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Differential Amplifiers Fully Differential I/O Low Noise

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THS4130IDGK General Description

The THS413x device is one in a family of fully-differential input/differential output devices fabricated using Texas Instruments state-of-the-art high voltage complementary bipolar process.

The THS413x is made of a true fully-differential signal path from input to output and high supply capability of up to ±15 V. This design leads to an excellent common-mode noise rejection performance (95 dB at 800 kHz) and total harmonic distortion (?102 dBc at 2 VPP, 250 kHz). The wide supply range allows high-voltage differential signal chains to benefit from its improved headroom and dynamic range without adding separate amplifiers for each polarity of the differential signal.

The THS413x is characterized for operation over the wide temperature range of –40°C to +85°C.

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Key Features

  • High performance
    • Bandwidth: 170 MHz (VCC = ±15 V, G = 1 V/V)
    • Slew rate: 51 V/μs
    • Gain bandwidth product: 215 MHz
    • Distortion: –102 dBc THD at 2 VPP, 250 kHz
  • Voltage noise
    • 1/f voltage noise corner: 350 Hz
    • 1.25 nV/√Hz input-referred noise
  • Single supply operating range: 5 V to 30 V
  • Quiescent current (shutdown): 860 μA (THS4130)
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Number of channels 1 Total supply voltage (+5 V = 5, ±5 V = 10) (min) (V) 4
Total supply voltage (+5 V = 5, ±5 V = 10) (max) (V) 33 BW at Acl (MHz) 150
Acl, min spec gain (V/V) 1 Slew rate (typ) (V/µs) 52
Architecture Bipolar, Fully Differential ADC Driver Vn at flatband (typ) (nV√Hz) 1.3
Iq per channel (typ) (mA) 12.3 Rail-to-rail No
Vos (offset voltage at 25°C) (max) (mV) 2 Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 85, 0 to 70
Iout (typ) (mA) 85 2nd harmonic (dBc) 88
3rd harmonic (dBc) 84 Frequency of harmonic distortion measurement (MHz) 1
GBW (typ) (MHz) 170 Input bias current (max) (pA) 6000000
Features Shutdown CMRR (typ) (dB) 95
Rating Catalog Pin Count 8
Package Category Small Outline Packages Released Date Apr 12, 2019
Last Modified Date Mar 7, 2023 4:10 PM UTC

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H**l 10/26/2022

Avaq's electronic components are of the highest quality and their delivery speed and customer service are unbeatable. Highly recommend to anyone in need of electronic parts.

M**a 02/19/2022

Outstanding quality provided by Avaq! The EPM3032ATC44-10N components I received were flawless, making my project a breeze. Highly impressed!

C**e 10/25/2020

Mr. Sonka is a great guy . Trustworthy - very professional - good company to work with.

L**y 06/14/2020

The goods came all well all the whole thanks



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