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Controller, Quasi-Resonant Current Mode

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NCP1380BDR2G General Description

The NCP1380 is a high performance device aimed at powering quasi-resonant converters. Capitalizing on a proprietary valley lockout system, the controller shifts gears and reduces the switching frequency as the power loading becomes lighter. This results in a stable operation despite switching events always triggering in the drain-source valley. This system works down to the 4th valley and toggles to a variable frequency mode beyond, ensuring an excellent standby power performance. To improve the safety in the overload situations, the controller includes an Over Power Protection (OPP) circuit which clamps the delivered power at high-line. Safety-wise, a fixed internal timer relies on the feedback voltage to detect a fault. Once the timer elapses, the controller stops and stays latched for option A and C or enters auto-recovery mode for option B and D. Particularly well suited for adapter applications, the controller features a pin to implement either a combined overvoltage / overtemperature protection (version A and B) or a combined brownout / overvoltage protection (version C and D).


Key Features

  • Quasi-resonant peak current mode control operation
  • Valley switching operation with valley lockout
  • Frequency foldback at light load
  • Adjustable overpower protection
  • Auto-recovery or latched internal output short circuit protection
  • Fixed internal 80 ms timer for short circuit protection
  • Combined overvoltage and overtemperature protection (A and B versions)
  • Combined overvoltage protection and brownout (C and D versions)
  • VCC range operation up to 28 V


  • AC-DC adapters for notebooks
  • Offline battery chargers
  • Auxiliary power supplies (flat TV, appliances)


Status Active Package Type SOIC-8
Case Outline 751-07 MSL Temp (°C) 260
Container Type REEL

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Ratings and Reviews

I**c Jul 19, 2023

Went long. The packaging is so slightly wrinkled.

A**n Jun 19, 2021

Appearance does not match the specified. Technical data has not yet been checked. Intensively heated.

J**e Jun 18, 2021

Good order and condition. Nice to get the connectors with this.



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