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Serial SRAM Memory, Ultra-Low-Power, 1 Mb, 1.7 - 2.2 V

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N01S818HAT22I General Description

The ON Semiconductor serial SRAM family includes severalintegrated memory devices including this 1Mb serially accessed StaticRandom Access Memory, internally organized as 128 K words by8 bi t s . The devices are designed and fabricated usingON Semiconductor’s advanced CMOS technology to provide bothhigh-speed performance and low power. The devices operate with asingle chip select (CS) input and use a simple Serial PeripheralInterface (SPI) protocol. In SPI mode, a single data-in (SI) anddata-out (SO) line is used along with the clock (SCK) to access datawithin the device. In DUAL mode, two multiplexed data-in/data-out(SIO0-SIO1) lines are used and in QUAD mode, four multiplexeddata-in/data-out (SIO0-SIO3) lines are used with the clock to accessthe memory.The devices can operate over a wide temperature range of −40°C to+85°C and are available in a 8-lead TSSOP package.

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Key Features

  • Power Supply Range: 1.7 to 2.2 V
  • Very Low Typical Standby Current: <1 µA
  • Very Low Operating Current < 10 mA
  • Simple Serial Interface:
    - Single-bit SPI Access
    - DUAL-bit and QUAD-bit SPI-like Access
  • Flexible Operating Modes- Word Mode - Page Mode- Burst Mode (Full Array)
  • High Frequency Read and Write Operation
    - Clock Frequency 20 MHz
  • Built-in Write Protection (CS High)
  • High Reliability - Unlimited Write Cycles
  • These Devices are Pb−Free and are RoHS Compliant- Green TSSOP
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Status Active Package Type TSSOP-8
Case Outline 948BJ MSL Temp (°C) 260
Container Type REEL

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