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(66 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
EP2S60F1020I4N Field Programmable Gate Array with 3022 Configurable Logic Blocks operating at 717 MHz in a Plastic Ball Grid Array package with 1020 pins Intel 9,448 Add to BOM
EP1S40F1020C7 Operating frequency of 420.17MHz Intel 9,638 Add to BOM
EP2S180F1020C3 EP2S180F1020C3 is a cutting-edge FPGA that boasts a powerful combination of features, including a large number of LABs and IOs Intel 8,821 Add to BOM
EP1S25F1020C5N Advanced 1020-Pin Flip Chip Fine Ball Grid Array technology Intel 5,440 Add to BOM
EP2S90F1020I4N EP2S90F1020I4N is a Field Programmable Gate Array with 4548 CLBs, operating at a speed of 717MHz and containing 90960 cells in a CMOS design Intel 8,987 Add to BOM
EP2S90F1020C4 High-performance FPGA for demanding applications like data processing and encryptio Intel 5,058 Add to BOM
EP2S60F1020C5 Utilizing cutting-edge 90nm technology, this FPGA operates at a low voltage of 1.2V, making it efficient and reliable for a variety of applications Intel 5,598 Add to BOM
EP2S60F1020C4N EP2S60F1020C4N features 60440 cells and is ideal for complex applications Intel 7,729 Add to BOM
EP2S180F1020I4N High-performance FPGA with 179,400 cells Intel 8,953 Add to BOM
EP2S130F1020I4N Product EP2S130F1020I4N details: FPGA Stratix® II Family, 132540 Cells, 711.24MHz, 90nm Technology, 1.2V, 1020-Pin FC-FBGA Intel 5,418 Add to BOM
EP2S90F1020C3 FPGA Stratix® II Family 90960 Cells 816.99MHz 90nm Technology 1.2V 1020-Pin FC-FBGA Intel 8,523 Add to BOM
EP1SGX40GF1020C7 FPGA Stratix® GX Family 41250 Cells 4385.97MHz 130nm Technology 1.5V 1020-Pin FC-FBGA Altera 5,444 Add to BOM
EP1S60F1020I6GB Cutting-edge processing for demanding application Intel 8,342 Add to BOM
EP20K1500CF33C8 The EPKCFCAPEX-KE FPGA IC is a programmable logic device offering a high degree of flexibility Intel 5,441 Add to BOM
HC1S80XX Advanced digital signal processing and arithmetic capabilities for demanding industrial control and medical equipment Intel 6,809 Add to BOM
HC1S60F1020N Advanced Stratix FPGA architecture for high-speed, low-power processing solution Intel 9,820 Add to BOM
HC1S60F1020BL Flexible and Reconfigurable FPGA Design Soluti Intel 6,193 Add to BOM
HC1S60F1020BM High-density programmable gate array for complex algorithm execution and encryption applications Intel 9,990 Add to BOM
HC1S60F1020CB Robust and Reliable Digital Processing Engin Intel 7,570 Add to BOM
EP2S180F1020C4 Next-generation Stratix II EPCprocessor for demanding embedded systems Altera 6,006 Add to BOM
EP2S90F1020C4TT Ideal for use in advanced computing and data processing applications, this Stratix II FPGA offers impressive programmabilit Intel 6,483 Add to BOM
EP2S130F1020C3N Flexible and scalable electronic design automation for complex systems Intel 7,396 Add to BOM
EP2S130F1020I5N Ideal for a wide range of applications, including digital signal processi Intel 9,402 Add to BOM
EP2A40F1020C7 The EPF-CAPEX II FPGA offers an impressive ,logic elements and Kbps of embedded memory bandwidth Intel 8,097 Add to BOM
EP20K1500EFC33-1 Low-power, high-speed processing solution for digital signal processing Intel 6,953 Add to BOM
EP1SGX40GF1020I6 High-performance programmable logic device for advanced system designs Intel 8,373 Add to BOM
EP20K1000CF33C9N Advanced programmable gate array (FPGA) with ,bits of memory for high-speed processing and data storag Intel 9,021 Add to BOM
EP1SGX40GF1020I6N Product Description: EP1SGX40GF1020I6N - Stratix® GX Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC with 624 pins Intel 5,959 Add to BOM
EP1SGX40GF1020C6BN -pin FBGA package for reduced PCB footprint and increased design flexibilit Intel 7,850 Add to BOM
EP1S40F1020C6N Configurable digital signal processor for IoT devic Intel 9,732 Add to BOM
EP20K1000CF33C8 State-of-the-art PLD with enhanced security features, advanced debugging tools, and scalable architecture for demanding industrial application Altera 8,506 Add to BOM
EP20K600EFC33-1 High-Performance PLD Ideal for Complex Digital Desig Altera 8,706 Add to BOM
EP1S60F1020C6N FPGA with 57120 cells from the Stratix® family operating at 450.05MHz Intel 7,734 Add to BOM
EP1SGX25FF1020C5 Ultra-high-performance programmable logic for next-gen applicatio Intel 9,307 Add to BOM
EP1S30F1020I6N Flexible Device for Custom Computing Solutio Intel 9,487 Add to BOM
EP1SGX25FF1020I6 Superior performance and power efficiency at MHz clock spee Intel 6,218 Add to BOM
EP20K1000EFC33-1 Next-generation programmable solution for emerging technologies Altera 8,094 Add to BOM
EP1S60F1020C7 Advanced programmable logic device with high-speed data processing (71) Altera 6,253 Add to BOM
EP20K1000CF33C7ES Advanced IC for programmable circuitry and processing Intel 5,039 Add to BOM
EP1S60F1020I6N Optimized for m technology and power supp Intel 5,947 Add to BOM
EP1SGX25DF1020C5N Fast clock speed of up to Hz on m process no Intel 5,349 Add to BOM
EP1SGX40DF1020C5N Advanced digital circuitry with 5,000 MHz frequency Intel 9,208 Add to BOM
EP1SGX25FF1020C6N Stratix® GX Family FPGA with 25,660 logic cells, operating at 5000MHz, utilizing 130nm technology, featuring a 1 Altera 9,142 Add to BOM
EP20K1500EFC33-1X 808 442368 51840 Intel 9,017 Add to BOM
EP1S40F1020C5N High-speed programmable logic for advanced applications Intel 9,883 Add to BOM
EP1SGX25FF1020C7N High-performance FPGA for demanding application Intel 9,445 Add to BOM
EP1S25F1020C5 High-performance FPGA for complex logic design Intel 8,856 Add to BOM
HC1S80F1020NAYR Enhance system capabilities with Stratix HardCopy's flexibility Intel 7,750 Add to BOM
HC1S80F1020NAYP A high-performance programmable logic device for embedded systems and IoT applications Intel 6,843 Add to BOM
HC1S80F1020NAY High-performance gate array for real-time processing Intel 8,624 Add to BOM