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4-A/4-A dual-channel gate driver with one inverting, one non-inverting input and hystertic logic

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UCC27325D General Description

The UCC2732x and UCC3732x family of high-speed dual-MOSFET Drivers deliver 4-A source and 4-A sink peak current to effectively drive MOSFETs where it is needed most at the Miller Plateau Region. A unique BiPolar and MOSFET hybrid output stage in parallel also allows efficient current sourcing and sinking at low supply voltages. Three standard logic options are offered — dual-inverting, dual-noninverting, and one-inverting and one-noninverting driver. Input thresholds are based on TTL and CMOS and independent of supply voltage and feature wide input hysteresis offering excellent noise immunity. The UCC2732x and UCC3732x family is available in the standard SOIC-8 (D) or PDIP-8 (P) packages as well as the thermally enhanced -8pin PowerPAD MSOP package (DGN), drastically lowering thermal resistance to improve long term reliability.

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Key Features

  • Bi-CMOS Output Architecture
  • ±4 A Drive Current at the Miller Plateau Region
  • Constant-Current Even at Low Supply Voltages
  • Outputs Paralleled for Higher Drive Current
  • Available in MSOP-PowerPAD™ Package
  • TTL/CMOS Inputs Independent of Supply Voltage
  • Industry-Standard Pin-Out
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Number of channels 2 Power switch MOSFET
Peak output current (A) 4 Input VCC (min) (V) 4.5
Input VCC (max) (V) 15 Features Hysteretic Logic, Inverting and Non-inverting Output
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 125 Rise time (ns) 20
Fall time (ns) 15 Propagation delay time (µs) 0.025
Input threshold CMOS, TTL Channel input logic Inverting, Non-Inverting
Input negative voltage (V) 0 Rating Catalog
Driver configuration Inverting, Non-Inverting feature-driver-type Low Side
feature-driver-configuration Inverting|Non-Inverting feature-bridge-type
feature-number-of-drivers 2 feature-high-and-low-sides-dependency
feature-type IGBT|MOSFET feature-maximum-rise-time-ns 40
feature-maximum-fall-time-ns 40 feature-maximum-operating-frequency-khz
feature-maximum-propagation-delay-time-ns 35 feature-minimum-operating-supply-voltage-v 4.5
feature-maximum-operating-supply-voltage-v 15 feature-typical-input-low-threshold-voltage-v 1(Max)
feature-typical-input-high-threshold-voltage-v 2(Min) feature-peak-output-current-a 4
feature-maximum-power-dissipation-mw 1140 feature-packaging Tube
feature-rad-hard feature-pin-count 8
feature-supplier-package SOIC feature-standard-package-name SO
feature-cecc-qualified No feature-esd-protection Yes
feature-escc-qualified feature-military No
feature-aec-qualified No feature-aec-qualified-number
feature-eccn-code EAR99 feature-svhc Yes
feature-svhc-exceeds-threshold No

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