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ULN2003A Transistor Darlington NPN 50 Volt 0.5 Amp 16-pin DIP

ULN2003AN General Description

The ULN2003AN is a versatile high-voltage, high-current Darlington transistor array featuring seven NPN Darlington pairs with common-cathode clamp diodes. Each Darlington pair has a collector-current rating of 500 mA, which can be paralleled for increased current capability. This device is ideal for a variety of applications such as relay drivers, lamp drivers, and logic buffers. For PMOS devices with supply voltages between 14 V to 25 V, the ULN2002A is specifically designed with Zener diodes and resistors to control input current. The ULx2003A devices are equipped with a 2.7 kΩ base resistor for direct operation with TTL or 5 V CMOS devices, while the ULx2004A devices feature a 10.5 kΩ base resistor for compatibility with CMOS devices operating at 6 V to 15 V. The ULx2004A device has lower input current and voltage requirements compared to the ULx2003A and ULN2002A devices, making it a convenient choice for various electronic applications

Key Features

  • The ULN2003AN is a popular choice for driving unipolar stepper motors.
  • Its high-voltage and current capability makes it suitable for driving high-power LEDs.
  • The device also features low collector-emitter saturation voltage, making it suitable for driving inductive loads.


  • Controlling robots in manufacturing
  • Smart home devices automation
  • Steering actuators in robotics


Switching voltage (max) (V) 50 Output voltage (max) (V) 50
Peak output current (A) 0.5 Delay time (typ) (ns) 250
Input compatibility CMOS, TTL Vol at lowest spec current (typ) (mV) 900
Iout/ch (max) (mA) 500 Iout_off (typ) (µA) 50
Rating Catalog Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 70
FET Internal Imax (A) 0.5
Device type Low-side switches Function Automotive load dump compatibility, Inductive load compatibility
Package/Case PDIP (N)-16

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