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Automotive microcontroller

TMS320F2811PBKQ General Description

The TMS320F2811PBKQ is a high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) manufactured by Texas Instruments. It is part of the TMS320C2000 family of DSPs and is designed for applications in motor control, digital power conversion, and other real-time control systems.The TMS320F2811PBKQ features a 32-bit fixed-point RISC processor core running at up to 150 MHz, with integrated memory for program and data storage. It also includes multiple high-speed peripherals such as PWMs, ADCs, and timers, making it well-suited for demanding control tasks.This DSP has a wide operating voltage range and low power consumption, making it suitable for a variety of embedded applications. It also includes built-in security features to protect intellectual property and communication interfaces for easy integration with other system components.

Key Features

  • The TMS320F2811PBKQ is a digital signal processor with a 32-bit fixed-point architecture
  • It features a 150 MHz core speed, 16-bit data width, 12-bit ADC, and 12-bit DAC
  • The processor also includes various peripherals like PWM modules, serial communication interfaces, and timers for real-time control applications
  • Application

  • The TMS320F2811PBKQ is commonly used in industrial automation, motor control, power management, and other applications that require real-time control and digital signal processing capabilities
  • It is also used in automotive applications such as electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles for controlling motor systems and power management
  • Specifications

    CPU C28x Frequency (MHz) 150
    Flash memory (kByte) 256 RAM (kByte) 36
    ADC resolution (Bps) 12 Total processing (MIPS) 150
    Features 2-pin oscillator, 32-bit CPU timers, External memory interface, McBSP, Watchdog timer UART 2
    CAN (#) 1 Sigma-delta filter 0
    PWM (Ch) 16 Number of ADC channels 16
    Direct memory access (Ch) 0 SPI 1
    QEP 2 USB No
    Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 125 Rating Automotive
    Communication interface CAN, McBSP, SPI, UART

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