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Comparator Single R-R I/P 5.5V 5-Pin SOT-23 T/R

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LMV7275MF/NOPB General Description

The LMV727x devices are rail-to-rail input low power comparators, characterized at supply voltages 1.8 V, 2.7 V, and 5 V. They consume as little as 9-μA supply current per channel while achieving a 800-ns propagation delay.

The LMV7271 and LMV7275 (single) are available in SC70 and SOT-23 packages. The LMV7272 (dual) is available in the DSBGA package. With these tiny packages, the PCB area can be significantly reduced. They are ideal for low voltage, low power, and space-critical designs.

The LMV7271 and LMV7272 both feature a push-pull output stage which allows operation with minimum power consumption when driving a load.

The LMV7275 features an open-drain output stage that allows for wired-OR configurations. The open-drain output also offers the advantage of allowing the output to be pulled to any voltage up to 5.5 V, regardless of the supply voltage of the LMV7275, which is useful for level-shifting applications.

The LMV727x devices are built with Texas Instruments? advance submicron silicon-gate BiCMOS process. They all have bipolar inputs for improved noise performance, and CMOS outputs for rail-to-rail output swing.

Texas Instruments, Inc Inventory

Key Features

  • (VS = 1.8 V, TA = 25°C,
    Typical Values Unless Specified).
  • Single or Dual Supplies
  • Ultra Low Supply Current 9 μA Per Channel
  • Low Input Bias Current 10 nA
  • Low Input Offset Current 200 pA
  • Low Ensured VOS 4 mV
  • Propagation Delay 880 ns (20-mV Overdrive)
  • Input Common Mode Voltage Range 0.1 V
    Beyond Rails
  • LMV7272 is Available in DSBGA Package
Texas Instruments, Inc Original Stock
Texas Instruments, Inc Inventory


Number of channels 1 Output type Open-collector
Propagation delay time (µs) 1.8 Vs (max) (V) 5.5
Vs (min) (V) 1.8 Vos (offset voltage at 25°C) (max) (mV) 4
Iq per channel (typ) (mA) 0.01 Input bias current (±) (max) (nA) 100
Rail-to-rail In Rating Catalog
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 85 Features Small Size
VICR (max) (V) 5.6 VICR (min) (V) -0.1
feature-manufacturer-type Low Power Comparator feature-number-of-channels-per-chip 1
feature-rail-to-rail Rail to Rail Input feature-process-technology BiCMOS
feature-typical-response-time-range-us feature-output-type Open Drain
feature-maximum-operating-supply-voltage-v 5.5 feature-maximum-input-offset-voltage-mv 4@5V
feature-maximum-input-bias-current-ua 0.01(Typ)@5V feature-maximum-supply-current-ma 0.014@5V
feature-packaging Tape and Reel feature-rad-hard
feature-pin-count 5 feature-supplier-package SOT-23
feature-standard-package-name SOT feature-cecc-qualified No
feature-esd-protection Yes feature-escc-qualified
feature-military No feature-aec-qualified No
feature-aec-qualified-number feature-eccn-code EAR99
feature-svhc No feature-svhc-exceeds-threshold No

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Ratings and Reviews

N**a 03/12/2021

Unbeatable delivery speed! Avaq surprised me with their lightning-fast shipping of my LF80537 electronic components, ensuring I could start my project without delays.

B**O 05/19/2020

Transit works. Delivery almost three weeks)



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