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Digital Signal Processor

TMS320VC5410APGE16 General Description

The TMS320VC5410APGE16 is a cutting-edge digital signal processor developed by Texas Instruments, designed to meet the demanding requirements of audio processing, telecommunications, and control systems. With its 16-bit fixed-point architecture and maximum clock frequency of 160 MHz, this DSP delivers high performance and efficiency for a wide range of signal processing applications. Its VLIW architecture sets it apart, allowing for the execution of multiple instructions in parallel, enhancing overall processing speed and capability

Key Features

  • Advanced Multibus Architecture With Three Separate 16-Bit Data Memory Buses and One Program Memory Bus
  • 40-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Including a 40-Bit Barrel Shifter and Two Independent 40-Bit Accumulators
  • 17- × 17-Bit Parallel Multiplier Coupled to a 40-Bit Dedicated Adder for Non-Pipelined Single-Cycle Multiply/Accumulate (MAC) Operation
  • Compare, Select, and Store Unit (CSSU) for the Add/Compare Selection of the Viterbi Operator
  • Exponent Encoder to Compute an Exponent Value of a 40-Bit Accumulator Value in a Single Cycle
  • Two Address Generators With Eight Auxiliary Registers and Two Auxiliary Register Arithmetic Units (ARAUs)
  • Data Bus With a Bus Holder Feature
  • Extended Addressing Mode for 8M × 16-Bit Maximum Addressable External Program Space
  • 64K x 16-Bit On-Chip RAM Composed of:
    • Eight Blocks of 8K × 16-Bit On-Chip Dual-Access Program/Data RAM
  • 16K × 16-Bit On-Chip ROM Configured for Program Memory
  • Enhanced External Parallel Interface (XIO2)
  • Single-Instruction-Repeat and Block-Repeat Operations for Program Code
  • Block-Memory-Move Instructions for Better Program and Data Management
  • Instructions With a 32-Bit Long Word Operand
  • Instructions With Two- or Three-Operand Reads
  • Arithmetic Instructions With Parallel Store and Parallel Load
  • Conditional Store Instructions
  • Fast Return From Interrupt
  • On-Chip Peripherals
    • Software-Programmable Wait-State Generator and Programmable Bank-Switching
    • On-Chip Programmable Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Clock Generator With Internal Oscillator or External Clock Source (1)
    • One 16-Bit Timer
    • Six-Channel Direct Memory Access (DMA) Controller
    • Three Multichannel Buffered Serial Ports (McBSPs)
    • 8/16-Bit Enhanced Parallel Host-Port Interface (HPI8/16)
  • Power Consumption Control With IDLE1, IDLE2, and IDLE3 Instructions With Power-Down Modes
  • CLKOUT Off Control to Disable CLKOUT
  • On-Chip Scan-Based Emulation Logic, IEEE Std 1149.1 (2) (JTAG) Boundary Scan Logic
  • 144-Pin Ball Grid Array (BGA) (GGU Suffix)
  • 144-Pin Low-Profile Quad Flatpack (LQFP) (PGE Suffix)
  • 6.25-ns Single-Cycle Fixed-Point Instruction Execution Time (160 MIPS)
  • 8.33-ns Single-Cycle Fixed-Point Instruction Execution Time (120 MIPS)
  • 3.3-V I/O Supply Voltage (160 and 120 MIPS)
  • 1.6-V Core Supply Voltage (160 MIPS)
  • 1.5-V Core Supply Voltage (120 MIPS)

(1) The on-chip oscillator is not available on all 5410A devices. For applicable devices, see the TMS320VC5410A Digital Signal Processor Silicon Errata (literature number SPRZ187).
(2) IEEE Standard 1149.1-1990 Standard-Test-Access Port and Boundary Scan Architecture.
NOTE: This data manual is designed to be used in conjunction with the TMS320C54x™ DSP Functional Overview (literature number SPRU307).
TMS320C54x, MicroStar BGA, TMS320C54x, C54x, TMS320C5000, C5000, TMS320 are trademarks of Texas Instruments.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Source Content uid TMS320VC5410APGE16 Pbfree Code Yes
Part Life Cycle Code Active Pin Count 144
Reach Compliance Code compliant ECCN Code 3A991.A.2
HTS Code 8542.31.00.01 Additional Feature ALSO REQUIRES 3.3V SUPPLY
Address Bus Width 23 Barrel Shifter YES
Bit Size 16 Boundary Scan YES
External Data Bus Width 16 Format FIXED POINT
Integrated Cache NO Internal Bus Architecture MULTIPLE
JESD-30 Code S-PQFP-G144 Low Power Mode YES
Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 Number of DMA Channels 6
Number of External Interrupts 4 Number of Terminals 144
Number of Timers 1 On Chip Data RAM Width 16
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) 260 RAM (words) 65536
Surface Mount YES Technology CMOS
Temperature Grade INDUSTRIAL Terminal Finish NICKEL PALLADIUM GOLD
Terminal Form GULL WING Terminal Position QUAD
Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) 30 uPs/uCs/Peripheral ICs Type DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR, OTHER

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