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(71 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
STM32F103VBH6 High-Performance ARM Cortex-MMicrocontroller with B Flash Memory, Operating Voltag STMicroelectronics 9,002 Add to BOM
M4A3-128/64-7CAI 5K Gates, 128 Macro Cells Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 6,436 Add to BOM
STM32F105VBH6 Mainstream Connectivity line, Arm Cortex-M3 MCU with 128 Kbytes of Flash memory,72 MHz CPU, CAN, USB 2.0 OTG STMicroelectronics 8,114 Add to BOM
STM32F103V8H6 MCU STM32F103V8H6 - RISC 64KB Flash Memory STMicroelectronics 5,549 Add to BOM
STM32F103VDH6 This MCU offers high performance and flexibility for a wide range of applications with its powerful processing capabilities STMicroelectronics 7,007 Add to BOM
STM32F103VEH7 Mainstream Performance line, Arm Cortex-M3 MCU with 512 Kbytes of Flash memory, 72 MHz CPU, motor control, USB and CAN STMicroelectronics 8,974 Add to BOM
TMS320F2808GGMS High-performance 32-bit controller optimized for digital signal processing tasks" Texas Instruments 6,725 Add to BOM
TMS320F2808GGMA Capable of handling complex signal processing tasks Texas Instruments 5,221 Add to BOM
89HT0808PYDABGI Reinvigorate your PCIe connections with precisio Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,112 Add to BOM
DDC264CZAWR-2 Sixteen-bit, sixty-five thousand samples per second serial analog-to-digital converter with excellent linearity and noise immunity Texas Instruments 6,519 Add to BOM
KSZ8842-PMBL-AM PCIe and PCI compliant with RoHS compliance guaranteeing safet Microchip Technology 5,363 Add to BOM
TMX320F2801GGMA Powerful C28x-based fixed-point microcontroller ideal for demanding embedded system designs Texas Instruments 9,935 Add to BOM
TMX320F2806GGMA High-performance C28x microcontroller with fast execution and large memory capacity for demanding tasks Texas Instruments 9,554 Add to BOM
TMX320F2808GGMA Single-core -bit fixed-point microcontroller with MHz spee Texas Instruments 8,552 Add to BOM
TMS320F2806ZGMA Robust and reliable performance for critical embedded applications Texas Instruments 7,128 Add to BOM
TMS320F2801GGMS A high-performance processor for signal processing applications Texas Instruments 9,451 Add to BOM
TMS320F2802GGMS Optimized for real-time processing, this processor excels at complex signal analysis and manipulation Texas Instruments 9,566 Add to BOM
TMS320F2801ZGMA Robust processing capabilities for demanding digital signal processing tasks Texas Instruments 6,034 Add to BOM
TMS320F2809ZGMS 100MHz operating frequency Texas Instruments 9,501 Add to BOM
TMS320F2808ZGMS Robust computing capabilities empower developers to create innovative solutions with ease Texas Instruments 7,977 Add to BOM
STR755FV0H6 State-of-the-art ARMprocessor with enhanced memory and processing capabilities STMicroelectronics 9,863 Add to BOM
STR750FV1H6 Robust and reliable STRseries microcontroller ideal for industrial automation, medical devices, and consumer electronics STMicroelectronics 6,600 Add to BOM
STR755FV2H6 Compact and powerful microprocessor for embedded systems, providing ample flash storage and execution speed STMicroelectronics 8,475 Add to BOM
STR750FV0H6 High-performance ARMmicrocontroller ideal for embedded systems and automotive applications STMicroelectronics 6,721 Add to BOM
M4A3-128/64-10CAI High-performance CPLD for advanced logic and signal processing applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,063 Add to BOM
M4A3-128/64-55CAC Advanced programmable logic device for high-speed applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,423 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2128VE-250LB100 A versatile CPLD for high-performance digital design applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,063 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2128VE-180LB100 High-performance IC for complex digital designs, featuring macrocells and a s propagation dela Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,794 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2064VE-200LB100 Compact programmable logic device ideal for complex digital design Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,972 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2064VE-135LB100 High-speed digital integration for advanced application Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,155 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2128VE-135LB100 A versatile and flexible CPLD IC with abundant resources for custom design applications Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,275 Add to BOM
ISPLSI 2064VE-280LB100 Compact gate ISP LSIs for fast signal processin Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,780 Add to BOM
89HT0808PYAABG Precise and Reliable Interconnect Solution with Green Finis Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,091 Add to BOM
89HT0808PYDAB Interface module for precise signal transmission and reception Renesas Electronics Corporation 6,379 Add to BOM
89HT0808PYBAB Simplify signal transmission with our reimer interface, designed for optimal device connectivity Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,765 Add to BOM
89HT0808PYAAB Simplify complex circuits with this high-quality signal retime solution Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,467 Add to BOM
TMS320F2806ZGMSR Fixed-point digital signal processor with advanced feature Texas Instruments 9,227 Add to BOM
KSZ8842-PMBL-AM-TR High-performance switch module for port data transmission at speeds of up to bp Microchip Technology 9,190 Add to BOM
ISPLSI2128VL-150LB100 The PLD CABGA-(x) package provides a reliable and compact form factor for this programmable logic devic Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,066 Add to BOM
ISPLSI2064VL-135LB100 Next-generation programmable logic controller featuring high performance, low power consumption, and flexible configuration Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 9,233 Add to BOM
XIO1100ZGBR Multi-Voltage Support: 'Supports multi-voltage levels 1.5V, 1.8V and 3.3V in a single package Texas Instruments 5,681 Add to BOM
TMS320F2806GGMA Powerful processor for complex signal analysis and processi Texas Instruments 8,503 Add to BOM
PSSN-B100-LPTM21L Hardware Management Controller PMIC 100-CABGA (10x10) Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 8,303 Add to BOM
TMS320F2806GGMS Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor Texas Instruments 6,101 Add to BOM
AS3656 Power Supplies, Converters, Controllers PMIC 100-BGA ams-OSRAM USA INC. 5,273 Add to BOM
AS3654 Handheld/Mobile Devices PMIC 100-CTBGA (9x9) ams-OSRAM USA INC. 9,770 Add to BOM
89HT0808PZAABI PCIe Gen3 Signal Retimer Renesas Electronics Corporation 9,919 Add to BOM
89HT0808PZAABGI PCIe Gen3 Signal Retimer Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,361 Add to BOM
89HT0808PYDABI PCIe Gen3 Signal Retimer Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,063 Add to BOM
89HT0808PYDABGI8 PCIe Gen3 Signal Retimer Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,044 Add to BOM