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(39 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TS5A23157RSER 5-V, 2:1 (SPDT), 2-channel analog switch TI 5,478 Add to BOM
PI3CSW12ZUAEX 10-pin QFN package Diodes Incorporated 6,568 Add to BOM
ST2G3236QTR With its integrated side series resistor STMicroelectronics 9,294 Add to BOM
NLAS52231MUR2G Analog Switch, Dual SPDT, Ultra-Low Ron, 0.4 Ω onsemi 7,824 Add to BOM
NLAS5223CMUTAG Ultra-Low 0.35 Ω Dual SPDT Analog Switch onsemi 7,715 Add to BOM
FSA2259UMX Analog switch/multiplexer with 500mΩ resistance and 2 single-pole double-throw channels onsemi 6,424 Add to BOM
STG5223QTR Low-voltage Analog Switch IC for precise control and switching STMicroelectronics 8,935 Add to BOM
ST2329QTR Advanced QCC Technology for Reliable Connectivit STMicroelectronics 6,860 Add to BOM
ST2329AQTR Integrated circuit for signal conversion STMicroelectronics 5,625 Add to BOM
DG2730DN-T1-GE4 Analog switch with a single DPDT configuration in a 10-pin Mini-QFN package, supplied in Tape and Reel packaging Vishay Siliconix 6,580 Add to BOM
TC7USB40MU,LF(S2E Compact and efficient analog switch ideal for IoT application Toshiba 6,977 Add to BOM
NLAS7223CMUTBG Efficient signal routing with high accurac onsemi 8,510 Add to BOM
MAX98360CEFB+ High-Quality Sound in a Tiny Package De Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated 8,836 Add to BOM
MAX98360DEFB+ Economical and efficient amplifier solutio Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated 8,859 Add to BOM
MAX4995AFAVB+ MAXAFAVB+ is a highly programmable current source suitable for various industrial uses Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated 8,434 Add to BOM
MAX14509AEEVB+ Elevate your audio experience with high-speed switching and negative signal compatibility Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated 7,662 Add to BOM
MAX14510EEVB+ Simplify your testing process with this versatile emulato Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated 9,985 Add to BOM
ISL28290FRUZ-T7 UTQFN-10L package ensures compact and reliable performance Renesas Electronics America Inc 8,239 Add to BOM
NCS2302MUTAG Audio Detection Switch 1 Channel 10-UQFN (1.4x1.8) onsemi 6,957 Add to BOM
DG2735ADN-T1-GE4 2 Circuit IC Switch 2:1 500mOhm 10-miniQFN (1.4x1.8) Vishay Siliconix 6,833 Add to BOM
INA199A3RSWT 26V, bi-directional current sense amplifier Texas Instruments, Inc 4,242 Add to BOM
INA211BIRSWT Precise current sensing amplifier for demanding applications Texas Instruments, Inc 4,850 Add to BOM
FSA8008AUMX Detect audio connections instantly, configure settings on-the-fly onsemi 7,896 Add to BOM
FSA8009UMX Future-proof your audio applications with the latest in digital signal processing technology from FSAUMX Fairchild Semiconductor 9,350 Add to BOM
FSA8029UMX Experience unparalleled signal processing capabilities with our advanced FSAUMX High Speed UMLP- Audio Interface ICs for optimal system performance Fairchild Semiconductor 7,498 Add to BOM
PI3USB10LP-AZMEX Effortlessly route signals with this compact, high-performance device Diodes Incorporated 9,340 Add to BOM
ISL23415UFRUZ-T7A With a compact design, this CMOS-based product is perfect for space-constrained application Intersil 6,432 Add to BOM
FSA8008UMX Single-channel audio/video switch for seamless switching Fairchild Semiconductor 8,911 Add to BOM
AOZ6186QT A versatile DPDT (Double-Pole Double-Throw) design offers flexible circuit configurations Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 5,136 Add to BOM
MAX4995AAVB+TCJY This adjustable current switch regulates and stabilizes DC power supplies, ideal for medical devices and industrial applications Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated 9,955 Add to BOM
FSUSB42UMX-SN00404 Flexible Single DPDT switch with low power consumption, ideal for use in a wide range of industries onsemi 7,512 Add to BOM
DG2723DN-T1-E4 Quad-Folded Nanometer (QFN) Package for Compact Design Vishay 7,072 Add to BOM
BGY835C,112 Video Amp 1 CATV SOT115J NXP Semiconductor 5,971 Add to BOM
FSA2269L10X Analog Switch ICs LV Dual-SPDT 0.4Ohm Analog Switch ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,284 Add to BOM
FSA110UMX_F113 USB Interface 10-UMLP (1.8x1.4) onsemi 9,529 Add to BOM
ISL25700FRUZ-T7A Temperature Sensor Digital, Remote 8 b 10-UTQFN (2.1x1.6) Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,133 Add to BOM
ISL23512WFRU10Z-TK Digital Potentiometer 10k Ohm 1 Circuit 16 Taps Pushbutton Interface 10-UTQFN (2.1x1.6) Renesas Electronics Corporation 8,946 Add to BOM
ISL23315UFRUZ-TK Digital Potentiometer 50k Ohm 1 Circuit 256 Taps I²C Interface 10-UTQFN (2.1x1.6) Renesas Electronics Corporation 5,120 Add to BOM
INA210BIRSWT-S Current Sense Amplifier 1 Circuit Single-Ended 10-UQFN (1.8x1.4) Texas Instruments 9,357 Add to BOM