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(19 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ATSAM4SD32CA-CFU ATSAM4SD32CA-CFU is a 2MB microcontroller unit with a Cortex-M4 core, operating at frequencies up to 120MHz Microchip Technology 5,405 Add to BOM
ATXMEGA128A1U-C7U XMEGA Series 128 KB Flash 8 KB SRAM 32 MHz 8/16-Bit Microcontroller - VFBGA-100 Microchip Technology 7,315 Add to BOM
CYDMX128A16-65BVXIKB High-speed parallel memory for fast data transfer Cypress Semiconductor Corp 9,354 Add to BOM
CYDM128B16-40BVXI Ultra-compact, high-density memory solution for space-constrained desig Infineon Technologies 9,873 Add to BOM
CY8C24094-24BVXIT Ultra-compact solution for space-constrained design Infineon Technologies 7,846 Add to BOM
CYDM128B16-55BVXIT Effortlessly integrate your system with our ROHS-compliant packag Infineon Technologies 5,948 Add to BOM
CYWB0226ABS-BVXIT Streamline your workflow with rapid data transfer capabilities Infineon Technologies 7,258 Add to BOM
CYDMX128A16-65BVXI High-speed data transfer for efficient computing Cypress Semiconductor Corp 5,144 Add to BOM
CYDMX256A16-90BVXI High-speed dual-port SRAM for demanding applications Cypress Semiconductor Corp 5,858 Add to BOM
CYDM128B08-55BVXI High-performance SRAM solution for embedded systems requiring fast access and low power consumption Infineon Technologies 7,411 Add to BOM
CYDMX128B16-65BVXI High-performance memory solution for demanding applications Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,890 Add to BOM
CYDM256B16-55BVXIT Low-power async SRAM chip for industrial control applications" Infineon Technologies 6,450 Add to BOM
CYDM064B16-55BVXI Low-power consumption ensures efficient system performan Cypress Semiconductor Corp 9,120 Add to BOM
CYDM064B08-55BVXI Compact FBGA package design enables efficient board space utilization in compact devices Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,998 Add to BOM
CY8C24994-24BVXIT Boasting impressive specifications such as MHz clock speed Infineon Technologies 7,525 Add to BOM
CYWB0125AB-BVXI Streamline data transfer between devices with this versatile IC Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,511 Add to BOM
CYDMX064A16-90BVXI Compact m VFBGA package offers a small footprint solution ideal for space-constrained design Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,788 Add to BOM
CYDMX064A16-65BVXI Reliable x-bit SRAM with low power consumptio Cypress Semiconductor Corp 6,627 Add to BOM
AT83SND2CMP3-7FTJL Decoder IC MP3 Players, Portable Media Players 100-VFBGA (7x7) Microchip Technology 9,547 Add to BOM