller -LQFP-112 NXP USA Inc. 5,829 Add to BOM
MC9S12XDP512MPV-FR Robust microcontroller solution for innovative applicatio Freescale Semiconductor 8,792 Add to BOM
MC9S12KG128MPVE 112-LQFP package offers compact design NXP USA Inc. 7,017 Add to BOM
MC9S12DB128MPVE Advanced LQFP package with high-pin count and compact footprint for space-constrained designs NXP USA Inc. 6,364 Add to BOM
MC9S12XEG128CALR Versatile and powerful -bit HCSX processor for high-end applications requiring significant flash memory and adaptable voltage options NXP USA Inc. 9,757 Add to BOM
MC9S12D64VPVER The MCDVPVER is an ideal solution for applications requiring high-performance processing, low power consumption and compact size NXP USA Inc. 8,485 Add to BOM
MC9S12XA512VAL B of flash memory and / operating voltage make this MCU suitable for harsh environments NXP USA Inc. 5,676 Add to BOM
MC9S12KG256MPVE High-performance CPU, LQFP package, and B FLASH memory capacit NXP USA Inc. 9,920 Add to BOM
MC9S12E64MPVE Powerful microcontroller with extensive memory and processing capabilitie NXP USA Inc. 7,660 Add to BOM
MC9S12KG256CPVE Compact and powerful -bit processor with ample flash memory NXP USA Inc. 9,167 Add to BOM
MC9S12DG128MPVER State-of-the-art microcontroller IC with rich functionality, extensive data storage, and swift processing capabilities NXP USA Inc. 7,444 Add to BOM
MC9S12B128VPVER High-speed processor with B flash memory and MHz operating frequency NXP USA Inc. 9,817 Add to BOM
MC9S12KT256VPVE Compact and powerful HCS processor solution NXP USA Inc. 6,083 Add to BOM
MC9S12B256CPVE High-capacity flash memory and -bit processing enable efficient data analysis and control logic implementation NXP USA Inc. 6,419 Add to BOM
MC9S12DJ64MPVE Small yet mighty, this LQFP-package contains a robust set of microcontroller units, perfect for various industrial automation need Freescale Semiconductor 7,571 Add to BOM
MC9S12DJ256VPVE Advanced HCS microcontroller for high-speed data transfer and secure storage with B FLASH memory NXP USA Inc. 9,695 Add to BOM
MC9S12KG128VPVE Advanced -bit controller with B FLASH memory, suitable for demanding industrial, automotive, and medical device projects NXP USA Inc. 6,794 Add to BOM
MC9S12KG128CPVE Compact pin LQFP package suitable for modern PCB designs NXP USA Inc. 5,349 Add to BOM
MC9S12KG256VPVE Advanced 16-bit processor with 25MHz clock speed and 256KB flash memory NXP USA Inc. 7,957 Add to BOM
MC9S12DG256BCPV With its compact Pin LQFP package, this MCU offers reduced space requirements while still delivering high-performance features and functionality NXP USA Inc. 9,538 Add to BOM
MC9S12DB128BCPV This microcontroller features an extensive set of peripherals NXP USA Inc. 6,502 Add to BOM
DE70845RN80FPV Powerful -bit controller for demanding industrial us Renesas Electronics America Inc 7,094 Add to BOM
MC9S12DG128VPV Efficient CISC microcontroller for automotive applications NXP USA Inc. 5,440 Add to BOM
MC9S12DB128CPV Compact LQFP package minimizes PCB area and reduces assembly cost NXP USA Inc. 8,811 Add to BOM
MCS12KG256CPVE -bit processor with high-speed MHz operation NXP USA Inc. 8,973 Add to BOM
XC68C812A4PV5 High-performance microcontroller units for efficient operations ( character Freescale Semiconductor 8,763 Add to BOM