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Shunt Voltage Reference IC Adjustable 1.24V 6 VV ±1.5% 15 mA SOT-23-5

TLV431IDBVR General Description

Featuring a low-voltage 3-terminal adjustable voltage reference, the TLV431IDBVR is built for precise thermal stability across industrial and commercial temperature ranges. Offering an output voltage range of 1.24V to 6V, this device enables flexible voltage customization using external resistors. Its lower operating voltage compared to other similar regulators makes it well-suited for use in isolated feedback circuits for 3-V to 3.3-V switching-mode power supplies, especially when combined with an optocoupler. With a typical output impedance of 0.25 Ω, the TLV431IDBVR boasts active output circuitry that provides a sharp turnon characteristic, making it an excellent replacement for low-voltage Zener diodes in various applications, including on-board regulation and adjustable power supplies

Key Features

  • Low-Voltage Operation, VREF = 1.24 V
  • Adjustable Output Voltage, VO = VREF to 6 V
  • Reference Voltage Tolerances at 25°C
    • 0.5% for TLV431B
    • 1% for TLV431A
    • 1.5% for TLV431
  • Typical Temperature Drift
    • 4 mV (0°C to 70°C)
    • 6 mV (–40°C to 85°C)
    • 11 mV (–40°C to 125°C)
  • Low Operational Cathode Current, 80 µA Typical
  • 0.25-Ω Typical Output Impedance
  • Ultra-Small SC-70 Package Offers 40% Smaller Footprint Than SOT-23-3
  • See TLVH431 and TLVH432 for:
    • Wider VKA (1.24 V to 18 V) and IK (80 mA)
    • Additional SOT-89 Package
    • Multiple Pinouts for SOT-23-3 and SOT-89 Packages
  • On Products Compliant to MIL-PRF-38535,
    All Parameters Are Tested Unless Otherwise Noted. On All Other Products, Production Processing Does Not Necessarily Include Testing of All Parameters.


VO (V) 1.24 Initial accuracy (max) (%) 1.5
VO adj (min) (V) 1.24 VO adj (max) (V) 6
Iz for regulation (min) (µA) 55 Reference voltage (V) adjustable
Rating Catalog Temp coeff (max) (ppm/°C) 138
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 125, -40 to 85, 0 to 70 Iout/Iz (max) (mA) 15

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